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Regional restaurants/ferme auberge near Sarlat,Franc


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My son and I have just booked a week in St Cyprien (20 minutes from Sarlat) for the third week in June. We will spend the second week of our vacation in the Pays Basque near St Jean Pieds de Port.

I am an ex chef, trained in Paris and our trips are always very food oriented. Markets,artisan food producers, regionally oriented restaurants etc.. I have been to the Perigord Noir before (20 years ago!) and was absolutely captivated. My quandary is this. I love duck and foie gras. I will have my 16 year son with me who may not be as enamored of those dishes as I am and frankly I'm not keen on eating duck and foie gras at every meal as much as I want to eat "local". Most restaurants are very duck/goose oriented with beef being the only other alternative meat. We will likely eat out dinner almost every night. I am wondering if people have recommendations for restaurants that serve pork, lamb,veal,fish,sweetbreads and another area of interest is for restaurants that have a wood fired rotisserie or grill.

As you have probably gathered we enjoy more rustic settings and meals. I have in the past dined at Michelin starred restaurants and enjoyed it but have had my fill of foams, deconstructed dishes and food played with with tweezers. In the area we will be in in the Basque country we expect to eat trout, veal and lamb among other dishes. That said,I am still interested in unearthing other opportunities near St Cyprien,ideally within 30 minutes,45 minutes max. Sarlat would be an option if there are some unique possibilities. Below is a dining experience that looks unique. An auberge with a lengthy fixed menu,everthing made on premise including the aperitif.


The Auberge de Layotte in Tursac

The menu with the seasons


I have not used eGullet for years and am trolling Chowhound,Foders,TripAdvisor etc.. for recommendations. I did notice that when I logging into the France forum it seemed like every resto mentioned in the title of the post was for a Michelin starred restaurant. Is that the current orientation of this site, expensive,formal,Michelin starred restaurants? If so perhaps we should be looking elsewhere as we are looking for low key,regional,ferme auberge (at least regional, rustic dishes) restaurants. I did a search for Sarlat restaurants and came up with several threads but all were 10 plus years old. Many restaurants are now closed or the recommendation itself is very dated. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.




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