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USDA Prime filet at Sprouts $12.99/lb


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Lol, prime filet. Whats the point?

LOL I am impressed, Qwerty, by your knowledge of cuts of beef and that a prime filet has a high chance of being no more marbled than a USDA Choice filet. Given that the filet is the best seller in steakhouses, however, it's also clear that most people don't share your level of connoisseur-ship. I can't remember the last time I ordered a filet...

That said, occasionally (!) I will run across a loin from an especially fat carcass, in which the marbling is superior even in the filet. That's rare, however. There is a marked difference in filet marbling once you get into "prime plus", such as top-notch American wagyu (significant differences among producers) and definitely in Japanese gyu.

Here is a pix of a tenderloin in the beef case at a Kyoto market (sorry I don't have a better one--I snipped this fragment from another pix). This wasn't even the top available and would probably garner a BMS score of 4 (equiv of a prime US ribeye marbling).


For comparison, here's a strip which might get a BMS score of 10.


It's my first time trying to post pics...hope that worked


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