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  1. Hi Chris, Nothing special done at all. Dough was proofed free-form on a baking sheet. The cast iron pot was pre-heated during the loading temperature warm up (250c) and the oven is a simple Samsung fan oven run at convection (no fan) at 230c. Lid on for 30 mins then 10 mins lid off. Hotter temps seem to burn the top of the bread slightly - and I'll admit to not having calibrated the oven.
  2. My attempt last night. Was too late to taste as I finished about 2am but my wife said it was good for her breakfast.
  3. Today’s effort came out amazing. Baked in the pot from cold.
  4. Bizarrely having waited over a year for these, I feel funny to open the box. Might wait till Friday when I have the day off so I can really savour the experience.
  5. Looks really good. I should get my books tomorrow or Tuesday and can’t wait to get stuck in. Although a diet of mostly bread won’t be so good...
  6. Second attempt looks a bit better. Mixed by machine initially, oven at 235c and used removed the tray of water at vent time.
  7. Experimenting with my Bread Machine

    It looks cool! How did it taste?
  8. Came out ok-ish. Crust a little dark but nice and crispy. Ran the oven at 245c no fan and a tray of ice in the bottom. Vented at 20 mins and baked for a further 15. Left to cool and then enjoyed for dinner. Will try again tomorrow with machine mixing.
  9. Poolish looking good. Flour, water and yeast (mixed) and water and salt (mixed) and combined for shaggy mass.
  10. I’ve started. Poolish on the go. Doves organic strong white bread flour and Doves active yeast. Unfiltered cold tap water.
  11. Hi folks, I'm going to tackle this over the weekend, but will probably make the poolish this evening. Just so I'm sure - it's 0.16g of yeast? Doesn't sound like very much. Thanks, Eric