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  1. Just wondering what time is best to get here for food tommorrow evening without a reservation? Tried booking a table via the email but was informed "due to the high demand of bookings for the 31st, we are unable to offer you a table. You are most welcome to come in and queue up for a table." My own stupidity for leaving it to the last minute.. also if this fails, where else is of similar standards? Cheers guys, Paul
  2. ***Bit Rude!*** Ramsays Nightmare Paul
  3. Never used him personally but seems to have a good reputation and wide selection. Give him a bell, and good luck for the big day, hope the weather is a tad better! http://www.paulhollywood.com/paul_hollywood_contact.html Paul
  4. Just thought I'd add a link Malcom...you know I love my links!
  5. Great review Bapi. If you don't mind me asking what was the damage? And am I right in saying he only opens for dinner? Would love to see some pics, anyone have any?!
  6. Basildog, whats your background in catering before you bought Margots? Are you a Cornish lad through and through? I really want to get down to Padstow, being saying it for too long now...
  7. Found this link whilst on Amazon to a book due out in October this year. It reads in synopsis that GR will be doing 50 of his classic dishes from his restaurants, then simplified versions for the home cook. Are we expecting a big lavish production, similar to French Laundry Book? With the price at £40 we could be.
  8. Hestons new book, with a provisional list of dishes he will be "perfecting" later this year.
  9. Heres a 50 minute interview/ Q&A with MPW, it looks like a promotional tour he's doing in the States for his auto-biog. He mentions Albert Roux, Molecular Gastronomy, Ramsay, Hells Kitchen, Heston and not forgetting Knorr!! Paul
  10. Stumbled across this recent review the place ("underground menu"), makes me what to return even more! Anyone have news/info on Simons place in the capital?
  11. Found their website recently, not sure how long its been online for, but I thinks its great just like the pub itself. Click on the Beach Huts!
  12. Great review Jamsie, have you or the paper got any photos to share? Paul
  13. RDB, that also caught my eye and was the actual reason I posted but forgot to mention that point!! Look forward to hearing your report back...
  14. Website Good Luck to Aaron I say, I'll defintly try it and support him if I'm ever in the area.
  15. Heres a fun site! that might interest some people...
  16. Jus spent the last 2 hours doing my list which is here Got to the maximum, and will probably pay the life fee and do the rest. Paul ETA - Have now paid the $25
  17. I see they've updated the website to include a bit of info on his new ventures Anyone know anymore info, looks like "The Narrow" will be opening first. Paul
  18. Just wondering if anyone has this book? I have his Girardet book published in 2002, which I really like. Is it a lot different? Translation good? Worth having?
  19. May be its been 10 years since he gained his first star at his first head chef position? May be its due to Jean-Philippe being back there more since his accident? May be I'm talking crap!
  20. I went last year and I had a great meal, which Firstly I should have wrote up, Secondly was easily worthy of a star, Thirdly though Tims wife said they really didn't want one..... Andy are you doing a review for the place tomorrow, if not I'd love to read it on here. Really pleased for Marcus Wareing, am I right in saying he has waited 10 years for the 2nd?! Anyone surprised by Chapter Ones loss? I've never been personally, don't they do a hell of a loada covers?
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