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  1. They don't make it easy, but here is the latest chart: https://www.my-vb.com/sites/default/files/2019-03/TM_Chocolaterie_TAB08G-A_EN 2018-mail_0.pdf
  2. I have used Francisco Migoya's recipe a few times. For normal eclairs, he suggests to pipe out long strands of eclairs, freeze them and cut them to size. https://www.saint-honore.me/blog/eclairs-pate-a-choux He has other examples of choux on his blog as spheres and discs
  3. Although I've never tried silicone molds for caramels, Kriss Harvey uses these molds for caramel and PDFs: https://darkcitymolds.com/collections/all-silicone-molds I also think Ruth uses silicone molds for caramel
  4. I'm sorry to see this late but I do have Cedric Grolet's recipe for this (in French) if you are still interested. EDIT: Oops I tried to delete this message. I do not have the recipe for his Pomme Tatin. The recipe is for the Pommes Aneth: https://www.academiedugout.fr/recettes/tartelettes-pomme-aneth_11704_2
  5. Savour school just did a video about this. She uses gold metallic powder mixed with 100% alcohol to spray the mold. Then she sprays a thin layer of cocao butter once the alcohol has evaporated.
  6. I made a cherry cheesecake ice cream that tasted very good. You basically bake a cheesecake and then blend it in with your base. I got the recipe from the book "Salt and Straw Ice Cream"
  7. The guitar sheets from Chocolat Chocolat are 80 microns
  8. I'm thinking that he has a chablon the same size as his mold. He makes a thin layer and adorns it with nuts/etc on top. Once firm, he inverts it into his mold. You can kind of see this extra layer in this picture:
  9. Melissa also does an Apricot bonbon which I have used Dulcey in. You could try that with the Cacao Barry
  10. Thanks, that was what I figured would happen. How about in a meltaway? That's just chocolate and coconut oil and peppermint extract. Would it stay crunchy?
  11. Hi I know that a crunchy cookie needs to have a barrier between itself and a ganache but has anyone ever tried putting small candy cane pieces in a ganache and will they just become soft and chewy or stay crunchy?
  12. Yes there are a lot of good techniques but don't only watch the bonbon videos. Some of the other videos use chocolate as decoration, etc and you can pick up some pointers from them as well. I remember one video where the chef demonstrates the toothbrush technique on a chocolate garnish.
  13. OK I finally found Melissa's recipe: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8v1-LGO6c8UanNFX3pVMnBHYm8/view
  14. I cant find Melissa's recipe Did you see this? https://www.cacao-barry.com/en-CA/chocolate-recipe/899/pecan-pie
  15. Melissa Coppel has a pecan pie bonbon you could use for inspiration
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