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Where to buy masa harina or fine cornmeal?

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So I've been daydreaming of making soft tacos; but in order to do that, I'll need masa harina or fine cornmeal. Does anyone know if Woolies stocks these? Or any other large supermarket? That's first choice; otherwise I can always head to a smaller speciality store...but only if I need to! :)

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I'm pretty sure fireworksfoods in Northmead has it (it's mentioned in the Mexican ingredients thread) but I'm sure I saw it at Harris Farms in penrith at Christmas If it's there it's probably at other Harris farms as well.

I saw corn tortillas at woolies two weeks ago for the first time in ages (have you noticed it's all flour tortillas here lately?). They were okay, but not amazing - mind you it could have been my cooking. They were woolies select brand. The only cornmeal I've seen at woolies has been polenta - a bit coarse for what you want I'd guess!

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