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  1. bottomlesspit


    Rabo encendido (Cuban oxtail stew) is my favorite oxtail dish. Served over white rice with fried, ripe plantains on the side. That's yummy.
  2. Actually, bori chah is the tea made with only barley, and oksoosoo cha is that made with only corn. (Bori: barley, oksoosoo: corn) I'm guessing the compound would be bori oksoosoo cha. Funny that as many times as I've had the combined tea, I've heard it referred to as one or the other, but not both.
  3. trillium, thanks for finally answering the HAWT question. "OUT!" (That was for you, Stupid. ) I digress, but what last meal(s) will you enjoy in The OC? And your comments on the cafe? And since you're moving away forever and ever, here's a what-what for you, too.
  4. Dunno if I need one, but I'd sure like one.
  5. Stupide Americaine, You've got me intrigued. Are you associated with this stylish cafe, or the stylish girls therein, in any way? Btw, noticed you're in Tustin. I'm in Irvine, so here's a shout out - maybe you'll actually hear it.
  6. Oh, I LOVE those. The hottah, the bettah! Nakji, thanks for the Pum tip. Will definitely look them up!
  7. Smile lots, don't touch people's heads, keep my feet on the ground, stay away from the monks, no mocking the royal family and save room for roti. I think I can manage that. Now to find a dining buddy for at least one meal...
  8. Those pics are delicious! I'm looking forward to the full report, too.
  9. When hubs and I watch the food tv, I make the catty quips about Giada's enormous teeth/forehead and we both snicker over Bobby's chesticles. * Edited to add that Bourdain would make a horrible secret ingredient - no meat on his bones. Might make for some great stock, though...
  10. You might like to try Honda Ya in Tustin for an izakaya experience - lots of great small dishes grilled, steamed, fried, you name it. The grilled stuff (chicken hearts, bacon wrapped asparagus, beef tongue, to name but a few), is great drinking food. It's very reasonably priced but busy, so get there when it opens or prepare to wait. Honda Ya 556 El Camino Real Tustin, CA 714-832-0081 Dinner only - 5:30 PM - 1:00 AM
  11. Thanks for your input. I promise I won't take photos when disturbed foreigners are in the vicinity. Chris, The cooking class at the Boathouse Hotel looks like fun - is it hands-on or mostly demo? Certainly there's more to Phuket than this, though. Any more recs? (Pretty please, with palm sugar on top?)
  12. I'll be posting my ISO dining buddies thread closer to my travel date, but thought I'd get started a little earlier with my planning. I'll be in Phuket from April 15th - 22nd, which I hear is right around all the New Year's celebrations, at Marriott Phuket Beach Club 230 Moo 3, Mai Khao Phuket, Talang 83110 Thailand A few questions: 1) If you're familiar w/ the location of the hotel, is it conveniently or remotely located from good dining/fun activities (other than lazing around on the beach, that is...)? 2) Any great street markets and if so, where and what day? 3) Any must-try restaurant
  13. I'm not a gadget-mistress by any means, but I do think a garlic press provides a certain outcome that is not exactly achievable by mincing or crushing (provided the holes are the right size). That said, the MIL is always buying stuff from Pampered Chef , most of which I think is useless crap, but she did buy me their garlic press, which never forces the garlic up the sides and is extremely easy to clean - I just run a toothbrush along the holes and any remaining garlic rinses away easily. There, I think I've met my quota of positive comment about Pampered Chef products for a year (or two).
  14. I've been lurking this thread for a while now, all the while trying to find a local place that serves the dish. In that you have inspired us to think about, talk about, and most certainly not least, SEEK OUT khao soi, you are all victors! (But for sheer visual enticement, I do have to give the nod to Austin - but he has sort of an unfair advantage, doesn't he?) I managed at last to find a local restaurant that serves the stuff, and I must say it was a bit of a letdown, but I think it might be more execution than idea. My khao soi was VERY brothy, served with only one wedge of lime, (i.e., no
  15. Hello ghost, are you looking for a goi cuon recipe (summer/salad roll) or a cha gio (spring/fried roll) recipe?
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