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Heartland Brewery, NYC


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Just got back from a trip to NYC! I was chaperone for a group of drama students (talk about drama! but that's another story!) so I only had a couple hours to myself, but I think I spent the time wisely! I ventured over to the Davidoff Cigar shop where I picked up a few cigars, and then made a beeline over to the Heartland Brewpub at W. 51st (?) and 6th, not far from Radio City Music Hall.

First up was a pint of the Farmer Jon's Oatmeal Stout! What a good beer! Roasty, creamy, pitch black with garnet hues and a 'stout' tan head. It didn't last long! Very enjoyable stout!

Next, I selected the seasonal Alpha Male Ale. Unusual ingredients such as Peruvian Macca Root powder, American Ginseng, and a Chinese herb called "Horny Goat weed" are added to give a guy that "competitive edge!" It was dark gold in color, had a pleasant citrusy aroma, and a bitterness that didn't come from hops alone. The citrus notes were apparent in the flavor with a hint of malt and it finished very dry. It was...unusual. Kind of a Belgian Golden/Saison-like beer. Good, but not my favorite.

Last up was the Indiana Pale Ale. BIG hoppy aroma and flavor! Citrusy, malty, but the hops prevailed! Good hop burps followed! It was a tasty IPA and a good beer to end my visit. Plus, when I tabbed out, the very friendly young beertender who I chatted with said the last beer was on him!

I didn't eat, but did observe some delicious looking platters being delivered to other patrons.

Even though I was only able to pay them a short visit, Heartland was well worth the trip! When I go back to NYC I will try to spend more time, and consume more of their beers!

Bob R in OKC

Bob R in OKC

Home Brewer, Beer & Food Lover!

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Glad you got to sample that excellent Farmer John's Oatmeal Stout, always my fa vorite Heartland beer. And all I'll say about the Alpha Male Ale is that AMA + troupe of high school drama students = Bob in custody for corrupting morals of minors. Glad you were able to avoid arrest in the Big Apple.

Rich Pawlak


Reporter, The Trentonian

Feature Writer, INSIDE Magazine
Food Writer At Large


"In Cerveza et Pizza Veritas"

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