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S'mac - Sarita's Mac and Cheese

The Naughti Literati

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I have been wanting to go to this place since it opened, and when my mom and aunt came up this weekend I finally did. Now I can't stop thinking about the place and have to go back sometime this week!

We each tried different dishes - I had the Cajun Mac, which was so spicy and cheesy...perfect amount of seasoning, the celery and green peppers gave it a nice texture and balance, and the andouille sausage took it over the top.

My aunt likes hers plain, so she had the 4 Cheese Mac, they do NOT skimp on the cheese.

The winner of the three was the BRIE though!! Good GAWD!!!!!!! It has brie, shiitake mushrooms, roasted figs and rosemary. That is what I'm going back for. So rich and cheesy, and the figs make it a knockout. I should have gotten a small size (Nosh) to take home for myself, but after a few bites of my own Major Munch size, I was stuffed. We tore the leftovers UP later on and the next day!

The place is small, and was PACKED. I like the way the macs come in a personal pan, hot and bubbling, and it seemed that people came as folks left so seating wasn't too hard to find and worked out fine. We met a couple from Westchester who said they saw the place on the news and HAD to come and try it, then head off to see Jersey Boys. Great choice! After we left, my mom just HAD to ask about Rice to Riches, so we ended up going there to take some dessert home. Thanks, Mom. LOL

I tried searching the boards a few times for a thread on this place, but wasn't able to find one...please direct me to it if it's already been discussed!

S'mac is on 12th Street @ 1st Ave, here is the site's menu...I plan on trying them all very soon! They also have delivery, AND you can even take a dish home to refrigerate and bake when YOU are ready.


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Great site! Sounds like something everybody in the family would be able to enjoy. I wonder where someone could buy those cute iron pans? I'm definitely going to try and recreate some of those recipes at home until we can get there. Thanks.


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You're welcome! I like the site too, especially the "Who" section that details how they came up with the idea. I read about this place in a Daily Candy email when it first opened!

I'm guessing that a restaurant supply store or somewhere like Zabar's would have those pans, aren't they cute? If you try some of these at home, start a thread and let me know!

The Nosh size was quite small (I think it's pictured on that page with a Mongo size), just a tad bigger than making a circle with your hands, but would be VERY filling for lunch or dinner. The Major Munch was big enough to eat in three separate servings, and you can't beat the price. When my mom put her Brie Mac into the microwave the next afternoon and took the first bite, she did the Holy Ghost dance!!! :laugh:

My boyfriend works a few blocks away, so I'm going to have some delivered there tonight so he can bring it home. I see they have a $15 minimum so now I gotta figure out what to get since what I wanted isn't enough...a Mongo size of Brie? A Major Munch of Brie and and a Nosh of Cheeseburger Mac, or Cajun again? Or maybe Manchego or one of the specials like Turkey Mac? Or three different Noshes? I can't take it!!!!!! :laugh:

Very much worth a trip there (again and again). I guess there are about 12 tables and window seats, and the place is bustling. I will be incorporating it into my weekly Strand ritual since it's right down the street! :)

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