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  1. I have a 12 c Bialetti Moka coffee pot with a broken handle. I contacted Bialetti about how to replace it as it is not intuitive. There is a pin that goes through the handle and that the lid hinges on. I am informed that the handle does not come predrilled so I have to try to drill a precise pin hole in the metal base. Is it me, or does this seem like poor customer service?
  2. Recently, Busboy started a provocative thread inspired by the experience of being an American Abroad during a grueling heat wave: The French and Ice. He commented on reactions to his family's requests for ice in their drinks and the scarcity of ice-making machines they took for granted back home. It made me think about other distinctions between the foodways of European and U.S. natives, and in particular, the way we take our coffee. We all drink Italian-style coffees now, if in paper cups at inappropriate hours of the day. However, I for one, never put sugar in my cappuccino or the coffee I
  3. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters just introduced a new beverage called "Double Bean Elixir" organic coffee soda. I saw it at a beverage trade show yesterday in Albany, NY. There are five varieties: Original, Vanilla, Almond, Hazelnut, and Mocha. Ingredients: sparkling filtered water, Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain organic coffee, organic evaporated cane juice, natural flavor. I tried the Original, Hazelnut and Vanilla. I really liked the Original and Hazelnut, even though I generally dislike flavored coffees. They were light and sparkling, not overpowering, with a distinct coffee taste. I
  4. I need some advice and a little help. I have been asked to help open a small coffee bar in an art gallery. The owners of the gallery would like a place like the two famous espresso bars in Rome. So the concept is to be focused on everything italian. The espresso we could be selling is illy. After a little reading here, it seems to me that I might find a better product than what illy has. What espresso should I also be looking at, that is Italian ? I have also been having some difficulty in finding out any info on espresso bars in Italy that I can look at or what they sell. Where else can
  5. I had an experience this morning that just about threw me off of my feed. I went to my local cafe to get some coffee as I'm out of grounds at home. When I got there, at about 7:05 a.m., they did not have coffee made. No problem. I will just order an Americano and be on my merry way. So, the barrista goes and fiddles with the pods (I knew I was in trouble here) and then could not get the grouphead to attach to the outlet. Barrista then says, "!@#$$^@#%$! We got a new espresso machine and I don't know how to use it!" ??? Who gets a new espresso maker without showing their employees how to
  6. Click Here for Caffeine-Fired Price Reduction Frenzy Info! "First shots fired in latte price war Last updated Jul 27 2005 01:08 PM PDT CBC News Small independent cafes across Vancouver are taking on Starbucks, offering $2 lattes in an effort to win over customers from the industry giant. Mike and Theresa Triggiano who helped start the price war, say business has been brisk at their Yaletown cafe thanks to their sandwich board on the sidewalk offering the cheaper coffees. "Mike just came up with the idea, and thought let's start promoting ourselves," says Theresa Triggiano. "I think people
  7. I don't know what started me thinking along this line. But, I started today. I have two questions about press-pots that really cooked my noodle, and I think I have one of them answered (but not very satisfactorily). 1: Why do we press press-pots instead of lifting? 2: Why aren't there press-pots with finer filters? Here's the deal that makes me think it's worth my time to worry about. I really like press-pot coffee. The flavor is top-notch, but I don't have the scratch to spend on a grinder to do it justice. So I end up with more sludge than I can handle. Question 2 would address that.
  8. There's a movement of sorts in the coffee and espresso business - not news to aficionado's or cognoscenti but some of us in the hinterlands (me!) are slow getting exposed to such things. The growing emphasis in recent years on recognizing the value of single varietals vs. blends in drip coffee has evolved into recognizing the importance of the terroir concept. This notion seems to have gained popularity in relation to wine but is equally applicable to coffee varietals. For example... in any given year there may be beans or even a specific lot of beans from a particular estate (or even a
  9. A couple years ago, my husband bought me a Cuisinart Grind & Brew coffeemaker. The thing made great coffee - but what a serious pain in the ass to clean up. I really hated that thing. I bitched about it constantly. Then last Christmas I got a Hamilton Beach Brewstation Brewstation The kind where you put your cup in to get the nectar. Yeah! Happiness! Then one morning I put my cup up and it would not stop giving me coffee. Coffee all over the counter and onto the floor. EEEK! Reese diagnosed that a coffee ground had become stuck in the delivery apparatus and cleaned it out.
  10. Kathleen Purvis had an article in today's Charlotte Observer announcing that the Specialty Coffee Assoc of America will be holding their 2006 conference in Charlotte! The Charlotte Observer You must subscribe to see the article. Other exciting news for Charlotte - Counter Culture's regional sales manager David Haddock is opening a "coffee classroom" next month where they will give free coffee training and cuppings. Things are looking brighter in the Carolina's!
  11. Anyone else tried the new Starbucks Chantico? I was at a drive through last night waiting for my standard raspberry mocha and saw the ad. The barista told me it was a "thick, rich hot chocolate" and he was pretty correct. It was both thick and had a dark chocolate flavor, served in a fairly tiny cup-- smaller than a tall coffee. I liked it, and will probably experiment with adding a flavored shot. Neil
  12. I am dubiously the "coffee guy" at my employer. We have several coffee drinkers, but only a couple (me included) who complain whilst drinking plonk. So, here's my question: what coffee maker would you recommend. The requirements: no grinder -> we're pretty much stuck brewing Folgers Either an automatic shut-off or vacuum thermos to brew into "sneak a cup" feature Quick brew time Brews at proper temperature Not too expensive ~12 cup drip Does anyone have recommendations off the top of their head?
