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  1. kieth: Hard 8 in Coppell would probably be your best shot. I've been 3 times, once was real good, the other two just so-so. http://www.hardeightbbq.com/home.html
  2. I ate at Meshack's BBQ Shack in Garland recently and thought it was one of the better BBQ places in DFW. No seating, you order through a screen window. Tried the brisket and ribs. I preferred the ribs, but the brisket was good as well. The menu is painted on the outside of the building. However, for me, the most interesting item is not on the menu. After I'd ordered, the guy behind me ordered "two roll ups." When I was handed my bbq, I asked what a roll up was. It's a hot link, with sauce, rolled up in a slice of white bread. I ordered two. Those were the star of the show, and a real bargain at $1/each. Meshack's address is 240 East Avenue B in Garland.
  3. Big Daddy's in Lavon made the top 50 in Texas Monthly's issue some months ago. I went about 9 years ago and wasn't really impressed....but I guess it had just opened. I might give them another shot. http://www.bigdaddysroadhousebbq.com/index.htm
  4. I went to Big Daddy's about 6 or 7 years ago. It was ok. Nothing remarkable. Ribs were chewy. kind of a cool place though.
  5. margo.....If you want a great dinner within walking distance of the Adams Mark, you need to go to Stephen Pyles. I didn't mention it earlier because you said diner and tex-mex. http://www.stephanpyles.com/index.asp Entees are a bit pricey, but you can sit at the ceviche bar and order some apps and such that won't break your wallet. It is one of the better restaurants in the city. dress is business casual-ish. as far as diner type food goes, the best I can offer is the All Good Cafe in Deep Ellum. It's not really walkable....and they don't open till 9am, but their breakfast is good, and their chicken fried steak is more than respectable. http://www.allgoodcafe.com/
  6. Sprouts Market had an ad today (2-13) for USDA Prime Filet for $12.99/lb. I got some, and they had plenty when I was there. just an FYI.
  7. if he's still in Allen, the bbq place for which I couldn't remember the name is C&B BBQ. I went there last week for the first time, and it was great. One of the better places around DFW from first tastes. http://www.candbbarbque.com/
  8. yoikes.....not exactly a mecca of good dining. On Main St in Allen, a little east of the intersection of hwy 5/greenville ave, there's a bbq place called Sugar Baby's. I've only been once. It was tolerable, but not fantastic. I think I went on a Tuesday, and we were the only people there. I did talk to the owner, and he said that they did smoke everything on premesis. maybe it would be better if it were more crowded. http://www.sugarbabysbbq.com/ Just west of that intersection is another fairly new bbq place that I have not been to as of yet. They're not open on Mondays iirc. I talked to the owner of that place, and he was mentioning that they'd won all sorts of bbq awards at competitons. I can't remember the name. It's right at the triangle where Main splits off going west. The Allen Cafe, also on Main after it splits off, serves up a decent breakfast and lunch. Italian Villa, on the NW corner of hwy 5 and Main, serves a passable Italian dinner. Nothing fancy, but decent. Ralph and Kacoo's at the SE corner of hwy 75 and Mcdermott has good cajun type food. That restaurant is actually your best bet for a dinner out with business associates. http://www.ralphandkacoos.com/main/index.php?page=allen There's a good Thai restuarant on the NW corner of 75 and Mcdermott called Samui Thai. http://www.samuithai.com/ Tin Star is a small chain that started in Dallas serves; food in a casual atmosphere with a Southwestern bent. NW corner of 75 and Mcdermott http://www.tinstar.us/menu_start.cfm Sorry, that's all I can think of in Allen. I drive through there every day on my way home from work, but don't drive that way to go eat often.
  9. Monica's Aca y Alla is relatively close to the Cotton Bowl, and I'm sure will serve you a mojito if needed. not sure if it's open NYD though. http://www.monicas.com/
  10. Holly, will you be attending? now that, my friend, would be worth the $125.
  11. I went down there in February this year when the Roadfooders had an informal gathering in Lockhart. That was fun. And free. I think there were about 30 of us there. But, as much as I'd like to see some of those guys again, I'm not going to pay $125 for the priviledge. As I read it, the $125 only gets you onto the bus with the Sterns. So, you can pay $125 to be on the bus, or you can pay $0, and eat with them just the same if you drive yourself. here's the itinerary for Saturday April 26: The tentative itinerary begins with a stop at Round Rock donuts, then heads north to Louie Mueller's in Taylor, to Elgin for sausage, then to Lockhart to compare and contrast Smitty's, Black's, and Kreuz Market. We will be back in Austin by about 5pm. http://www.roadfood.com/store/eatingtour.aspx
  12. It's in Plano, but Hirsch's has dry aged prime beef for sale. most of the time, you need to order it in advance because of the demand, but you can sometimes find it in the butcher's case.
  13. just picked up a 6 of Schlafly Dry Hopped APA while in St Louis. I'd never heard of it before, but, I like it very much. also got a 6 of Odells IPA.
  14. oh, forgot to mention, Dean Fearing's restaurant just opened recently at the Ritz Carlton. I've not been, but it's been getting rave reviews. It's also downtown, just a short cab ride from the Adam's Mark. http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/D...arings/Menu.htm
  15. Stephen Pyles has a great bar dining area. It's a tapas/ceviche bar....but I'm not sure if you can get the whole menu there. Here's a link to the tapas menu: http://stephanpyles.com/menu-tapas.asp Abacus is a great restaurant, near downtown. I was there a couple of weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure I saw some seats at the bar in front of the kitchen: http://www.abacus-restaurant.com//indexinner.php I great area to go to is the Knox/Henderson area. It's on the east side of 75 just a couple of miles north of 75. I've been to all of these, and they all have bar seating. The Porch: http://www.theporchrestaurant.com/ Cuba Libre: http://www.cubalibredallas.com/index.php Fireside Pies (pizza) http://www.firesidepies.com/home.asp The Old Monk (good moules frites) Bakers Ribs serves pretty good bbq: http://www.bakersribs.com/ http://www.oldmonkdallas.com/ Tei Tei Robata (sushi) http://www.teiteirobata.com/intrtopage.html
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