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  1. Well, shoot! My alleged spouse has been in LA for the last 2 days. He just informed me that a client in San Diego is having a crisis and he has to go there tomorrow. So, we're gonna miss this first one. FZ, I look forward to seeing the pix and hope that we can make it for the next leg of the tour. Sorry!!!
  2. Bumping back up. Happy New Year!!! Is there a plan of action yet? Where, what time, etc.? Unless something comes up work-wise for Don, we are still in. And would be willing to pick up anyone north of us (Laguna Hills) that wants to go. Gaaaa! Now that I've said that I'm sure that something will come along to screw up our going.
  3. Since that is my birthday (Well, why the heck did you think there were all those parties?!?) and I don't like to go out that night, DH does the cooking. And his speciality is meatloaf, mashed potatoes and broccoli with cheese sauce. So, that is probably what we're having. He did try once to make one of my favorites. Osso Buco. He spent the whole day on it and I came home from work sick as a dog and took about 2 bites. Since then, he's stuck to his meatloaf dinner. And that's just fine--he makes a great meatloaf!!
  4. My mouth is watering.... You gonna share your recipe and secrets with us?
  5. After the holidays, we are in for the Thai tasting!!! I know that at least ONE other person heard Don say it!!!
  6. Just want everyone to know that my eyes are not always closed! Tad, thanks for posting the pix--they're great!
  7. It was a great time tonight (despite the traffic)!!! I hope that everyone had as much fun as Don and I did. Pix were taken, but we'll see how they look here. The food was almost as good as the company!
  8. I'll let you know after tomorrow how to recognize me--I'm going to a new hair stylist tomorrow and have no idea what I'll look like by then!
  9. OK! We are in--there will be 2 of us!! But neither of us is very familiar with Korean, so we expect some guidance.
  10. Here is a listing of OC restaurants (searchable) from Cox.net. This is my cable company, so I don't know if it's member-only or not. If you can't access it let me know. In this restaurant listing you will find info about these restaurants: Memphis--very funky--casual--near So. Coast Plaza Gypsy Den--funky but healthy--casual--near So. Coast Plaza Scott's Seafood--traditional seafood--near So. Coast Plaza In Newport Beach: Pescadou--was a fabulous French place, but I understand it recently changed hands, so don't really know Golden Truffle--don't miss it!! La Cave--traditional steaks/seafood--late night music And if you can get to Laguna Beach: Cafe Zoolu--just a fun local place with terrific food--tiny I'm still thinking!
  11. OK, before I start arranging schedules, where is Shik Do Rak? I know in OC, but which city? Also, for the other considerations, just in case I can get DH to be really adventuresome!
  12. Please let us know if you have a car. I'm working on a list. Also if you'd like to get together while here, I'll do my best to work out a time! And I highly second the Golden Truffle--one of my favorites! I'll get back to you with more after you let us know about transportation. Oh! And where in Costa Mesa will you be located--makes a difference if you don't have a car. Edited to fix typo
  13. Is the date the 13th or 14th? Lunch or dinner? I've lost track of it now. Let me know and I'll see what we can do. If it's no further than Long Beach I may be able to work it out.
  14. I'm in Laguna Hills, so I think I'm the furthest south. I do hope that my DH and I can make one of these events. This time of year is just too busy to attempt a trip to LA or thereabouts, though. I'll keep reading and when we can make something, we'll jump in!!
  15. Not exactly haute cuisine, but I got this from my Mom. I've made it for people from all over and they love it. In our house it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it! CORN CASSEROLE ½ cup (1 stick) butter 17-oz. can corn with liquid* 17-oz. can creamed corn* 8 ½-oz. box Jiffy corn bread/muffin mix 2 eggs, slightly beaten 1 cup sour cream** 1 cup grated cheddar cheese** *I have never seen a 17-oz. can of corn. I think they’re usually 15-16-oz. Works fine. **Mom & I both usually use more than this of the sour cream and cheese. Melt butter in a 9x13 dish. Add whole corn, creamed corn & corn bread mix. Gently mix with a fork. Add eggs and mix in with fork. Drop sour cream by tablespoons over the top of the corn mixture. Dunk them under a bit. Cover top with cheddar. Bake 20 to 30 minutes at 350, or until it is firm. Let cool slightly before serving or serve at room temp. Happy Thanksgiving! Deb/maison rustique/Orange County, CA
  16. Noriega Hotel in Bakersfield. Fabulous all you can eat Basque food served family style at long communal tables. It's worth the drive!!
  17. Thanks for all the great suggestions! Bread pudding is sounding pretty good right now....
  18. Rachel, I'm in Orange County (So. Cal.). I don't think we have a regional specialty for breakfast! I am making them barbequed baby back ribs with potato salad for dinner. I'm originally from Kansas City!!
  19. Thanks! I can't eat that many! I'll try re-heating them and if they don't like it they can get their own breakfast!
  20. A couple of my favorite French friends were scheduled to arrive today. So, I ran out to get croissants for breakfast tomorrow. As soon as I got home I received word from them that they missed the flight and now won't be here until Wednesday afternoon. Is there any GOOD way to keep these fresh until Thursday morning? Thanks, Deb
  21. Not sure we're much closer than you. We're in Laguna Hills. We're partial to the Noriega Hotel in Bako. I love meeting the local folks sitting around the big tables! And the food is great! Deb
  22. If you try the one in Chino, please post about it! We've always driven to Bakersfield (from Orange County) for good Basque food, but would love to find somewhere closer!
  23. If you work your way as far north as Cambria, be sure to stop along the way in San Luis Obispo to visit a fabulous winery, Claiborne & Churchill. They are not only wonderful people, they make great dry Alsatian wines. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you've never tried them before. Also, be sure to ask them about a new restaurant in the area--the winery has several private tasting dinners each year. Several have been catered by a wonderful chef--Maegan---? (sorry I can't come up with her name) and she has recently opened a restaurant in the area. However, I'm sure that if you email Claiborne & Churchill, they will be happy to let you know where it is and how to get there. Tell them Deb & Don sent you!! Enjoy your trip!!!
  24. I usually have lunch out with a girlfriend about every week or so. For dinner, we eat at home (I cook, hubby does the dishes) way more than we go out. It's usually because we don't have a lot of exceptional restaurants in our immediate area and get tired of going to the same couple of places.
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