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  1. Those are what I have although I haven't tasted them as such. I'll take a photo when I use them next.
  2. The black cardamom thing is curious - I was just looking at Kenji's Khao Soi recipe which asks for black cardamom (Thai) and then states that there are two types - one with a white outer and black seeds and one as per in this thread. https://www.templeofthai.com/food/spices/cardamom-3101000344.php
  3. Beautiful looking loaf @JoNorvelleWalker - I find the same issue with mixing speeds using my Kenwood mixer - but in the end a bit of trial and improvement seems to get there. I tend to mix on speed min or 1 initially before autolysis, then take it to 3 or 4 for the final mix and mix for maybe 5 mins until it looks like a good stretchy mass.
  4. I have everything that anyone could buy me with a reasonable price! Otherwise it would be a Thermomix, Vacuum Chamber machine and a Polyscience Control Freak. Perhaps they will be presents from myself one day.
  5. Hung Lay is another paste I have seen (I think I have a packet at home). The first time I tried Khao Soi was a cooking class in Bangkok, and then only in one other restaurant in Bangkok too. My own efforts at home using both the ready mix and Kenji's recipe which I did think was very close to both the Thailand versions I tried.
  6. Khao Soi is one of the finest things I have ever eaten. It does not, however, use red or yellow curry paste (the paste is yellow however). Kenji has a recipe for the paste on Serious Eats, and there is a branded Khao Soi seasoning made by Lobo but that's a dry powder mix.
  7. I shouldn't have seen this.....£1200 in the UK. And I want one. Even though I definitely don't need it!
  8. Good days baking. French lean baked in a Pullman and shokupan made as a tear and share. Shokupan was amazing eaten hot from the oven!
  9. I made it. Dough was difficult to handle so I used 500g tins. Didn't have pearl sugar so dried some simple syrup in the oven and crushed as a substitute.
  10. Anyone going to try the Portuguese Sweet Bread? http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/portuguese-sweet-bread/
  11. Shokupan. Little bit of work to make the gelatinised rice beforehand as I had to grind the rice first but great rise, nice light texture. Made fab french toast for breakfast. Pretty nice toasted with butter or in a sandwich with cheese and ham. Will make some burger buns next.time.
  12. Had a go at the Ciabatta. Didn't have malt syrup so used honey instead. The dough was so wet it had to be poured into the tin (no way it would have worked on a sheet). Overnight proove in the garage and baked this morning. Not as airy as Ciabatta I've bought but tasted amazing toasted with butter and fois gras for lunch.
  13. 2nd attempt at Babka but with Nutella this time. Much better!
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