  13. I was nosing around on the Trung Nguyen Coffee web site today and stumbled across this info on their new Legendee Blend For those unfamiliar with it, "Kopi Luwak" coffee (sometimes spelled Luwat) is thought by some to be total hype and others consider it to be real. In various parts of Southeast Asia and Indonesia an animal, in some cases the civet cat and in others said to be a variety of fox, eats ripened coffee cherries that have fallen on the ground and excretes the inedible part - the coffee bean itself. The various enzymes that are part of the animal's digestive system are supposed to
  14. In a "SERVICE" thread in DC/DelMarVa forum Bux asked the following question Here's a place to start... Specialty Coffee Association 2005 Barista Competition press release Most of the pertinent details providing a high level overview are available there. I'll start by commenting on the question of In a word - no. The reason being that the highest quality espresso and espresso based drinks being prepared and served around the world today are coming from independent cafes and coffeehouses. I have yet to hear of a restaurant, even one operating at the highest levels of price and quality, tha
  15. My 3-4 year old Capresso has started leaking water and its warming plate has become unsightly due to covering having been scraped off. It has made pretty good coffee but I don't think I want another Capresso. I paid about $180 for it. I want a 10 or 12 cup drip, automatic timing feature nice but not necessary, gold filter preferred, and hot brewing temperature very important. I occasionally make a 4 cup pot, so some adjustment for smaller pot would be good. I grind my beans in a separate Capresso burr grinder which is still grinding well. I would prefer to pay in the $80-$130 range for the cof
  16. http://www.slate.com/id/2110848/ Interesting, but flawed from a coffeegeek point of view. No mention of which grinder the reviewer used, nor of the importance of the grind in the results. Also interesting to find somebody who liked a FrancisFrancis machine... I remember only running across less than favorable reviews when I was last hunting for a machine. I do agree that the NEspresso system is high quality, based on my few encounters with it.
  17. An interesting comment appeared in a recent thread about decaf coffee In light of my decided inclination towards coffee and espresso rather than other beverages, I'm curious to see how people feel about that statement in this context. A truly excellent espresso shot will have characteristics that are described by some aficionado's as sweet and although that sweetness is only relative when compared to sugary substances, a distinct lack of bitterness can also be the hallmark of a great shot. I stress "can be" in light of the fact that an element of bitterness is a desirable part of the flavor p
  18. Here's one person's experience at Bouchon.
  19. A recent question posted here by Geetha about Indian coffee has left me very curious. It appears that although much of India is traditionally a tea drinking culture, there is a strong tradition of coffee drinking in Southern India. Thus far I've found only this information about the brewing device Indian Coffee Filter The description indicates that the "davras" is a two part stainless steel assembly with a mushroom shaped filter in the upper portion. The lower portion is used to collect the brewed coffee. It's unclear to me whether the entire davras sits on a heat source and pushes boiling wa
  20. Hi everyone! I have been having a problem with my at-home coffee for a while now and I figured you could put it to rest. I live with my boyfriend and he has a regular 12-cup Proctor-Silex coffeemaker, the kind you have to put a filter in. It is nothing special but it gets the job done. He just bought it last year and we use it pretty much every day. We grind our own coffee that's roasted weekly for us by a friend of ours. Now, I usually put on about 4 or 5 cups of coffee and drink them over a period of an hour or so while looking at eGullet My boyfriend, who gets up early for his 1st sh
  21. The Matsuya method was developed by Matsuya Coffee in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, Japan to make clear, flavorful coffee free from astringent, harsh, and other unpleasant tastes. Matsuya Coffee's website (Japanese only): http://www.matsuya-coffee.com/ What distinguishes this method from others is that you first make coffee with half the required amount of water and then add the other half to make complete coffee. Assume that you want 600-cc (20-oz) coffee, then you first make coffee with 300-cc of water and then add another 300-cc of water to the coffee. The following is a translation of part of
  22. Here in Birmingham, folks where all in a tizzy when we got our first Startbucks. 5 million local locations later, including 2 with drive-thru service, a wide-eyed, highly caffeinated city asks the scalding question: Is all this Starbucking a good thing? I mean, after all, there are other options, right? Most cities, yes. But here in the Ham options are limited. You can get a good cup of coffee, but inconsistency reigns at local coffee houses and what you experience is largely a product of who happens to be scheduled. Oh the agony of walking several blocks only to see that today's barrista is o
  23. Just when I thought I had settled on coffee equipment, someone threw a wrench into my plans. I was orginially going to go with the automatic Fetco 31AAP as recommended by a number of people. A highly respected source, a previous Fetco diehard, is now recommending this Bunn. Actually, the Bunn he recommends the CDBCF 35, but it's not shown - the only difference is the amps and it's 240V. It seems a bit larger than my needs - the Fetco 1.5L should be fine. However, according to this source -- okay, Terroir -- making less than a full pot does not detract from the quality? True? Another thing
  24. I just stumbled across an interesting article at the Roasters Guild web site (the Roasters Guild is a part of SCAA, the Specialty Coffee Association of America). Coffee and Wine: The Industries and their Common Denominators It's brief but offers good insight. I'm not a drinker of alcoholic beverages and therefore can't speak from the position of a wine enthusiast. I do, however, believe that the conclusions drawn seem valid. The article offers hope that coffee appreciation can continue to be developed and elevated to the point where we can break out of the commodity mentality that has pervade
  25. Whenever I make coffee in my vintage Silex vacuum pot, I swear that I can detect a slight rubbery taste in the coffee. It comes from the rubber gasket, it smells like a new automobile tire whenever the pot is action. Have any of you ever had this experience? Should I wash the gasket thoroughly with anything? Though it is in perfect shape, I know it is quite old (around 30 to 40 years old); I am hesitant to clean it thoroughly because it might crack. Thanks!
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