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  1. Dried little fish out of a paper bag from the Russian store in Holon, Israel washed down with the Israel equivalent of Everclear ie. grain alcohol.
  2. Perhaps find a way to get club member feedback, of course in a way that wouldn't inconvience them and just do a twist on those. For instance, I am making this up on the top of my head--say they dug something you made like banana bread, make bannabread sorbet...Do you keep a spreadsheet of what you have cooked?
  3. The way I look at it is "barbeque" is either the food or the cooking technique. A BBQ would be what we Southerners, or at least in my circle of friends in Raleigh call a "cookout." Otherwise, I'd say it is akin to writing Xmas or even worse "nite" or "thru." I would never say "I am going to a barbeque at Varmit's." I'd say "I'm going to a cookout at Varmit's" That of course would be if he was serving anything but barbeque. In that case, I'd say "I'm going to a pig pickin' at Varmit's" and this would be regardless if there was an actual pig or just trays of barbeque.
  4. I was thinking the other day of local foods that I have yet to try, and liver mush came to mind. In fact, I really haven't noticed it since I moved away from Western NC. Can anyone give me the low-down on the mushy stuff? Is it more of a sausagey taste? I've always seen it with the sausage in a square pack.
  5. I have an inking why both went defunct--two things come to mind: (don't eat and read) Burger King-My mother, who was G-d bless her, known as the "diet nazi" in my family went there on a regular basis to have her "diet" salad--until she had a run-in with a man who was clipping his fingernails in the vicinity of said bar. Wendy's--there was one with a "superbar" near this telephone boiler room I worked at in college. Well let's just say that the clientel there left much to be desired and it was not uncommon for people to, excuse the pun, go hog wild and/or steal food even if they were just getting a hamburger. Basically I think the cleanliness factor coupled with the high volume and potential for theivery was not worth their while. Sure these are issues at other salad bars, but this is my best guess.
  6. Oh Daniel I was going to post about Israeli breakfasts but you got ahead of me. My first stint in Israel on a Kibbutz I was your typical ugly American wondering why the hell I was eating salad for breakfast..a few days later I was converted: "salat" of tomatoes (the best in the world i am certain),cucumbers (beautifully unwaxed), with some lemon juice and olive oil, various cheeses hard and soft, yogurt (which i can't comment on as it on of the lone foods I abhor), pita, olives and olives and more olives..eggs, which I loved with the Israeli spicy condiment Shug (Zhug). Oh and turkish coffee...fly me home...
  7. ditsydine

    Ways to eat grits

    Oh, the shame... I do have packets of instant cheese-flavored grits in my pantry that date from my daughter's brief infatuation with same last year. Hmm, maybe I should clean out my pantry. ← It is awful isn't it..I've even doctored them up with ketchup! I am so going to food hell!
  8. ditsydine

