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Pastry Schools in Paris / France

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I'm trying to find the best pastry school in France. I think Lenôtre has an excellent reputation and I would really like to go there, I just wish I knew more about it through blogs of students who went there. I know there are several student blogs out there for LCB Paris and Ferrandi.

The 24 week Master Class seems really impressive, with 12 weeks of basic training (that not only includes pastry but cooking as well) followed by 12 weeks of a personalized program. The program culminates in the awarding of a "Grand Diplome." Famous pastry chef Uyen Nguyen and chef Elia Aboumrad got their diplomas there.

Has anyone gone to this school and can share their experience? Or can anyone offer their insight or advice?

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Hello, jadoreparis.

I trained at the INBP (the national pastry/baking institute: www.inbp.fr). I can try and answer questions on that should you like. The CAP course (c.5 months) is a very thorough grounding in classic French patisserie. No dessert work - this is pastry-shop focussed. I learnt a great deal and really enjoyed myself. Nothing fancy - a nice business-like approach. All teaching in French only. Very reasonably priced.

Ferrandi has a great rep and their basic CAP course will be broadly similar but with more frils, I imagine. They charge silly money for foreigners, though, which is why I chose INBP. I know Americans have a rather different idea to Brits when it comes to reasonable amounts to spend on culinary training!

Lenôtre also has an A* rep and made the best pain au chocolat I've ever tasted. I only know people who have done their short courses but I imagine their Master Class programme would be really very good. But does one really need to spend €25,000+ for half a year of lessons?


I kept a blog during my pâtisserie training in France: Candid Cake

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