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  1. Looking forward to it! I just couldn't hold out any longer and now I can't wait to play...!
  2. Thank you for this!
  3. Thank you for doing this, Liamsaunt... I am in the frozen tundra right now and will live vicariously through your blog!
  4. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    No, you're NOT a horrible person...or I am, too. I love Black Forest ham and Finlandia swiss sandwiches. When times have been tough I've been sure to fit the things I love into my existing food budget, as I'm sure you do. Life is too short to not enjoy the things we love.
  5. Actually, it's any submarine sandwich. Most pizza places offer pizza and grinders which are hot or cold. I am blessed with some excellent pizza and grinders in central New England!
  6. That's disgusting. I love me some good nachos, and that ain't it!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving, a day late, to you as well, Nancy! I am grateful that you are sharing your adventures and am so impressed with your cooking and meals!
  8. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
  9. Thank you so much, you two!
  10. A base used for chopping herbs or vegetables with a curved blade?
  11. It does, but I pat the dough balls down a little bit for even cooking. If you want to split them, it's better to do it while they're still a bit doughy in the middle, and then you can get them as soft or as crispy as you want them to be. I have to make these soon - they are so delicious!
  12. My ex MIL makes toutons (as I do now), only we split them with 2 forks after they've been fried on each side, fry the insides and serve with real maple syrup (or Aunt Jemima's if you're said ex MIL) and butter if you're really decadent.