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  1. My mother always told me it was "bad luck" but never to this specificity. Interesting. Still, I'm really good about not flipping the bone when I debone a fish and I never flip a fish over.
  2. I'm waiting for the Omnivore's Dilemma to come out in paperback, but is it so vastly different from Fast Food Nation that I shouldn't wait?
  3. Wonderful review and pictures! I'm adding this to my Copenhagen list.
  4. I'm not a good person to ask, I suppose. I do all sorts of things that are not recommended. Comes from growing up in a Chinese household without any idea about American food safety practices, I suppose. I've never gotten food poisoning and, yes, I thaw at room temp too.
  5. I'm usually amazed at Canadian waiters who complain about poor tipping when they're getting at least minimum wage--unlike most American waiters. They benefit from both a "European" pay scale and American tipping expectations. Anyway, I expect in our lifetimes 20% will be the new norm, just as 15% is now the norm. This also baffles me, but I think it's due to the same mindset we have about the speed limit. The speed limit in our minds translates as a speed *minimum* so when speed limits are raised it just means we psychologically then raise our expectations of a minimum speed.
  6. Chewy! Did I say that loudly enough? CHEWY!
  7. Does anyone know how far in advance Sushi Yasuda takes reservations?
  8. You just want to make me cry, huh? I still hold my last meal at Campton Place in fond memory. Sniff! Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I'll definitely look into Perry Street and, yeah, seriously think about squeezing both WD-50 and L'Atelier...Temptations, temptations...
  9. Okay, husband and I will be in NYC for a long weekend---in and out. I want to hit one restaurant the likes of which we can't get in San Francisco. One of our meals will be at Sushi Yasuda; I'm trying to choose the other. L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon is a possibility. I was also thinking WD-50 might be worth a try. Since it's just a weekend I don't think he'll want to bring a suit and tie, so the likes of Jean Georges is out. Otherwise, just looking for an incredible dining experience, so any opinions would be most appreciated.
  10. Shin, by far. Can I put in a plug for a non-ramen instant noodle? My other staple is a Thai product: Mama Oriental Style Instant Noodle (Chand Clear Soup). They now call it "pho" on the packet though they used to call it something else. It's a simple rice noodle that's salty and very spicy, but that has a clean garlic flavor and nothing else.
  11. If you only do positive reviews I, as a potential reader, would get rather skeptical rather fast that you weren't just a paid shill for the restaurants. However, if you want to be purely positive you *could* instead of positioning them as restaurant reviews call the column "Recommended Restaurants" and preface it by saying the restaurants in the column are ones that you've been recently impressed by--or something like that. Pretend it's like those book recommendations from bookstore staff that get displayed in stores.
  12. Well, I use chopsticks for just about everything, including eating salad, beating eggs, stirring cream into coffee, etc., and since I grew up with Chinese bamboo ones those are the ones I still prefer. They're not slippery or heavy (I hate Korean metal chopsticks), and they're cheap enough so that when I burn them while toasting marshmallows over the gas burner I don't cry. Of course I break out the purty Japanese lacquered chopsticks for company, but otherwise it's bamboo for me!
  13. *In* Chinatown I usually go to Pearl City on Jackson if I'm with people who don't care about atmosphere. It's basic dim sum, cheap and filling, and they sometimes have "special" items like big beignet-type doughnuts. If I'm with work people we go to City View (on Commercial?) which has a somewhat nicer atmosphere.
  14. From a customer's perspective: I always appreciate it when a fine restaurant offers a refill of my after-dinner coffee. Plus, I know I'm being charged a massive amount for what is essentially similar stuff to what I get at mid-range restaurants so I find the refill a gracious touch-- while a single cup just looks...cheap.
  15. I don't like mitts, but I like potholders. Towels usually don't insulate as well as I need them to, and it takes too long to put on mitts.
