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  1. Drinks Using Cucumber

    how many Cucumbers to make 8 cups of "juice"? if i use the grate and squeeze method erik mentioned above?
  2. Miel Picante

    fyi, the remaining cinnamon tea infused sweet vermouth along with the remaining sparkling wine make and awesome Negroni Sbagliato...!
  3. Miel Picante

    Mother's Ruin=huge success! all loved! "refreshing"! from one guest: "gin!?? really?! hmm!"
  4. Miel Picante

    Ok folks, you convinced me..Mother's Ruin it is, I am going with Plymouth, (gave me an excuse to go buy a bottle-the shop I stopped in still had the prevoius bottle shape-must not sell much there) I am steeping some cinnamon tea in the vermouth (M&R) as suggested by an LA times article i found from 2008, and using an italian Brut for the champagne... How would proseco carry in this-too sweet? What if I used Punt e mes (i loves this stuf-but wonder if it would overwhelm this)) without the chai/cinnamon??? Hmm, katie, a rum version...maybe next time, but my guests need to learn Gin!
  5. ok I am back, yep that quick, i made two versions, one with Applejack and one with Bottled in Bond 1:2:3:4 lime juice:Creme de Cassis (Lucien Jacob):apple brandy as above:white pom tea both great, both different. shook them both over ice a. the apple jack was sweeter, and the cassis and pom flavors came through more..very refreshing, early apple late summer flavor b. the Lairds bonded tasted like a freshly picked tart apple (not quite granny, but a good tart red you'd cook with) the other flavors almost gave it an apple compote flavor without the cinnamon...more of a fall feel i think they may both work well for this labor day party, and will bring along both versions for folks to try... I think i will bring them full strength and shake them up when i get there as i think the texture of the micro-bubbles helped aerate the drink shanty
  6. you are right, i think i misused my words, i guess i meant not sweet enough, but i tasted my cassis and it is quite syrupy on its own... I found a pomegranate black tea in my cupboard...yes/no? what about a smoky tea, i may have some lapsang or russian caravan in the cupboard as well, this may be too much tho... also would you bring this full strength in the bottle then shake each indiv. drink, or add water and chill in the bottle and serve straight... if you were to add water, how much given the 1:2:3:4 punch ratio i plan on using... i am heading to the bar area (read kitchen) to play with some single sized versions, before committing to the bottle
  7. Vermouth

    made this for the first time yesterday for my wife, who quite enjoyed it, used Dolin Dry... my reference called it an East India Cocktail (variation)...
  8. Math help?

    that seems to make sense. thanks
  9. Math help?

    forgive me if this has been discussed previously, i cannot seem to find the answer.. When I have a 80 proof whiskey, I would typically add about 5mL of water to a 60mL aliquot to obtain my desired whiskey:water ratio However when I have a "cask strength" bottle of whiskey say e.g. 120 proof I tend to either over or under dilute my mix. ( i eyeball it ) Here is the question: If i wish to end up with both the same quantity (at the end of the mix) and same %alchohol:water ratio, how much water should I add to how much "cask strength" whiskey to get the same ratio as: 80 proof 60mL + 3mL 80 proof 60mL + 5mL 80 proof 60mL + 10mL (you can use 90 proof base whiskey if you care to do the math twice) in other words if if i have add the 5 ml to 60mL i wind up with 65mL of a now 37% or 78 proof mix(assuming my math is correct) I want the same 65 mL of a mix of water and 120 proof whiskey... so? is there a simple algebraic formula to use to plug in any two "proofs" and water amounts?
  10. I am curious if any one knows if you reduce the protein content of yogurt by straining your own...I used to do this until the Greek-style's came more available in my area, now almost ubiquitous. The Greek-styles' commercially have MORE protein per cup than regular yogurt, but if you are straining the "whey" so I assume "whey protein" from the yogurt, the protien content should be less...no? my fav's are Fage (sorry FG) and the Trader Joe's; I buy the non-fat, and it is quite creamy and delicious(along with berries and honey and granola), and has replaced years of milk and box-cereal for breakfast... shanty
  11. All About Bourbon Whiskey

    Honestly i am not sure, there was just some fuss about them running out this spring...the new batch is supposedely arriving soon...never new what the fuss was about..knob creek for me can be credited for peaking my interest in Bourbons, but havent been back to it in quite some time. btw the Old Forester BB 2007...nose was a little mint and "aldehyde", taste was very smooth, leather, cinnamon and allspice, a little lighter type bourbon, finish was very clean..overall a good, but not a great bourbon, I will have to give it another chance, once the bottle opens up a bit more...
  12. All About Bourbon Whiskey

    Stopped in to a local shop last night on the way home from work (one I almost never go to) just to see if they had any thing new/different in the bourbon dept...(it was my birthday this week and wanted to buy myself something); I happened to, that morning, see a listing (but not a review) about Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2009 being available; never had or heard this juice prior, but did read that past bottlings were "sought after"; well..there it was on the shelf of this shop...quite dusty tho...hmm new bottling, just released, already dusty, then i noted "2007" not 2009...$37.99/750ml...ok.., worth a shot, he has three bottles, i take one, go home, look up reviews and see how it goes... well the reviews i found first were of the 2009 bottling, and it has been panned (78 from Malt Whiskey mag, nose of a box of baby diapers)...but over and over in the bourbon forums "not like the wonderful 2007"!! Jackpot..!! I went to the store this morning to buy out the last two he had...(for gifts)... I will hopefully be able to post a tasting later this weekend... of note he has 5 bottles left of last years Knob Creek...36.99/750...he's in connecticut if there is anyone local interested... shanty
  13. Scotch Cocktails

    makes me wonder if anyone has experimented with using proportions of various single malts to sub for the standard blends available...wonder if anyone has found a good balance of flavors with their own "blend" sb
  14. Scotch Cocktails

    I don't mix with single malts often, but do like the Balvenie 12 (Doublewood) in Rob Roy-ish drinks, which I'd say includes the Bobbie Burns. It should run you around $40 in most places. Or for a blended whisky, you'll find a lot of support around here for Famous Grouse . I'll say that my experience with the Grouse in the Bobbie Burns and the Rob yoy this week , with Carpano Antica as the vermouth have been nothing short of sublime... Havent been able to fine White Horse, will need to look for Balmore Legend to try..
  15. Scotch Cocktails

    I will attest to the combination of scotch whisky and ginger being a good combination; although Stone's is not been seen by me in my area, I have been making a combo of blended whisky (i have used both Famous Grouse and JW black) and Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur in variing proportions depending on mood; and either rocks or up; I have heard it called a Black Ginger...I guess it is like a ginger rusty nail