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  1. My hands down favorite martini in the triangle is the rockford. to be specific a dirty kettle one martini. Another great place that is off of glenwood, but more hidden is havana deluxe.
  2. i used to work for AMEX eons ago, I find it highly laughable that they are using him to taut their product, when hell he can't pay his cooks, how the hell is he going to pay his bills.
  3. yikes i wished that i had read this post sooner. if you can get to Greensboro (very close to high-point) Check out Beef Burger, Hable's Hearth and Stameys BBQ
  4. worst meals.. -a couple I am good friends with fancy themselves good cooks, and most of the time they are, but they eat like birds. me and another friend have started having a meal prior to being invited to their house. the never seem to have enough, but always seem full. they are cheapskates on top of it. So, anyway, the worst thing this friend made though was a potato salad where the potatos were mostly raw. I was so damn hungry, I ate some against better judgement. -last night, a friend of mine who is normally a damn good cook, but is one of the school of stoned cookery i.e. lots of odd concoctions that sound good to her when she is high. Usually she errs on the side of decadent, but last night. She filled my plate with ziti cooked with vinegar,cabbage,onions, and tomatos and something that tasted nutty. It was awful and sour and yucko. the funny thing is I grew up eating true american-italian food, but I have always had this fasination with "white" cookery--especially spaghetti that was sweet with ground beef mushed it. I know its bad. But I love it.
  5. This thread is simutaneously cracking me up and making me sad at the same time. Charlotte, as far as I am concerned is part of South Carolina. Seriously, if you live in the Triangle, how many people do you meet who want to move to Charlottle or even from there. I have the closed minded opinon that Charlotte is a city full of rich rednecks and more mullet's per capita for the entire state. Ok, enough Charlotte bashing...it is actually cooler than I say. I am talking from a rock snob's point of view. I am sad b/c when posed with this question, I can not think of one stinking catagory R-town would excel in food. Nothing is 1/2 assed, service is usually great...considering how much the city has grown in the past 10 years, I think we're doing pretty good. Now if people would just open some offices downtown vs. going out to the wasteland, we'd be alright. On a positive note, we are getting that Andy Griffith statue.
  6. all this with or without tehina hummus made me think of the worst hummus atrocity I ever saw committed--a neighbor in college, a very nice hippie with a thick jersey accent was leaving his apt with a bowl that reeked of garlic. He told me he was on is way to a Dead show.and he was bringing hummus he made along for the ride. He opened the bowl, it was bright orange and, mind you I love garlic, but a super pungent garlic smell. He told me that the orange stuff was CARRROTS!. I decided it was no time to argue with him about hummus and left him on his merry way. all I could think about that day was a bunch of people stuck in a hot car with that faux hummus reeking from NC to NY!
  7. just yesterday i ate a hardboiled egg dipped in chili garlic sauce (not the sriachca), but a similar one (I put shiracha on bananas all the time) then some halava (halawa) followed by my ghetto quesodilla-some shredded kraft cheese on a torillia nuked for 40 sec and I wondered why i woke up in apin.
  8. So Simple Spaghetti With Clam Sauce Serves 4 as Main Dish. This is one of those easy recipes that can make you look like a fab cook in less than ten minutes. In memory of mother this mother's day, I decided to whip up this pantry staple that was passed on to her from her mother, and on to me. Note: I am certain this would be amazing with fresh clams, but then, well it wouldn't be easy. Being single, and apt to having food go bad before I eat it, I have used a few convience items that can be replaced by the real deal. Lastly, its so flexible. Tweak it to your delight. Lastly, the main secret is to put a couple of spoonfulls of the water the pasta cooked in, into the sauce before pouring over the pasta. 1 bunch fresh parsley T red pepper flakes good extra virgin olive oil minced garlic (i use the pre-chopped, but of course fresh is better) 1 small can minced clams lb spaghetti or angel hair pasta Chop about 1/2 bunch of parsley. I don't use the stems. While pasta is cooking, brown garlic (at least two tablespoons, but this is at your discretion) in as many glugs of good olive oil to cover the bottom of a large saute pan, on high heat brown the garlic until it starts to turn golden, empty in can of clams including juice (i find a small can is plenty, but play around with larger quantities, but probably not a whole lot of the clam juice if you use the larger can), add red pepper (note I do not measure so once again, put as much to your liking). This sauce will reduce pretty quickly, so lower the heat to low. Before draining the pasta put in a couple of tablespoons of the pasta water into the sauce and stir. Drain pasta and place in a large bowl. Dump sauce on pasta and mix in. Add chopped parsley and mix in. Mix well because the clams like to fall to the bottom of the bowl. Serve with parmesean or romano cheese if you like, its great without it. Bread and pasta, some vino and you're set enjoy! Keywords: Pasta, Main Dish, Seafood, Easy, Dinner, Italian ( RG483 )
