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  1. Meltaways

    Oh sorry...where in Ontario are you?
  2. Meltaways

    a few years ago I picked up some heart silicon molds at Ikea that would probably work
  3. Meltaways

    Yes it came right out with no issues
  4. Meltaways

    I have done both dipped and icing sugar coated meltaways. When dipped it really takes away the meltaway feeling as you have a crunchy outer shell of chocolate. I have also used frames but now use a silicon square insert to make them. No leaks and I only need to cut in 1 direction.
  5. Meltaways

    I bought a big bucket of coconut oil from Costco. It was deodorized and worked perfectly for me.
  6. @Jim D. I see you piped your marshmallow. How did you finally decide to do it?
  7. @curls Thanks! I will buy one and see if I can get perfect dots on my molds using CCB
  8. Yes I did use it for most of them. For the raspberry I placed a piping tip in each cavity and gave a quick spray of white with the gun inside the piping tip
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bcut3OVlh7A/ Does anyone know what tool he is using to make the black dots on the umbrella mold (about 20 seconds in)?
  10. My Christmas collection Top Row (L to R) : Caramel and Peanut Praline, Cherry and Pistachio, Peppermint Crunchy Middle Row (L to R): Wildflower Honey, Hazelnut Praline Rock, Passionfruit Banana and Praline Bottom Row (L to R): Raspberry Orange, Apricot Dulcey, Dipped Salted Butter Caramel
  11. I have a similar? problem. I am not sure what caused this today? I sprayed the mold half with bronze and half with black. I then sprayed white CB over the entire mold. Why did I get this problem? Was the CB too hot? I polished the molds with Everclear and then with a dry cotton ball. Any ideas?
  12. I can't remember the recipe I used, but I had some leftover Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough that I used in a truffle (no eggs and heat treated flour) that I threw in the oven to see what would happen. They baked up incredibly thin and lacey. They were perfectly flat except where the chocolate chips were
  13. Yes I didn't want to waste good chocolates while I just practiced and played around. I know I can re-use the real chocolate but I find if I use a lot of white cocoa butter it definitely lightens the color of the chocolate
  14. I want to practice some spraying techniques as well as some ideas I have...I was thinking of just using candy melts as I practice. Will they function the same way as couverture in regards to the spraying and releasing from polycarbonate molds? Or is there another way to practice?