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  1. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Oregano, cheddar and paprika bread. 20 mins steam at 220, 15 mins no steam at 200. Looks spot on.
  2. Inspired from last weekends Babka, I've made a cinnamon filling and going to make something akin to cinnamon rolls.
  3. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Foil on top sounds like an idea, although I weary of too much faffing. Maybe at the venting stage. Maybe drop the temps and bake a bit longer too. Still, trial and improvement is the way.
  4. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Looking a little bit better, although I suspect the breads are a bit tall for the oven and getting too close to the top heating element. Temps are out a bit too - measured 245c with a temp set at 220c.
  5. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Clearly underbaked but the outside is quite good. The machine works just need to do with tune process with it. As an aside, using this thing, I've microwaved left over curry and baked up some frozen flat bread for dinner
  6. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Not great
  7. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Ok...I need to calibrate the oven. 220c, 20 mins steam and 5 mins (wanted 10 mins but the top was looking a bit too dark). Another attempt tomorrow... Oh and internal temp was 40ish measured with thermapen.
  8. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Right, first test will be MB lean french bread. Poolish is started so we'll see how we go tomorrow. Will probably bake a single 1kg loaf in my perforated tin and see what happens.
  9. Panasonic Steam Oven

    I've only run the clean program so far before I test drive it over the weekend. From what I understand, each function can run in sequence rather than in parallel. It certainly appears to be all 4 functions; it is definitely a microwave (no turntable), oven, grill and steamer. Manual describes using the grill and microwave in stages, or including the steam function but not the oven.
  10. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Yes, through Amazon UK. I imagine being Panasonic it'll be a global product.
  11. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Can't get the Cuisinart in the UK sadly otherwise I would have.
  12. I know that feeling. I think they just taste yuk.
  13. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Are you thinking of getting one? Would be interesting to see if there are other owners of this machine here. I came across it while looking for a countertop steam oven on Amazon. Bought it when it was on offer from £350 down to £300.
  14. Panasonic Steam Oven

    I don't think so. Might make coffee though ;-)
  15. Panasonic Steam Oven

    Not yet - probably not till the weekend now, but yes, it seems you can do all kinds of combination cooking which could be fun.