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  1. its been awhile since I had it, but I remember the paper to really be just like a piece of heavy paper. To me, it even kind of looked like the "homemade paper" we made in elementary school, but thinner. It definetly had a slight crunch, but I believe it did indeed sort of melt in your mouth. Here's a link to when I wrote about my meal there. Link. I really enjoyed the desserts very much.
  2. good question ted, Sorry I don't have the answer, but I've been meaning to ask the same thing since I had them at WD50.
  3. mjc


    unfortunately not in the new book.
  4. mjc


    sherry yard as a recipe for a non-spit version in her new book.
  5. since the french book is about 400 pages, and the two books together is only 540 pages. I'm guessing you have to buy both if you want the photos.
  6. Hi Ms. Burros, thanks for joining us on Egullet. I have a couple of questions about your position as interim reviewer. You recently gave Bread Tribecca and Casa Mono 2 stars. It seems to me that these are traditionally restaurants that would receive no stars or not even be reviewed (they are in the 25 and under category?). Did you decide to review these or were they assigned to you? Do you know what criteria is used to decided which restaurants are up for stars and which are not? Does who the chef is matter? Also 2 stars seem like quite a high rating for these restaurants. Blue Hill and Mix are also 2 star restaurants. Do you consider Bread and Casa Mono to be an equivalent dining experience to these other 2 stars? Also, how do you think your focus/criteria different from other NYT reviewers? Sorry for so many questions. Thanks for your answers.
  7. does everyone really think she gave it the proper number of stars? Haven't been yet, but from what I understand, I thought 0 would have been more appropriate.
  8. I bought this one at Sams Club in Westchester, they cell the same thing at costco too. rack
  9. mjc

    Dutch Ovens

    urghhhhhh!!! thank gawd I have a sister who lives in NYC and expects me to cook for her, now all I need to do is to make her believe that I can only cook out of LC and nothing else! I don't think that broadway panhandler is going to be the prices of this site provided by formerly grueldelux upthread. I ordered one from here last week and it arrived this morning. Can't wait to use it.
  10. mjc

    Vanilla Beans

    check out this thread for a few tips. Making Vanilla Extract Thread
  11. Welcome to egullet Bill. Thanks for the tips, I used ring molds too, but I don't think that I baked the cakes to the right color/firmness. I'll definetly try again soon. Lesley, check out the archives of the times and try Bill's lemon cake.
  12. Bill Yosses gave me the recipe for that cake last year and it came out ok (everyone loved it), but not the same as the way it does in the restaurant. When he makes it, its really great. I recall his being a lot firmer than what I ended up with when I tried. I had problems with unmolding it and it collapsing too, but it was definetly molten.
  13. Both Esca, Casa Mono, and Otto have 2 NY times stars. Babbo has 3 and Lupa gets none (since Eric Asimov wrote about it). Based on the recent trend in reviewing (and the quality of Lupa) it seems like Mario deserves 2 more stars.
  14. mjc

    Dutch Ovens

    thanks for that link. I ordered one.
  15. Did you as Dom about where he learned to make pizza?
  16. mjc


    I also have a bron. I almost always use the guard. The only time I don't use the guard is when I'm cutting something too large for it. And in that case, by hands are far away from the blade. I'd like to be a surgeon someday, so I figure I should try my best to keep my finger tips intact.
  17. I was also struck by the macaroons, they look perfect. How'd you do that?
  18. very cool stuff night. Thanks for sharing it.
  19. I'd realy like to join you folks for this one, but I've got to much studying to do. Hopefully next time. I think though that you should definetly get your round pizza plain. I've had his artichoke pizza and it is excellent, but I think for a first experience you've got to go with plain. Also I wanted to say that part of what makes DiFaras so great is the whole experience. You walk into the place and it looks like a dump, but on the walls are all these articels about how great it is. Then there's dominick who appears to be a real artisan with passionate for what he does. I think that the reason he only makes one at a time (or so it seems), is that because he wants you to eat his pizza in its perfect form, fresh from the oven.
  20. mjc


    I was there a couple of months ago when the Times first wrote about it, I posted here: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...86&hl=chanoodle
  21. mjc

    Wild Boar

    are you going to use all that boar?
  22. I think that the best croissant that you can find in NYC is in Brooklyn at Jacques Torres shop. His pan chocolate is especially notable.
  23. Robert Wolke has a small section on how grits are made in his book What Einstein told his cook (pp.120-121). According to him There are a number of chemicals that you can use to process corn to "extract" the hominy. Originally Lye was used which was potasium carbonate derived from wood ash. He says that today, lye referes to to sodium hydroxide which is very toxic. Lime is yet another agent, which is calcium carbonate, which is obtained by boiling limestone or seashells.
  24. mjc

    Blue Smoke

    you should try the pulled pork, its really good-very smoky and moist. I think its the best that i've had.
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