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  1. Pie By Night 1147 Granville www.piebynight.com 666 is fantastic
  2. At Chambar for a glass of wine last night and bumped into the dov menu. Started with a juicy delicious venison carpaccio, and the most amazing trout I have ever tasted. As I have always enjoyed at Chambar, dishes are complex and aromatic, well seasoned and beautifully presented... the place is dangerously exciting, a sexy room, sultry food and professional service.
  3. I never thought I'd agree so clearly with Mia Stainsby.
  4. hopkin


    Pie By Night 1147 Granville Street 604 622 7781 New york style. We like the '666' (hot capicolo) , easy cheese, extra sauce. Fantastic!
  5. Isn't Aquafina just purifed (by filtering and reverse osmosis etc) tap water? Wouldn't it be even "softer" than our local tap water since almost all the dissolved solids are removed from it? ← Aquafina is purified tap water by reverse osmosis and is de-mineralized - it is less than 10 ppm. About as soft as it gets, and not great for cooking, baking or brewing coffee. Water in the GVRD is also very soft, generally less than 30 ppm. PPM is mineral content in Parts Per Million. Currently Canadian Springs spring water (Chilliwack source) is about 210ppm, very hard. If boiled alone it will calcify pots and kettles with a thin white film, and leave a build up of mineral salts in your water cooler. Tastes quite nice and I'm sure makes a great pizza crust.
  6. Absolutely. As water makes up for 1/3 of your recipe, the quality of that ingredient is key to the results. GVRD tap water is extremely soft, not really ideal for bread or coffee.
  7. Barista's in west coast US generally will earn $50-80 in tips per shift, or about $10 per hour. Barista's in west coast Canada generally will earn $5-10 in tips per shift, or about $1 per hour. Whats the matter with Canadians? It is extremely hard to keep good people in this service industry based on the wage we are able to pay. No wonder its so hard to find a good cup of coffee and good service to go with it.
  8. Because its farm land! Barnston Island Herb Corp is located there. Isn't there enough empty space in Surrey to develop big-box-industrial rather than this precious farmland? further info on the application: http://www.alc.gov.bc.ca/application_statu.../35256_main.htm stories: http://www.surreyleader.com/portals-code/l...id=635712&more= http://www.vancourier.com/issues05/083205/dining.html http://www.thenownewspaper.com/issues04/02.../023104nn1.html http://www.bcndpcaucus.ca/in_the_house/ral...barnston_island
  9. the first rule of hunger hut, is you don't talk about hunger hut.
  10. it appears to turning into a Sushi restaurant.
  11. Is there such a place or thing as Pho with NO MSG? I had Pho today and yes quite a good soup but I swear it chewed a layer off my tongue and its just not a pleasant feeling. nope.
  12. this just in: Dear Friends, We Are Expanding Les amis du FROMAGE, western Canada's favourite cheese store will soon be opening a second retail store at #518 - Park Royal South in West Vancouver. You will find all of your favourite cheeses, olive oils, crackers, foie gras, truffles, frozen meals and other specialty food items at our new location on the North Shore. Owners Alice and Allison Spurrell say "You can expect us to stock our usual great selection of cheeses with the same quality service and exceptional pricing. We look forward to serving our customers on the North Shore". Opening May 2006
  13. I was surprised to learn there are over 700 outlets from several companies with this same "easy meal" concept. Super Suppers has over 100 locations. There's even an association: http://www.easymealprep.com/main/direct01.php
  14. Surly and not getting any thinner either. Sounds like your coffee horizon could use a little widening? Bring your service staff along, we'll make a party of it.
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