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  1. When in Normandy try to find a place that serves Bourdin Normand. A beautiful Pate Brisse laden with apples, almonds, Calvados and creme fraiche. When in Brittany, the Lamb that grazes on the salt marsh grass (lamb pre-sel I believe) is not to be missed. Brittany's Soupe de Poisson is also fantastic.
  2. Make an enriched mealy dough for your bottom crust (enriched with egg and the fat cut to a cornmeal consistency) for the top make a flaky dough (larger pieces of fat to form steam and lighten the crust) Use pastry flour because it is the lowest in proteins, so it will develop the least amount of glutens. Also be sure you don't over work your doughs so they remain tender.
  3. Pate Brisse is a good choice for your dough, and waxy maize is a better choice than corn starch (IMO) for a thickener because it holds it's texture both hot and cold where cornstarch will thin out when chilled as it's proteins won't bond as well in cool temperature's and it will thin out.
  4. Hi Suzanne, Searching on the Cooks Thesaurus you can find a lot of the info your after. example. http://www.foodsubs.com/LiqueurFruit.html
  5. Brad S

    So You Want to be a MW

    I studied with Tim Hanni before he became a MW at The School for American Chefs, I must say he was and still is a proponent of study and authenticity, while remaining very human and very funny.
  6. " The Glorious Foods of Greece" By Diane Kochilas. Excellent history and recipes. Published by William Morrow.
  7. Dear Gifted Gourmet, I enjoy your insight and am so happy to be honored to be in a position to share and give back. It's all cyclical, yes?
  8. Remember your dealing with a "Rolled in dough" you don't want to develop gluten as they will make the dough tough. Overworking the dough is a culprit for sure. Be sure to use unsalted butter because of flavor, but it stays cooler longer, Salted butter has more moisture. Your Detrempe and butter should always be cold and of similar textures.
  9. This post is right on the money, I wish I wrote it. After 28 years in the kitchens I went into teaching culinary arts (not a great writter) and I love it. It's the perfect way to give back and also stay totally connected.
  10. Brad S

    Looking for a chemist

    I thought maybe some would enjoy these readings. It is translated to English from French so it reads a bit funny, but it's good stuff. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...3D%26ie%3DUTF-8
  11. A couple years ago for my wifes birthday we went to Radius for dinner. The service was excellent, the food was excellent and the house was very smart.
  12. I love Tavels in the Spring and summer. Pierre Gaillards Rose Pourpre and Jaboulets Tavel L'Espiegle are two I look for.
  13. Brad S

    Older Zinfandel ?

    Andre, Here are some tasting notes on older Ridge Zins. http://www.sbwines.com/trh/February3_1999.html
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