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  1. I too think Mr. Chow uptown wins the NYC Peking duck race by a nose. . . but the costs financially and sartorially may even things out. I was at Peking Duck House last night and as Weinoo says in the opening post, the duck was exactly as delicious as it has been every other time I've been there over the years. My wife and I have become committed orderers of a dish we like to call A16. That's its number on the menu. It has all sorts of things, sort of a platter of semi-weird deliciousness. Jellyfish cut like noodles, julienned carrot, egg, cucumber some pork, scallions, wide slippery clearish noodles and a few other things I'm forgetting. It's all served cold to room temp. Highly recommended.
  2. Awesome. I actually had the pleasure of hosting a cook and a server from Beth's at the restaurant where I work in NYC. Felt that some sort of circle had been completed.
  3. It's been more than three years since I've been in my beloved Seattle, more than ten years since I've lived there. No Pho so 1, no Shanghai Garden, no Red Robin, no Beth's, no Lampreia, no Matt's in the Market, no Noshino, not for a long time. Those restaurant names probably sound like relics (and wisecracks) to the egullet hyper-attuned. I'm curious what has evolved in my absence. I just managed to slip into Lark on my last visit. Liked it very much. What else is new in Seattle? Do you have heartthrob butchers with tattoos and master's degrees? Does every restaurant make their own charcuterie? Has Nathan Miervold cloned a Neopolitan Pizzaiolo for his new Hunt's Point pizzeria? I have three nights to hit the best of what is going to look to me like a new Seattle. Will y'all please help me make a good list? Thanks.
  4. ned


    Just my own self I guess. For all the other parts that I like so much, I mostly don't like eating in restaurants that are this big.
  5. PDH is always good but Mr. Chow's uptown is often better.
  6. ned


    Really good. Really very good. The restaurant is a little too large for my taste. Pricing is very generous both on food and wine. Service is fantastic (on one visit but with a somewhat difficult table of 6) The food is outta sight. Our table ordered oxtails, suckling pig, lamb's neck, amatriciana, tripe, mixed cured meat platter, and sardines I think. I wanted more guanciale in the amatriciana but the otherwise the pasta was cooked very well and was delicious. Tripe was excellent, non-tripe eaters gobbled it down. All the slow-cooked meats were fantastic. I live close and want to eat at Maialino as often as possible.
  7. ned

    Roasting a Pork Shoulder

    Recently had a chat with a friend about ways you can fuck up a pork shoulder. We could only think of two. Underseasoning and undercooking. I guess you could burn it too. I've cooked them hot and fast, slow and low, braised, boiled and barbecued. The pork shoulder is an inherently flavourful, juicy and delicious piece of meat. No matter what crazy idea I have, it always seems to come out all right.
  8. ned


    Thanks all. Somehow still slightly ambivalent about cooking the squilla again. . . did find some amazing (and some not so amazing) squilla videos on the youtube.
  9. ned


    One of these buggers came up in my son's net in Long Island Sound a couple of weeks ago and then yesterday I saw a whole mess of them in NYC's Chinatown. Tried to cook them once before, kind of treated them like shrimp or lobster, and felt the result was, well, not palatable. Anybody out there have a fondness for squilla and some technique they'd like to pass on?
  10. ned

    Hakata Ippudo

    Not sure about that. Something about "katakuriko" starch from Katakuri roots?
  11. ned

    Hakata Ippudo

    Nice pics phila. I just read all three pages on Ippudo looking for mention of Karaage Chicken and here I get the end and you've expressed my sentiments exactly. De-fucking-licious. I'm awfully curious what the breading is. A Japanese friend who is also a chef said something about a special Japanese starch. It's a starting point.
  12. I love this place. There's a playground just outside the front door where the kids can get their wilds out. Also the market on the ground floor is one of the best in Chinatown. Try the tripe.
  13. There are tons of restaurant jobs out there. All it takes to break into the industry as you say is to go on craigslist and send some emails. You'll have a job in less than a week.
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