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Bread in Kent

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We are having a picnic for our wedding reception in a few weeks time. The wedding takes place in Tenterden, Kent.

We are looking for good bread - sourdough baguettes would be perfect - but are struggling to find any artisan bakeries nearby.

Can anyone help or suggest a good supplier in that neck of the woods?



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Never used him personally but seems to have a good reputation and wide selection.

Give him a bell, and good luck for the big day, hope the weather is a tad better!



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I recommend Judges Bakery in Hastings (not too far). Ask head baker Emmanuel whether he will make a special order for you. The website is here:



Yes! My first stop would be Judges. Emmanuel is an extremely accomplished baker. I'm certain they will be open to supplying your wedding with his excellent bread.


www.naturalfarms.co.uk ~ our wholesale butchery

www.sussexfarms.blogspot.com ~ our pie kitchen

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