  9. All this talk about the listerine strips reminded me of a couple of months ago, I had left a pack in my car where they all melted together. I was in a situation of immediate need of minty fresh breath, so I put the wad in my mouth. Now I can handle some pretty hot food, but holy sh*t! the entire melted wad of breath strips stuck to the roof of my mouth. Sheer agony. I am an idiot. On the same tip, the Altoids strips come in the coolest lil' can, damn if they don't come flying out of the box & they don't pack the punch a real altoids can give you. The following is really not relevant, but what the hell.. I was at the drug store the other day on line, and these two teenage girls, who I wanted to say, "hey girls, do you want a sweater" (I am not a fuddy duddy, hell I'm only in my 30s, but damn) anyway, they were buying some candy that came in a paint can. And the girl was going "and like they have vanilla, and strawberry, and chocolate, and grape, and mystery. " "Mystery? Then she went on an on how sour was the only one, and it dawned on me that all the candy markets towards the kiddie set are sour. What gives?? Totally unrelated, the girls went on bantering back and forth and then as they were leaving one of them screetches at the other, "well at least I didn't suck my best friend's boyfriend's ANKLE for an hour." I cracked up, the kid at the register looked like he needed to go get a cold shower and the man behind me looked like he was going to run home his teen porn collection. Sour candys, trashy teens.
  10. Actually ate late night @ 5 Star this past weekend, its a great option for post-drinking (or whilst drinking) grub. They're dumplings rock and my friend had some yummy grean beans. The dance floor was jumping.
  11. Also if pick up a copy of the Independent http://www.indyweek.com, and if you can find it, a copy of the much newer Lather to see what's going on about town..or also triangle.com If your veggie co-worker is the kind of vegitarian who expects the dinner to be planned around them, instead of vice versa (argh!) Irregardless in Raleigh has a good rep for vegiarian meals (as well as meat), and I enjoy their brunch.
  12. I might be wrong, but I think the steakhouse will be closer to 5 Star and that area. I definitely think Raleigh needs more non-chain steak houses.. I'm so happy my city is growing up. sniff.
  13. my cravings always seem to begin on the sentimential/nostalgia bent-- i'll crave good ol jewish 'appetizing" and devour pickled herring and bagels and lox with onions and scallion cream cheese--SALT! Matzo Brie comes to mind as well. I swear its like I have a tapeworm that time of the month, i can just eat and eat and eat--fast food is very danergous--everyhitng from burgers, hot dogs.. cheese lots of cheese. and then what I've deemed PMS mix, which is just bulk trail mix with sesame sticks and m&m's sweet and salty is the key.
  14. you guys are absolutely right about going there for downhome items & they seem to have the best assortment of mexican groceries, then I'd say Kroger. Did any of you venture into that budget supermarket that was on the corner of Atlantic and Spring Forest in Raleigh. I forgot the name, it started with an "S" and they'd have each day stuff like "50% off all meat" the one time I went in, I was the only person in there and it was kind of a bizzaro world atmosphere--yellow and red floor. Dollar General is my new fave place for crap I don't need.
  15. ditsydine


    Nana's is wonderful, and Scott and staff have been consisteny friendly and kind to my family. My mother, who has now passed on adored Nana's and scott. Oftentimes, he'd send out an item not on the menu just for her, or a special cake. Have any of you tried his new BBQ place that is nearby? Also he is opening another restaurant in Raleigh.
  16. -peas and carrots, who the hell came up with this awful mixture. I like peas, I like carrots, but not peas and carrots. -fat free italian dressing--i can handle most other versions, but the italian versions where the dehydrated specks of peppers floating in their congegled bath. Yuck -hot dogs that are bright red and stain the bun. I can occassionly get one down if it covered with enough toppings.. -Cheap American Cheese. Ok, I know its so uncool to like American Cheese, and all american cheese is cheap, but I do like it toasted on bread, but I bought some 99 cent version one time, not knowing that it had no milk whatsoever in it when i was a poor college student ( i am now a poor professional) and it would not melt. I recall biting into a sandwhich that tasted like I had chewed up a '45.
