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  1. I like it too Lodge, but I use a different model. It has a comfortable shape and it performs its functions well.
  2. I think what I need here is a physicist or chemist who can calculate exactly what is needed for the right experiment.
  3. Maybe it's really useless, but I didn't know that way before. It's interesting, maybe if you work it out right, something awesome will come out of it.
  4. If you're just starting out with these reviews at a more professional wok. You can also find videos on YouTube and try something like that for cooking, as you said earlier. It's okay, my friend learned to play the flute with YouTube and other online lessons, and all for free.
  5. This is awesome! I love the way you made all this.
  6. Daniel-J

    Breakfast 2020!

    Now I have endless ideas for breakfast, thank you all! I don't like fatty food, but it's enough
  7. Tea experiments are great. Sometimes it can make something special and interesting. Be sure to let me know how the experiment will end.
  8. Daniel-J

    Tea Shopping

    I'm lucky, my friend often travels and sends me tea from different countries. It's a pity he can't even go home now, afraid of the virus.
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