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Bottled Punch Help..(?Jack Rose Variation?)

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Need an easy bottled cocktail for a party, something for which I have some if not all of the ingredients...

I have done Fish House punch in a bottle for the same crowd in the past, it was a hit...but want to expand their tastes and not be boring...

Browsing JoM i saw the Jack Rose Royal and thought I could try a bottled punch variation, using the one of sour, two of sweet...method..

Here's my intial thoughts..

Lime juice (sour)

Creme di Cassis (in JoM he suggests experimenting with other red liqueurs)

Applejack or Calvados or Lairds Bonded all of which i have on hand

for the weak some tea of sorts

my questions:

would i need to add any Simple syrup to this (is the Creme de Cassis too dry?)

what tea do you think would meld well with this....i dont want to take away from any of the other flavors, but accentuate or add to them...

thanks in advance


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I've never had a Cassis I thought was dry at all, indeed most of them are quite syrupy (though a superior one will have a degree of acidity as well). They are, however, very potent in flavor, and cutting it with some simple syrup may be required to still taste the applejack. Calvados would be hopelessly lost, I'd think.

Andy Arrington

Journeyman Drinksmith


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you are right, i think i misused my words, i guess i meant not sweet enough, but i tasted my cassis and it is quite syrupy on its own...

I found a pomegranate black tea in my cupboard...yes/no? what about a smoky tea, i may have some lapsang or russian caravan in the cupboard as well, this may be too much tho...

also would you bring this full strength in the bottle then shake each indiv. drink, or add water and chill in the bottle and serve straight...

if you were to add water, how much given the 1:2:3:4 punch ratio i plan on using...

i am heading to the bar area (read kitchen) to play with some single sized versions, before committing to the bottle

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ok I am back, yep that quick, i made two versions, one with Applejack and one with Bottled in Bond


lime juice:Creme de Cassis (Lucien Jacob):apple brandy as above:white pom tea

both great, both different.

shook them both over ice

a. the apple jack was sweeter, and the cassis and pom flavors came through more..very refreshing, early apple late summer flavor

b. the Lairds bonded tasted like a freshly picked tart apple (not quite granny, but a good tart red you'd cook with) the other flavors almost gave it an apple compote flavor without the cinnamon...more of a fall feel

i think they may both work well for this labor day party, and will bring along both versions for folks to try...

I think i will bring them full strength and shake them up when i get there as i think the texture of the micro-bubbles helped aerate the drink


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Agree about applejack vs calvados and the cassis.

I think you should choose an unflavored black tea, instead of fiddling around with a flavored one that may have components you don't want.

Lots more on bottled cocktails over here, including advice about amounts, ice, and so on.

Chris Amirault


eG Ethics Signatory

Sir Luscious got gator belts and patty melts

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