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  1. Green Chilli Pickle, Lemon Pickle, Garlic Pickle and my most favorite Mango Pickle.
  2. Rice and Rajnmah Dal. It is my favourite food for Lucnh that i ate in India. It is north Indian Dish.
  3. ericparkr

    Onions with ... ?

    Use onions with Lady Finger Vegetable. When You cook lady finger, put the fresh choped onion and cook onion for sometime with vegetable. It's delicious and it's a new combination.
  4. ericparkr

    Breakfast! 2013

    Egg Sandwich with milk or Juice..........
  5. I prefer coffee instead of tea. