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  1. dhardy123

    Working Surface for Chocolates

    I once went to a marble store and asked if they had any throw away pieces. I had my choice of many sink sized cutouts (and broken pieces large and small) and none of it cost me a dime. Worth a try
  2. dhardy123

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Are you using your Grex for the yellow spots?
  3. The inside of a Payday: BTW there is a copycat recipe out there that uses peanut butter chips, marshmallow and condensed milk...never tried it though
  4. dhardy123

    Water Ganache

    Here is a recipe from one of the Chocolatiers at William Curley: https://www.worldchocolatemasters.com/recipes/1585
  5. Yes he just dipped the head in. I couldn’t tell if he lowered the pressure. It is part of the online series. He actually made a large white chocolate egg, unmolded it, splattered it and then used his finger to do a light painting of a different CCB. He then filled the egg with mousse and sorbet. It was for a plated dessert but still the idea looked intriguing and I may also try it this weekend
  6. Jim I was watching a video on Savour tonight where the chef did a splatter on some eggs. He simply dipped his airbrush into the CCB and did a quick spray. He did not put any CCB in the cup. It is something worth trying
  7. Yep you were right! (ignore the 5 small dots. They were from a light) Thanks
  8. dhardy123


    Oh sorry...where in Ontario are you?
  9. dhardy123


    a few years ago I picked up some heart silicon molds at Ikea that would probably work
  10. dhardy123


    Yes it came right out with no issues
  11. dhardy123


    I have done both dipped and icing sugar coated meltaways. When dipped it really takes away the meltaway feeling as you have a crunchy outer shell of chocolate. I have also used frames but now use a silicon square insert to make them. No leaks and I only need to cut in 1 direction.
  12. dhardy123


    I bought a big bucket of coconut oil from Costco. It was deodorized and worked perfectly for me.
  13. @Jim D. I see you piped your marshmallow. How did you finally decide to do it?