    Ways to eat grits

    The way I look at it is if the grits contain anything that is solid i.e. meat, fish then go for the fork. As noted above, if served with eggs, go for the fork--I like when the yolk of my sunny side up egg sort of blends in, and hell I sort of like when the ketchup on my plate slides on over as well. If the grits are served in a bowl as a side, I'd still use my fork. Now if I fix them for myself, its usually in a bowl with butter, salt, pepper, and if I have any around-some cheddar cheese--the bowl equal spoon to me. I tend to crave grits when i have a sore throat, or dare I say, a hangover. Oh yes, some Texas Pete or Tabasco. Hell, I've used salsa before--but that is a more at home, I'm broke sort of affair. I've never been a sweet tooth, but I know people who use butter and salt. I say the best way to approach grits is consider them redneck polenta! (note: I'll refrain from dicussing my packets of instant grits I keep in my office desk--cheese flavored, bacon flavored)
  9. Thanks! Where is my prize?! Seriously, I was a tad scared because well I often get people expecting that I speak Spanish, which I don't and that is a whole other thread and forum. Meanwhile, I had done enough research that I knew that I was not ordering tripe or tongue (I'm not that hardcore yet). Yes those tacos off the "roach coach" rocked. I know that area, so thank you for telling me about it. I recall seeing a Mexican bakery near that area, by Wal-Mart. I am anxious to try the stuff there as my experience with Mexican baked goods has been not good; the equivalent of Mexican Little Debbies--I do love that all the gas stations around here have new things to try out. To think just 12 years ago my poor sister had to wear a ahem "mexican" dress at Chi-Chis.
  10. Closes early. My friend and I walked in right at 8 and the guy at the counter said the kitchen was closed.
  11. I was going to post a taco question till I saw this thread. I ate my first "real" taco off a taco truck that sits at the Indoor Flea Market on Capital Blvd. I was a bit intimidated at first, but holy sh*t, I am now a taco addict. Little did I know that if I looked hard at the menus when I got dragged to the sterotypical Triangle "combo" Mexican places I could find some damn good tacos, carnitas are my fave. Los Trasaderoes on Avent Ferry (near the Food Lion) has some killer ones. Anyway, if anyone can direct me to a good taqueria in the vincity of Crabtree & Creedmoor and also in and around Harrison Blvd in Cary or in Morrisville I'd be so appreciative.
  12. According to our server at Nana's on Saturday, 6/18, Scott is now affiliated only with Nana's. Server said Scott felt that he was being stretched too thin...duh...so he pulled completely out of all the other places: N's Chophouse, Q-shacks, etc. Indeed, we saw Scott scurry through the dining room at one point. ← I am actually glad to hear he did that. I heard that a few weeks ago via a mutal friend. The Chop House was a big dissapointment for me. I love the Q-Shack, but beforewarned the one of Hillsborough St. apparently closes early in the summer.
  13. As far as the baby back ribs I think one of the things you pointed out about them being PORK CHOPS (I feel so had!), I would think is that they'd be cheaper (I don't buy a lot of meat for myself, so if I am wrong, do tell)and possibly previously thrown away. Secondly, I think their popularity has come from the bottom up via chain joints like Chili's which advertises their baby backs heavily. So all said, I guess the "ribs" are about as real as the fingers chickens never had. What drives me nuts is when a dish or ingredient gets so popular and/or common it gets dumbed down to the point its not recognizable, or so far from its point of origin. Chipotles seem to be the ingredient to bastardize this year, upsurping dried tomatoes and pesto (and I know I've skipped a decade)
  14. Thanks everyone for all off your feedback! I have learned more than I originally expected. The whole chopstick/spoon thread now explains to me why the place setting included chopsticks and a spoon that had a paper cover, which I just assumed was to show it was santiary (lol--like a toilet)! Sadly, I do not live in the DC Metro area, but I will check out the few Korean places in my neck of the woods (Raleigh, NC) now that I have a bit more of a clue! J
  15. Last night a friend and I had a wonderful Korean meal in Centreville, VA (sorry I forgot the name of the place), but both being novices to Korean food we were unsure if we were to eat the all the various Kimchee that came out prior to our meal (I had Bimbimbap, my friend just boring Chicken Teriayki) or with our meal. Our seats didn't give us a view of the other diners, and the waitstaff were very much overwhelmed as the place was crowded. Thanks in advance! (oops I meant "dining"_-can't edit topic title!)
  16. I am sort of mixed on the buffet thing. I rarely do it, as I do tend to over eat and ultimately regret the whole experience. Sure I *could* control myself. Probably the most vile buffets are pizza buffets. I've never gone to one of these on my own accord, usually its been with a co-worker. Unless you get a slice of the pie the minute its set out on the counter--forget about it--and then people are like vultures. Some friends of mine swear by the buffet at the "Golden Corral" aka "the Feedbag" as the ultimate hangover cure. Of course they are all 6_ft tall males with enormous appetites. As previous people have mentioned, Indian buffets are generally good. The Chinese buffets I've encountered are usually pretty hardcore--each one boasting more items than anther "Kung Pao Chicken AND Chicken Fingers and Mussels AND Jalepeno Poppers."
  17. ditsydine


    I bought a bag full of shallots at an asian grocery store the other day because it was such a good deal. Now what the hell do I do with them?
  18. Wait wait wait! I had boiled peanuts at the flea market at the fairgrounds right before the fair. They tasted wonderful. This vendor was outside, past where the pets used to be--sort of the area between the hardcore vendors and the more garage sale folks..if that helps. You may have trouble with that, Victor. North Carolina isn't really in the boiled-peanut belt. You'll have to get closer to South Carolina for that. Generally (and all food regions are always general), the boiled peanut zone is Alabama, North Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. North Carolina is where you're more likely to find what we call "parched" peanuts, which are more like roasted peanuts. ←
  19. A friend is coming to visit me her in Raleigh from San Jose. She has told me, dispite my arguing, that she wants to treat me to a nice meal at a "nice" restaurant as right now I have champage taste and a beer budget. Normally my first instinct would to go shelp to Durham to go to Nana's (my fave), but I want to stay in Raleigh. My first choice was Vin, but then someone else suggested Bistro 607 (did I get the number wrong), but then I thought of a friend's ex who cooked there and who was the worst cook ever (at home at least) and then I thought about Bloomsberry Bistro. Note it would be on a Friday or Sat night and I am low-carbing it. Any thoughts? My friend is not a big foodie, but she always eats at cool places in SF.
  20. Now that we have determined hot pepper jelly is not just a Southern phenonmenon. How about this hors de'ourve I often see @ Xmas parties and was given as an office xmas gift---hot pepper jelly poured over a block of cream cheese and served with crackers. I'm in NC
  21. Everyone thank you for your wonderful links and resources! Cheers!
  22. This is semi off topic, but i just had a vivid memory of my family in Zabars @ the deli case. I was intriqued by the salamis lined up on the counter, so I decided to touch one. Much to the counterman's chagrin and my parents embarrasment the salami tumbled into a whole tray of rice pudding! Living in the South I do not have the luxury of going to said stores. There are a few pockets of hope, but its never the same. Oh would I love some eggs and salami right now! Thanks for your reply Mimi!
  23. I've been put to task by a friend to find some local wine tastings and/or wine classes in the Raleigh area. She and I both want to hone our novice palates. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Mimi I have adored your writing for eons. I am curious as to if you see that the old school tradition of Jewish "appetizing" will stick around, or are we destined to a world full of doughy bagels and bland lox?
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