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  1. I'm thinking that he has a chablon the same size as his mold. He makes a thin layer and adorns it with nuts/etc on top. Once firm, he inverts it into his mold. You can kind of see this extra layer in this picture:
  2. Melissa also does an Apricot bonbon which I have used Dulcey in. You could try that with the Cacao Barry
  3. dhardy123

    Candy cane in ganache?

    Thanks, that was what I figured would happen. How about in a meltaway? That's just chocolate and coconut oil and peppermint extract. Would it stay crunchy?
  4. dhardy123

    Candy cane in ganache?

    Hi I know that a crunchy cookie needs to have a barrier between itself and a ganache but has anyone ever tried putting small candy cane pieces in a ganache and will they just become soft and chewy or stay crunchy?
  5. dhardy123

    Confectionery school

    Yes there are a lot of good techniques but don't only watch the bonbon videos. Some of the other videos use chocolate as decoration, etc and you can pick up some pointers from them as well. I remember one video where the chef demonstrates the toothbrush technique on a chocolate garnish.
  6. dhardy123

    Pecan pie Bonbon

    OK I finally found Melissa's recipe: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8v1-LGO6c8UanNFX3pVMnBHYm8/view
  7. dhardy123

    Pecan pie Bonbon

    I cant find Melissa's recipe Did you see this? https://www.cacao-barry.com/en-CA/chocolate-recipe/899/pecan-pie
  8. dhardy123

    Pecan pie Bonbon

    Melissa Coppel has a pecan pie bonbon you could use for inspiration
  9. dhardy123

    Working Surface for Chocolates

    I once went to a marble store and asked if they had any throw away pieces. I had my choice of many sink sized cutouts (and broken pieces large and small) and none of it cost me a dime. Worth a try
  10. dhardy123

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Are you using your Grex for the yellow spots?
  11. The inside of a Payday: BTW there is a copycat recipe out there that uses peanut butter chips, marshmallow and condensed milk...never tried it though
  12. dhardy123

    Water Ganache

    Here is a recipe from one of the Chocolatiers at William Curley: https://www.worldchocolatemasters.com/recipes/1585
  13. Yes he just dipped the head in. I couldn’t tell if he lowered the pressure. It is part of the online series. He actually made a large white chocolate egg, unmolded it, splattered it and then used his finger to do a light painting of a different CCB. He then filled the egg with mousse and sorbet. It was for a plated dessert but still the idea looked intriguing and I may also try it this weekend
  14. Jim I was watching a video on Savour tonight where the chef did a splatter on some eggs. He simply dipped his airbrush into the CCB and did a quick spray. He did not put any CCB in the cup. It is something worth trying