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  1. And in absolute terms vis-a-vis weight loss/gain, completely untrue. I thought about it, and I should have said that the source of calories matters. Actually, I think that the word Calorie -- a unit of heat to raise water one degree (or whatever), has little meaning in this debate. But if you intake 500 "calories" of bacon, compared with 500 "calories" of steamed broccoli, your body will process and store it differently. The bacon will have more of an "adverse" effect in terms of putting on weight. So, I agree that 500 calories is 500 calories and if you burn 500 calories of one thing its the same as buring 500 calories of another. But there is indeed a difference in how quickly/efficienty the calories of one type of food and "burned off" compared to another type of food. Some foods energy will more quickly be used while other food enery is more likely to be stored as fat. This is what the atkin's diet is based on. "Now, Atkins has more or less proved that red meat is not the evil it was made out to be." I wouldn't say that at all, but perhaps his diet has shown that it doesn't necessarily may you fat. And as for a Fat Tax, how about the alternative thin tax credit.
  2. I tend to eat "european style". I think I started some time in grade school after my mom said something. Anyway, every year at thanksgiving I usually sit next to the same cousin, and every year he says to me, "are you left handed?" and I say no. So, maybe you're kids will be given a hard time, but its probably not too big a deal. Just thell them that they know better.
  3. wow. that was a great piece (of course they all are). I've been eagerly anticipating to this one. After reading the lead in on the main page, I was pretty worried and kept thinking how could this have happened. I"m glad it worked out, congratulations.
  4. mjc


    Google asks "Did you mean ganja?" I suspect you already know ganja and that it's not on the menu at WD-50. Gianduja, on the other hand, is chocolate and ground nuts, usually hazelnuts. Guanaja is a chocolate from valrhona edited--so know one would know what the next post was about.
  5. thanks for the report night. Those sound excellent. Did you fill your molds to the top? (Oddly, I've found sometimes, where I fill the molds to influences whether they rise or don't.) How much would you say they shrank? Did your second bach rise taller than the molds? I am looking foward to see where your experiments take you. Also looking forward to finishing up finals, so I can give the recipe a try.
  6. mjc


    how do you make a length wise hole through the entire thing?
  7. there is a website, but there are no menus
  8. mjc


    thanks. I think its probably just the mildew, but maybe I'll replace it with another one. Its not that big yet. As for recipes, I suggest Veal Saltimbocca, it requires sage and is excellent, especially the way the make it at Lupa (in NYC). Here is the recipe
  9. mjc


    In a related topic. My sage plant has white spots all over it, is this normal? Well if not normal is it still ok to eat it? thanks.
  10. mjc

    Bread on the Grill

    I agree make small loaved. Also try using a higher temp. Last time I grilled bread I did it over very hot coals and cooked it on each side for only 3 or so minutes. It came out very nicely browned and crisp.
  11. mjc

    Bread on the Grill

    I've grilled bread on the grill quite a number of times. I usually do it to make sandwhiches (Cosi style). I knead the dough out to about 3/8 to 1/4 inch. Then I just throw it on the grill and cook it for a few minutes on each side. I've done it on coals and gas and it works really well. It gets crisp and puffy. Sometimes I rub some oil on it, some times I coat it with herbs. good luck.
  12. My space in the dorm is pretty small too, but I've expaned my pantry out of the kitchen into the living room. I don't know if these are must have's but I find these items pretty handy to have around. Right now I've got: Salt (kosher, regular, coarse sea, fine sea, and fleur de sel) Pepper Dry Spices (a bunch) Oils: canola, grapeseed, EVOO, peanut, toasted sesame, white truffle Vinegars (balsamic, white wine, red wine, champagne, sherry, taragon, rice (seasoned and unseasoned) Mirin Soy Sauce Teriyaki Sauce Nori wasabi (in tube) Cans of San Marzano Plum Tomatoes Dry Chile Peppers Dry Chipolte Dry Porcini Capers (in salt) Roasted Red Peppers (in jar) Red Peppers in Vinegar artichoke hearts (in can) Sugars (granulated, in the raw, 10X, light brown) Flour Nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, pine) Liquor for cooking (red, white, marsala wine, dry sherry, vermouth, brandy, cognac, etc) Rice (wild, basmati, sushi, forbidden) pasta (all kinds) bread crumbs chicken broth fish sauce (that stinks) sesame seeds (black and white) honey and a whole bunch of more baking stuff
  13. mjc

    "Dry" butter

    I would guess its related to what I said in my first post, about the flour and butter being similar consistencies. Is that right?
  14. The big difference between Payard's Canneles and Balthazar's is the color and texture on the outside. Payards are almost black (or a very dark caramel color) and very crisp while balthazar's are a much ligher brown and not as crisp. Both are quite delicious though. Its been quite a few months since I last compared them, but I believe that Payard's tend to be slightly more custardy on the inside. Also suprisingly the ones at payard a a quarter cheaper. I always guessed that bathazar made theirs is silicon and payard in metal, because when I make them in the copper molds my results are much more similar to payard's, but thats just pure speculation.
  15. Are there differences between a cannele that you would get here in US from payard, la brea, or even balthazar (there is a clear difference between balthazar and payard actually), compared to what you would find in Bordeaux. P.S.. I really liked your article Paula and will try your recipe. I also agree with the use of a convection oven, I've gotten a much better cannele when using professional convection oven than from my regular oven at home.
  16. mjc

    "Dry" butter

    clearly they don't teach us enough about butter in medical school.
  17. mjc

    "Dry" butter

    I looked up the recipe for puff pastry in a bunch of books (friberg, herme, MacLauchlan, torres). It looks to me like dry butter is butter that has had a small amount of flour worked into it. This is done so that the dough and butter have the "same consistency" and temperature (according to friberg) when you work them together. It looks like a good ratio for mixing the flour and butter is about 1 part flour to 4 parts butter. Friberg Mixes: 1990 g butter with 5g salt, 3 T lemon juice, and 510 g bread flour. MacLauchlan does 510g butter, 140 g flour, 1 t brandy. Torres freezes his butter, but does not mix in flour.
  18. thanks everyone. It was pretty humid in my place, so that was a problem. I tried putting one batch in the oven at 200 and left the other out by a cool fan. The one in the oven did dry a little faster.
  19. Does anyone know if you can make candied orange peel dry faster? Maybe put them in the oven? thanks.
  20. mjc


    I went this past weekend with my parents. They had a great selection of sandwhiches (I'm sorry I gave the menu away to a friend). I had pork, coppa, and a spicy pepper relish on grilled bread which was very good. My mother had a simple chicken, mozzarella, roasted pepper, pesto on grilled bread. And my father turkey with onion relish, bacon, and avocado on a grilled ciabatta roll. The place was pretty cool, but it does seem rather expensive. Most of the sandwhiches were about 9 bucks. In craft bar you get a sandwhich for 10 with service. Also you we got was our sandwhiches on this big empty plate. It would feel like a better value with some greens, or maybe some freshly made chips. Rachel-the place is just east of craftbar.
  21. The reason that you rewarm it, is because it can become to thick to work with after the cooling. If its in a state that works for you, then you don't have to rewarm it.
  22. Check with the butcher at Fowler's. They always told me they could get me whatever I wanted. you can order it online somwhere like this.
  23. certainly yes. i'm suprised they let you buy soda at that age
  24. I think it does taste different (though plenty of people here at school make fun of me for that). Like S'kat said its very smooth. Its hard to describe, it sort of has "no taste"-- I find it very clean and pure. And it definetly has no aftertaste at all.
  25. Its amazing isnt it? yeah I love it.
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