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  1. I was just wondering about this...I have it somewhere, I think? I live alone and as I cook vicariously through you all in the cookbook threads and especially the dinner thread, I find myself wishing I were more motivated to cook, but it IS hard to do all that shopping and cooking for yourself when you just have tons of leftovers to deal with. I am going to cook today though and actually contribute a picture! I have been on here for six years and have probably cooked about as many times. SAD!!!!
  2. My GOD...you people are absolutely ridiculous!!! I heated up Papa John's because I'm a lazy douchebag who hasn't turned my stove on in MONTHS. This thread is a masterpiece. I am always referring friends and patients to it!
  3. What amazing pictures, I just got The Family Meal cookbook last night and knew this was the place to look for details on the dining experience! I'm cracking up at the emails/reservations/rejections because it sounds just like the angst my other writer friends are experiencing as we gear up for MFA application season.
  4. I saw this book at Strand last night and couldn't stop touching it and staring...came home and ordered it from Amazon for $20 in savings! LOL I haven't been on in a while but since I know it's fall cookbook season I knew you all would be rockin and rollin over here and actually COOKING from it! Chris has yet to let me down!
  5. Oh boy. I got my copy yesterday (Dorie, I just sent you a request on Facebook talking about how I hoped this very thread would be here!) and am looking forward to cooking from it...after I watch you pros for a little while first! My boyfriend is a chef and does all the cooking but since fall is around the corner and the horrific NYC heat will be GONE, I will be a little more motivated. Yay! Chris, these photos are AMAZING. You guys never disappoint.
  6. I'm reading it now and love it so far! My favorite chapter is the literary food porn tour of his favorite meals around the world. Sit in a bookstore and read THAT even if you hate the man. Amazing.
  7. Great review on EatMeDaily (I'm on my mobile so I'll let them say it better than the hours it would take me to peck and blather and rave): http://www.eatmedaily.com/2009/09/beyond-the-bayou-my-new-orleans-by-john-besh-cookbook-review/
  8. Ohhhhh my Goddddd...I saw this in Borders yesterday and had a very, very hard time walking away from it. I used my 40% off coupon to get Gourmet Today (I effing love when I get those - I always splurge on a cookbook I otherwise can't afford and won't use anyhow LOL) but I will be going back tomorrow to get this one too! I did a search and only saw it mentioned in the cookbooks you most anticipate in '09 thread; I *know* some of you already have it and are cooking from it! Please direct me to the thread and food porn at once. LOL If you haven't seen it, run out and do so - absolutely stunning. It is a cookbook/memoir with beautiful photographs throughout and so many recipes I can't wait to try! Thoughts?
  9. I was browsing Amazon and was reminded of this thread because this book came up as one of my recommendations: The Widow Clicquot It's not out yet, not until the end of the month!
  10. Picked it up last night and now am happily lying in bed reading it. Thank you so much for posting and to the others that agreed! I am only about 40 pages in but I'm REALLY enjoying it so far; she IS a great writer. I love spicy food and this book is making me crave some spicy Chinese! I think I may be hitting Chinatown as soon as tomorrow once I know exactly what to look for. LOL
  11. I *so* want to read this book now. I'd seen it a few times but didn't pick it up, yet this past weekend I found myself in Chinatown four times in three different cities while taking the gloriously inexpensive bus to visit family and friends for Mother's Day - New York, Philly, and DC. I busted a STOOPID grub each time I was there and can't wait to walk around NY's Chinatown (and read some of the threads about it) and explore and eat some more. SOLD!
  12. Thanks for the link. I've spent the last hour reading through the archives. I'll look out for the book too, he has a great writing style. ← You're welcome - as soon as I finish the book I'm going to look at some more of the archives myself. I love his writing too. He is so straightforward and hilarious - wait til you see how many comments his posts generate as you see his more recent entries. Gotta see if one of my favorite parts of the book so far is amongst the archives, if not I'll post!
  13. Got an advance copy of Waiter Rant and CANNOT put it down!!!! Though the book is not due out until August, you can see plenty of his postings at Waiterrant.net; archives back to 2004. Once I finish it, I'll go back into my pile and read some more of Secret Ingredients, Trail of Crumbs and Gumbo Tales!
  14. Sounds like I need to get to reading! I loved Eating India (raved about it a few pages/months back), and also have but haven't read Stealing Buddha's Dinner, Gumbo Tales, and Trail of Crumbs. Sounds like Trail of Crumbs is what I'll start next! I too have an advanced copy that she signed for me at the Book Expo last year! Damn.
  15. LOL Meatpacking is not THAT bad; in fact, the best club and crowd in the entire CITY (Cielo) is on Little W 12th. I will definitely be going to Merkat on a Wednesday before I go and get my deep house fix from Louie Vega and Kevin Hedge. I'll report back, in the meantime I'll be trying out stuff from the cookbook right at home.
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