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  1. 4 hours ago, gfron1 said:

    Honestly though, you go through so little. You know I'm mixing my own now which really cuts back on costs, but also I've realized that if I cap my airgun gravity feed bowl I used about a third of what I was using with no cap. I'm sure it has to do with airflow.


    Wow I’ve never considered this for some reason! On Instagram I also saw you removed the nozzle piece which I’m going to test out too! Thanks for the tips 😀

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  2. On 8/27/2018 at 7:01 PM, Jim D. said:

    Very witty.


    Story of my life:  Just as I order the material to get into this design, it has become ordinary (and soon passé). Oh well, it will be new to my customers.


    I always try to remind myself not to compare everything I do to the people I follow on Instagram (e.g. Melissa Coppel, Andrey Dubovic) because my customers have certainly never seen the likes of their works and probably never will! It’s okay that the people you follow on social media are creating this design, like you said it will be something brand new for your customers!

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  3. With the help of my wife’s superior photo skills (mine are seriously lacking), I finally feel like I have a showroom finish picture to share!


    The dark bonbons are filled with a dark chocolate coffee ganache and a swirl of vanilla cream white chocolate ganache. The white bonbons are filled with a white chocolate key lime ganache and bottomed with a milk chocolate pecan praline - my version of a key lime pie bonbon! The praline crunch on the key lime pie bonbons were a big hit with many customers since I don’t typically add texture to many of my bonbons.



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  4. @Casey H. welcome to EG! I use Cacao Barry as my source for cocoa butter in the EZ Temper and have found it needed to be set to 33.8 for my needs. I’m sure each unit is just slightly different, but I can’t imagine it would need to go below 33. I also found that a slight bit of melting at the top is not an issue. Once I stir it around a bit it is the correct texture/consistency and tempers properly. Just my experience though and I’m sure @Kerry Beal can answer any technical questions about the machine.

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  5. 8 hours ago, gfron1 said:

    Here are my next two assignments. On one level I don't care what he thinks - these turned out really cool. Maybe not exactly what he had but my temper and shine are perfect and they're still beautiful. On the one on the right I added gold luster to the yellow because I thought it would look good.



    These look fantastic, Rob! You mentioned that you’ll begin mixing your own colors into cocoa butter from now on. Do you mind sharing where you sourced your colorants?

  6. 19 hours ago, keychris said:


    I buy them with skins already removed, saves so much time so worth every cent.


    After trying to skin them myself several times now, I think I’ll take your advice!  I’m too much of a perfectionist and it bothers me when there is a little bit of skin remaining.


    The local grocery stores where I live don’t sell them with skins removed. I guess I’ll have to find a distributor and buy a bigger batch than I need and freeze them.

  7. @Pastrypastmidnight I’ve had this same issue as well. At the chocolate shop where I apprenticed this never happened, but at home it would happen somewhat frequently. The only differences I could come up with were environment related: I switched from glass shelves in the fridge to wire shelving and I cooled the house down to 67-68F (I was working at 70-72F before). Both of these seem to have helped, but for some reason I still occasionally get one or two bonbons that like to stick back to the mold after initially crystallizing!

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  8. On 2/1/2018 at 4:41 PM, pastrygirl said:

    Sooo, I have to take back my mediocre review of the Grex 0.5 and Point Zero 1/5 hp compressor combo.  The last few times I used them, getting color on the  mold was super slow - I even filmed one to share with y'all but it took so long that I ran out of storage on my phone.  I wasn't even sure i wanted to spend time fussing with it today, but I did a little maintenance - pulled out the needle and wiped some gunk off, then clipped the tip that was bent.  And voila!  Plenty of CB coverage in no time.  Vastly faster.  Clean tools - who knew? xD  (Usually I'm very clean in the kitchen, but i had not been taking the airbrush apart between uses, only rinsing with hot water.)


    @pastrygirl did you have to make any modifications at all to the compressor, or is it pretty much plug and play?


    Would you recommend the compressor if I needed to spray 8-12 molds at a time?

  9. 1 hour ago, dhardy123 said:

    I want to practice some spraying techniques as well as some ideas I have...I was thinking of just using candy melts as I practice. Will they function the same way as couverture in regards to the spraying and releasing from polycarbonate molds?


    Or is there another way to practice?


    @dhardy123 I’m not sure about your question on candy melts, however, if your goal is to work with couverture in the future I would highly recommend practicing with it. It’s not a problem to practice spraying, molding the shell, and melting the chocolate back down to to use again. This way you get practice with decoration techniques and tempering/molding technique as well. Both will take time to master so why not work on them at the same time? My 2 cents.

  10. How thick are your bars? They look pretty thick in these pictures. The thicker the bar the more difficult it is to get a perfect temper.


    Does your new fridge have wire shelving or solid shelving (eg glass shelves)? If your shelves are solid, the heat may not have a place to escape.


    Also, do you have any air circulation in your refrigerator? I’d attempt to add a fan to see if increased air circulation helps.

  11. I’d like to continue the discussion on this thread.  I’m looking to add a little extra to my chocolate bar packaging and slide a sleeve over the poly bag, like in this photo by David Chow.


    Does anyone have recommendations on who might provide this type of custom packaging?




  12. 15 hours ago, Bentley said:

    OK I think I am going to get an EZtemper as a gift to myself.  My wife won't let me put a bank of Selmi machines in the kitchen, so this maybe the next best thing.  I think I would do a lot more chocolate work if I didn't have to spend so much time tempering chocolate.  I always put off making chocolates because I have to temper chocolate for the shell, then temper a different chocolate for the filling, then retemper the first chocolate for capping.    So much time just spent pushing chocolate around the marble.  Not to mention the mess I alsways seem to make putting it back in the bowl.


    @Bentley Did you pull these thoughts right out of my brain?!  I just ordered the EZ Temper on Monday because I was tired of the fuss of tempering by hand as well.  After tempering with MyCryo a few times it makes tempering by hand a real drag. Can’t wait for the machine to arrive next week!


    And as always, @Kerry Beal is amazing and responded to me within minutes of inquiring. Thanks Kerry, you rock!

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