  17. ::shudder:: Olive loaf and Miracle Whip sandwiches. On Pepperidge Farm white bread. Just about any sandwich was disgusting by the time it had been a locker for 4-5 hours. I too grew up with olive loaf and chicken roll sandwiches, though I think mine were on white bread and guldens..this was until my family moved to NC...somewhere along the line my lunches brought me grief. I will never forget being picked on for having a sandwhich on a bagel (this was bou 1979, there were no bagels in the mountains of NC, and they were schlepped by relatives in their luggage). "Donut Sandwhich! Ew!!!" My mother, may she rest in peace, always sent me to school with a dry sandwich. I think in retrospect it was a pain in the ass to pack my lunch, but she never put enough mustard on it. Never mayo. Meanwhile, I was often envious of my school mates pimento cheese sandwhichs and little debbie cakes why I had to eat my dry tuna sandwhich with an apple ( my mom was always on a diet, therefore so was I). Matzo sandwhiches-you guys covered that all. See above bagel comment and insert "Cracker Sandwhich! Ewww!" Of course now, I'd kill for my mom's dry sandwhichs, as she is gone & she was a kick ass cook outside of the lunchbox.
  18. I can't lie, I hate Food Lion. I find their stores dirty, I don't trust their meat, I went one summer to get a canteloupe and they didn't even carry them (they weren't out,) oh yeah, one near me in college had all the produce shrink wrapped--it was a bad neighborhood, but it seemed kind of racist as one a couple of blocks up didn't. Anyway, this is not a Food LionThread, really, but I did find myself in one last weekend, as there are times one wants to shop without having to remove one's self from where they already are (Dollar General lol--I love that place!) I got the urge to eat sherbet (world's worst word to pronouce), for some bizzaro reason--and there in the case, they had Cheerwine as well as SunDrop Sherbet!!!!! Not only was this the quinessential Food LIon product, but definitely an only in the south item. Imagined punchbowls full of Hawaiian punch, Sundrop sherbet, and 7-up at a baby shower. I had to buy some. I must say I like the Sundrop version better "With Sundrop Concentrate,' but the Cheerwine is not so shabby.
  19. Zeb--props to your wife, I appreciate a person who is moved to write a letter, a lot of people bitch and moan about stuff and don't take action. Good Asian food is hard to come by in the triangle, that is for sure. Afterr my post I heard good things about Shabu-Shabu and then Duck and Dumping. My family is insistent upon taking me, so I'll report back in a few weeks with my review. OT, but btw I was talking to an editor of the Independent this weekend, they informed me that they dont' have restaurant reviews b/c the publisher does not want to lose advertisers. How annoying.
  20. thanks for your reply varmit. i'm heading there this weekend. on the same tip, what's the scoopl on Cody's Chinese on Glenwood
  21. I was making a left hand turn into my office park when I see this tour bus with a big yellow blob headed my way. I had to see what it was, the cars int he lane behind me were honking, but I didn't care. Then it passed, it was the Peepmobile, or the Peepbus--it was decorated with picture all types of Peeps and then the lovely big ass yellow peep on top! It made my day, only the Weiner mobile might make me smile more. i have this sick peep thing where i eat them with a diet coke. something about the extra carbonaiton in diet coke and the sugar! Of course, I didn't grow up celebrating easter (well we did for a couple of years until it was decided we couldn't celebrate every holiday) so there is the extra special *bad* element in there.
  22. (note:newbie here, I promise I did a search) Has anyone tried Duck and Dumpling and Shabu Shabu in Raleigh? I'm getting ready to try both in the next couple of weeks. A friend of mine was excited about Shabu Shabu not about the food,but they had "Catholic School Girl Night" for said waitresses! Guys! Granted he was a bit tispy when he told me this and god knows the source of his info..lol!
  23. What about Southern food combos: A bag of salted peanuts poured into a bottle of Pepsi (NC!) (which would, as someone mentioned be a Coke (GA!) pronounced "Cake") Salt on watermelon And the quinesstential southern breakfast on the go, a RC Cola and a Moonpie! Other things, I read all the posts please forgive me if I repeated Hushpuppies-& hush puppies dipped in butter (YUMMMMM!) Texas Pete (who harkens from Winston Salem, not from Texas) and especially the Texas Pete that is the little green peppers with vinegar that you must splash on your greens @ the K &W! (or @ least I do) Krispy Kreme (Yet, another NC invention!!) and I must add that we all go to cook-outs, not barbeques!
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