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Best Restaurant for a Romantic Celebration?

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I am coming from Philadelphia to stay in NYC for two days in February (15th and 16th). This is a celebration of many things, including 5 years of remission from cancer. Anyhow, I have taken some recommendations and done a lot of research from my Michelin NYC book and decided to go all out for dinner. I have narrowed it down to these 5 restaurants and would like opinions on which would be THE best place to go:





Gotham Bar & Grill

They all get one star from Michelin with the exception of Bouley, which gets two. They all seem to be "relatively" the same price and all have price fixe and/or tasting menu's, with the exception of Gotham, which seems to be a la carte only. They all look beautiful, perhaps Bouley and Aureole the prettiest. I don't want stuffy and/or pretentious. I want a romantic dinner with fantastic food in a lovely setting that will compliment the beauty of my wife. I am leaning toward Bouley, then Aureole, then Gotham but am wide open to suggestions from people who have been to them. Thank you very much AGAIN for helping make this a very special trip. And yes, I will be calling on the 16th (a month in advance) to make a reservation somewhere.

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What a fantastic reason to celebrate. Congratulations.

I haven't been to Aureole in ages, and don't hear much about it anymore. Bouley is excellent. But my personal favorite happens to be on your list - Cru - the food is spectacular and the room has an intimate feel to it. I had one of the most memorable meals of my life there, so I may be biased. They will also take very good care of you.

I am a fan of Gotham, which is many things, but I wouldn't personally put it in the romantic category. I haven't been to Annisa but I consistently hear good things, and it is supposedly an intimate spot.

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Congratulations! My wife and I had an anniversary dinner a year or two ago at Bouley and it was great. The room is fantastic - I echo everything said above about it...do let them know the reason for your celebration, and let them take it from there.

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Bouley is my vote. Their lamb is very luscious! It came with truffled potatoes that I could have bathed in, they were orgasmically good. Plus, BryanZ is right, the place makes everyone glow, and the service is wonderful. The only thing missing for me after linch there was a good chocolate rush. I ordered some pineapple fruity thing instead of a chocolate souffle. It was good, but I should have gone for the chocolate. YOU won't need that rush - with your love and your happy occasion!Congratulations and continued good health to you!

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