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Embittermints -- Help Sought for Launching Product


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As some of you may know, I've been a long time, mostly lurky member of eGullet, and I'm writing to ask for advice on how to get a ready to eat product into retail stores and into the press. This isn't a shill or attempt to get you to buy the product (though I personally think they're fantastic).

What are they? Embittermints are mints with cheeky expressions carved into them (www.embittermints.com for more info). What I am asking for is advice from people, particularly those of you in the food/confectionery retail and/or press business on how to get Embittermints into stores and in the food press.

Thanks in advance!

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Well the Philadelphia candy show was last week but there is still Chicago's big confection show



oops I thought Chicago's was in the winter

you may be able to get some information from their people anyway


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