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  1. This made me laugh (I'm sure it wasn't funny when it was happening). Wow, sounds like people really do revert back to childhood behavior.
  2. I liked it - must have gravy, though! I saw my grandmother make it, once. (She "retired" early from cooking.)
  3. MokaPot


    IME, some types of mangoes are just better for eating green. Other types are better for eating ripe. Even if that mango were to ripen on your counter, not sure it would be very sweet and delicious. But, might be worth it to experiment with a couple of them. I would just put them on the countertop to ripen. (That has worked for me, but not with mangoes super-under-ripe like what you have.) Looks delicious with those seasonings, BTW.
  4. MokaPot

    Lunch 2021

    @Kim Shook, I grew up eating (and liking) Velveeta. Have you noticed any change in the flavor? IMO, it's different now. I used to make stovetop mac and cheese with it and it's just not the same, IMO. To stay on topic, your Jamaican patties look good. Haven't had a chance to try them yet.
  5. That's a good skill (mask of neutrality), even if you feel different on the inside.
  6. I have a hard time veering from the Pringles sour cream & onion flavor.
  7. I like the Costco quinoa salad. It reminds me of a Greek salad. This is supposed to be an "authentic copycat" recipe of the Costco quinoa salad. (Not sure why the URL has the word chickpea in it; no chickpeas.) https://www.cleaneatingkitchen.com/quinoa-chickpea-salad/ Anyway, maybe you can get some ideas from the ingredients list.
  8. Made more split pea soup. Sounds basic, but it helps to pre-soak the split peas. Used some canned diced tomatoes this time and left out the soyrizo.
  9. MokaPot

    Salad 2016 –

    Garbanzo beans, feta cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Vinegar / Tabasco dressing.
  10. That looks like cut squash (kabocha?) in the foreground. IMO, it's understandable that pre-cut vegetables / fruits would be plastic-wrapped. I'm horrible at picking out stuff like watermelon, so I buy the cut fruit (so I can see the inside). That's always plastic-wrapped. I've seen worse use of plastic, e.g., apples from Costco (packed in those multiple clamshell plastic containers).
  11. IMO, a lot of the meals looked good / tasty enough. I've eaten a lot of cafeteria-type food in my day, so, my expectations are dialed according to that. Maybe @CantCookStillTry's husband is just used to the high quality of what he eats at home. Maybe pack him more shelf-stable snacks? Can he bring in a hot water kettle (for ramen, etc.)?
  12. The strawberry KitKat is supposed to be good. A friend of mine really likes that one.
  13. Why not give it a try? Lots of fish-eating cultures in Asia (e.g., Japan & Korea). I'm guessing the prices are reasonable as well.
  14. @Kim Shook seems like she might have a good recipe for peanut butter cookies ...
  15. Probably carrot cake w/cream cheese frosting. Also, creme brûlée, but I've only made it once.
  16. Reporting back on canned coconut "creams." I tried two different kinds of canned coconut "creams," including the Whole Foods / 365 brand. I didn't notice any difference between these canned coconut creams and the various canned coconut milks I've used in the past. I'm not saying that "coconut cream" and "coconut milk" are the same thing. My conclusion: there's no regulation on what these products are called. It seems like marketing.
  17. I'm more likely making / eating turkey salad sandwich (rather than chicken). I like small dice (maybe 1/4 inch), mixture of white & brown meat (more white), mayo, S&P, celery & onion.
  18. Enchilada sauce and cheese? (I like cheese with pretty much everything.)
  19. I like rice vinegar, but it can be too mild, IME. Maybe use just the plain white vinegar & don't add water?
  20. OK, that answers another question I had. I was wondering whether you were staying at motels / hotels, but didn't want to ask. Maybe some of those places give you some breakfast-type foods in the morning (hard-boiled eggs, bananas, etc.).
  21. I don't really like minty drinks that much. Maybe Bloody Marys with lots of horseradish & nice garnishes (shrimp)?
  22. @Smithy, what did you stuff your peppers with? Pulled pork and something else? It looks like tuna & mayo. I like your jalapeño coring tool.
  23. @Spork, I love road trips. Is your goal to be cooking or assembling your own meals on the road? If it's not too much trouble, can you post photos of what kind of equipment (stove, etc.) you're working with? TIA.
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