  16. Digest: San Francisco Chronicle Wine Digest and 96 Hours section, Friday, September 22, 2006 THE ULTIMATE TEST / Notoriously difficult and outrageously expensive to earn, the Master of Wine title is the wine professional's grail, Janet Fletcher THE SIPPING NEWS: One wine from both coasts BOOKS / Looking for Australia's best wines? NEW RELEASES / Monster goes to Hollywood Wineries' need for grape pickers clashes with immigration policy, Cyril Penn Just add water and think of France, W. Blake Gray After eight tries, success, Janet Fletcher Kunde Estate: A historic family-owned winery that's friendly and casual, Tara Duggan Unique sippers from Spain and Portugal, Leslie Sbrocco The Cheese Course: Cow's milk cheese from the toe of Italy's boot, Janet Fletcher BENEFITS Stomp out cancer...Raise the roof...Bid for health care THE CHRONICLE WINE SELECTIONS / South Central Coast Pinot Noir, Lynne Char Bennett Farm-fresh plums highlight spice of Pinot Noir, Joyce Goldstein Recipe: Roast Pork Loin with French Plum Sauce 96 Hours Bar Bites: Downtown, Laura Compton BARGAIN BITE: Lime Tree, Tara Duggan CRITICS' PICKS: Piece of pie, Amanda Berne
  17. Digest: San Francisco Chronicle Wine Digest and 96 Hours section, Friday, September 15, 2006 A new name in Tequila/San Francisco socialite provides the cash; Southern California woman, the image, Linda Murphy THE SIPPING NEWS: DIY WINE / Crashing Crushpad Put your stomp on the harvest at Grgich Fresh tomatoes, even at their peak, can be tough to pair with wine Heads up: The buzz is on about artisan brews ON TAP / Brewphoria in the city Winemakers canned during busy season, Cyril Penn Most wineries still waiting for red grapes to ripen LETTERS TO WINE: 'Winery only' wines aren't always special Spice up Scotch to create a 'gift from God', Gary Regan Recipe: Donata PMERRYVALE VINEYARDS: A working winery in St. Helena attracts out-of-town visitors, Karola Saekel The Cheese Course: An 'extreme cheese' so pungent that it'll curl your tongue, Janet Fletcher BENEFITS Dine out for a cause & Harvest bounty Beyond the labels / Vintner Richard Ward, W. Blake Gray The Chronicle's Wine Selections: Sonoma County Syrah, Lynne Char Bennett Hold the meat -- pass the portobellos, Hold the meat -- pass the portobellos Recipe: Grilled Portobello, Onion & Tomato Sandwich 96 Hours Bargain Bite: Pho Hoa Hung, Carol Ness CRITICS' PICKS: You say tomato - Sweet or sour, take a bite, Amanda Berne RESTAURANT ROUNDUP/Tummy growling? Go ahead, plan your weekend around eating out. Here are recaps of restaurant reviews by Chronicle critics., Miriam Morgan
  18. Digest: San Francisco Chronicle Food Section for Wednesday, September 13, 2006 In search of the transcendent taqueria, Bill Addison Our critic puts 85 beloved Bay Area burrito joints to the test Bottarga captures Bay Area's fancy, Melissa Swanson "Bottarga refers to the cured roe sacs of both gray mullet (bottarga di muggine) and tuna (bottarga di tonno). Gray mullet bottarga, native to Sardinia, is the most prized of the two, with a fine, delicate texture and rich, buttery flavor." Recipe: Salad of Zolfini Beans, Dry-Farmed Tomatoes, Celery & Bottarga THE ROVING FEAST, Marlena Spieler Accents make the world go 'round Recipe: Tomato-Ginger Concasse Pears Poached with Lemongrass & Lime What’s New: Boutique ice cream in Berkeley Le Bistro Elephant Cheese shop adds classes Intense organic caramels Heirloom apple with a blush Taster’s Choice, Carol Ness Two brands tie for best coconut sorbet. THE WORKING COOK, Karola Saekel What about breakfast for dinner? Recipe: Goat Cheese Pizza with Peppers & Artichokes Corn Griddle Cakes with Smoked Salmon, Tomatoes & Cream Dining Out, Karola Saekel The Royal Cafe in Albany is still king of breakfast, lunch and kitsch. Dining Out, Michael Bauer Baker Street Bistro exudes cozy charm. Dining Out, Bill Addison Handsome interior is best thing about Moki's. THE INSIDE SCOOP, Amanda Berne Italian restaurant will occupy former Mission sweet spot...Belden Taverna and Arcadia change concepts...Mama's takes over San Rafael's Pier 15 BENEFITS Fiesta fundraiser...Garden gala...Block party Between Meals, Michael Bauer "Here's a taste of the topics and the conversation that transpires on Michael Bauer's food blog on SFGate"
  19. Well, I blanch watercress then pour sesame oil and soy sauce over it. Everything else I stir-fry in garlic (with the exception of ong choy and amaranth and the like, which I stir-fry in fermented dofu). I heat up the wok pretty high first, though, which helps with the wok-hay flavor.
