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  1. How thick are your bars? They look pretty thick in these pictures. The thicker the bar the more difficult it is to get a perfect temper. Does your new fridge have wire shelving or solid shelving (eg glass shelves)? If your shelves are solid, the heat may not have a place to escape. Also, do you have any air circulation in your refrigerator? I’d attempt to add a fan to see if increased air circulation helps.
  2. Packaging for Chocolate Bars

    @pastrygirl thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check out those sites. My bars are 3” x 6 1/8”.
  3. Packaging for Chocolate Bars

    I’d like to continue the discussion on this thread. I’m looking to add a little extra to my chocolate bar packaging and slide a sleeve over the poly bag, like in this photo by David Chow. Does anyone have recommendations on who might provide this type of custom packaging?
  4. @Bentley Did you pull these thoughts right out of my brain?! I just ordered the EZ Temper on Monday because I was tired of the fuss of tempering by hand as well. After tempering with MyCryo a few times it makes tempering by hand a real drag. Can’t wait for the machine to arrive next week! And as always, @Kerry Beal is amazing and responded to me within minutes of inquiring. Thanks Kerry, you rock!
  5. How to recreate these chocolates

    @LePetitPrince i was just looking at a couple of pictures with this same effect and wondering how it was done. My only idea is the same one you had, must involve some alcohol or something.
  6. @docjavadude @cakewalk have either of you had a chance to taste test the Gold Medal brand? I'm interested to hear your experience!
  7. Quality Cocoa Butter

    Has anyone used bulk apothecary for CB? They provided a certificate of analysis to me a few months ago, but I've been skeptical to try it out and haven't needed to order any recently. They have a deodorized kosher food grade product according to the documentation.
  8. @pastryani I bought all 3 because that's what I read online in a few places. I haven't attempted to mix and match the different parts, so I'm not sure if you could get away with only 1 or 2 of them.
  9. @pastryani I got the accessories from the MerriArtist website since they were somewhat close - they're located in Oregon and I'm in Washington. Here's a list of what I ordered (about $30): I-602-1 Nozzle Cap .5mm I-604-1 Fluid Nozzle 0.5 I-617-1 Fluid Needle 0.5 mm
  10. Wholesaling your wares

    For those of you wholesaling your wares or selling on consignment, do you need any special permit or license to do so? I was pondering this sales channel as well and want to make sure I know all the hoops that must be jumped through.
  11. @pastryani I received the .5mm accessories and tried them out last weekend. Now, the only airbrush I've ever used is the Iwata, so that's my only frame of reference. But, spraying was SIGNIFICANTLY faster than with the default configuration (0.35mm). I think it took me between 1-2 minute per mold to backspray all cavities with white cocoa butter. I was pleased with the results and will likely stick with this airbrush until I open up my own business and production demands necessitate a more efficient airbrush. Edit: Im not sure what model the compressor is since I'm not the owner (I'm apprenticing), but it looks like an ancient Jun Air.
  12. Alright, anyone have ideas on the technique for this design?
  13. @pastryani I've got the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS and it's a 0.35mm. Takes a long time to back each cavity with color, especially if you are doing more than 10 molds at one time (my finger gets tired!). I just ordered a 0.5mm needle/nozzle/nozzle cap last night after reading these comments. I'll let you know if that speeds things up.
  14. Good lesson learned from recent experience (whoops!) is to place your acid solution in the center of your frame when making Pate de Fruit. This way you never forget to whisk it in prior to pouring the mixture into your frame.
  15. How about for those folks who paint a lot of molds with colored cocoa butter. Do you clean off the mold before capping? If so, is there a quick and easy way to clean as you go or do you wait until you're done with all colors and scrap it off?