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  1. Green Chilli Pickle, Lemon Pickle, Garlic Pickle and my most favorite Mango Pickle.
  2. Rice and Rajnmah Dal. It is my favourite food for Lucnh that i ate in India. It is north Indian Dish.
  3. ericparkr

    Onions with ... ?

    Use onions with Lady Finger Vegetable. When You cook lady finger, put the fresh choped onion and cook onion for sometime with vegetable. It's delicious and it's a new combination.
  4. ericparkr

    Breakfast! 2013

    Egg Sandwich with milk or Juice..........
  5. I prefer coffee instead of tea. Cappuccino is my favorite coffee. I prefer ginger tea if i have no option other than coffee.
  6. Milk with brown bread and some nuts and fruits. It's the best breakfast for me.
  7. I do not cook Indian food. But i taste rajmah chawal and madhra (special dish in Kangra Daam). Both are amazing and much delicious. I loved both. When I will come to India, I surely taste these two recipes.
  8. The Taste of Bread by Raymond Calvel.
  9. The flavour of watermelon radish is mild, only little spicy with almond-sweet notes.
  10. The Bread Baker's Apprentice- Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread by Peter Reinhart
  11. The Complete book of Vegetables- The Ultimate Guide to Growing, Cooking and Eating Vegetables by Matthew Biggs..
  12. Eater's Fall Cookbook - the best American cook book..
  13. 2 in a day. One with breakfast and one around 4:00 pm..
  14. The pull of that elusive reservation at the hot new restaurant and double the sweet and fatty decadence of a well-made dessert- Combine the two food emotions and you’ve got the Cronut.
  15. A great book, "Root to Stalk Cooking- The Art of Using the Whole Vegetable" by Tara Duggan
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