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So having heard about and remembering eG member Pennbrew's new beer-making venture, I happened to be on my way between hither and yon, and mid-journey I found myself facing signs pointing to Berwick, PA... so I ventured off the Interstate and wended my way into that northeast PA town. A quick text-message query to cell-phone-Google found me the address, and I popped in for a quick beer break.

The building is a big old factory... an old commercial bakery that had a steel fabricating tenant in some of its space. It's just off the main drag in a few-stoplight town, but not readily visible from the street.

I got there just in time to get one of the last few glasses of the hefe-weizen, which was predictably depleted on a 90+F day. A great representation of the style, this beer was welcome on a hot afternoon. The place was small, the crowd quick to come and go. Guy Hagner (Pennbrew), the brewer and publican was affable. After polishing off the wheat beer, I decided to try the opposite end of the spectrum and went for a stout, which was also a tasty beer.

I'd recommend this spot as a waypoint for any eG members making their way around the intersection of I80 and I476.

Christopher D. Holst aka "cdh"

Learn to brew beer with my eGCI course

Chris Holst, Attorney-at-Lunch

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