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BBQ Pitmasters: Season 5 ep. 1

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I try to follow this show. sometimes one can get useful info on temps/times for various "Q"

in this episode, there are three teams of 2, and three judges. they do pork shoulder and pork ribs.

their meat comes from here: http://www.buckheadbeef.com/

one team uses a standard looking off-set smoker, but the other two teams use this:


:wub: ( on my way for a lottery ticket ! )

Ill review the times/ temps:

T1: Shoulder: 275/4 hours/wrap to int. temp 195 money muscle sliced/ pulled pork

Ribs: 275/3 hours/wrap 30 min

T2: Shoulder: 220/6 hours/covered Pan/ 195 Money Muscle / pulled pork/ a triangular inner muscle

called the 'horn muscle' is pulled out and sliced. this team has a master butcher!

Ribs: 260/4 wrapp 50 min

T3: Shoulder: 245/7 hours/ pan wrap 1 H 195 money muscle / pulled pork

Ribs: 270/4 hours no wrap 240 30 min.

J1: Shoulder: 275 4 hours / wrap

J2 Shoulder: 300/ 4 hours to int temp 140, wrap 1 hour

J3 Shoulder: 240/ 4 hours / wrap.

the usual mysterious rubs and ointments.

the " horn muscle" is new to me. you have to see the show to see where it comes from: opposite side of the money muscle, literally pulled out of the hunk of meat then carefully trimmed to be just that muscle and thickly sliced. Judges loved this!

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