  20. Hest88

    Roasting a Chicken

    I've settled into using the Zuni Cafe's recipe exclusively now. It's easy, gives me lots of crispy skin the way I like it, and creates a very flavorful bird. Only drawback is having to plan ahead, but I've found that the pre-salting makes quite a big difference to the quality of the breast meat. Dark meat, not so much.)
  21. Not Carrie, but Nellie's is on 3rd, in the warehouse area in West Oakland. There's nothing around there at all. The great thing about the area is that even if the parking lot is full it's easy to get street parking.
  22. Hest88

    Pigs' Feet

    Mmmmm, and what about the classic Chinese new mother recipe for ginger and black vinegar pig's feet? Mmmmm, that pungent, sweet, and slightly tart flavor is so good with the gelatinous trotters.
  23. Digest: San Francisco Chronicle Food Section for Wednesday, August 23, 2006 FEAST OF FIGS, Georgeanne Brennan New crop shows versatility in sweet and savory roles Recipes: Fig & Prosciutto Risotto Grilled Figs Foil-Wrapped Pork Chops with Whole Garlic & Figs Chicken Breast Stuffed with Figs & Goat Cheese Fig, Spinach & Arugula Salad Rosemary-Glazed Figs Fig & Anchovy Salad The dish on figs, Karola Saekel Here are a few ways figs are featured at Bay Area restaurants Figs, plums star in cake, Flo Braker "To pay homage to these deep purple beauties, I've had a delicious time testing and tasting a homey cake that showcases their remarkable color, texture and flavor. Best of all, you need only a single bowl to prepare the batter." Recipe: Prune Plum, Fig & Walnut Kuchen Fresh seafood's the order of the day, Olivia Wu Recipe: Poached Shrimp Cauliflower perfects pasta, Dabney Gough "Named after her husband, Giovanni Scala, the recipe originally comes from Giovanni's mother, who made it in Naples. Although this version varies slightly from the original, which called for onions, anchovies and breadcrumbs, it still captures the classic combination of pan-roasted cauliflower tossed with pasta." Recipe: Pasta alla Gianni What’s New: Spanish Fly Tapas and Wine Bar The Front Porch's pub grub/Caribbean/soul food menu Chez Shea in Half Moon Bay Mijana in Burlingame Potato famine, California style Heritage pork at Bi-Rite Savory shortbread at Miette Benefits Aioli feast, burger for a pint and more! TASTER'S CHOICE, Carol Ness Trader Joe's deemed best uncured bacon Dining Out, Carol Ness Latin flavors, vibe need more pop at La Taza de Cafe Cooks at all levels can profit from 'Kitchen Sense', Karola Saekel "Every few years, a book comes along that offers a unique mixture of tradition and innovation, of creativity and practicality that sets it apart from the hundreds of cookbooks published every year, even the dozens of really good ones." Recipe: Fresh Tuna Casserole
  24. Me too. It's how my parents taught me to stir-fy. Meat and veggies separately then tossed together in the end.
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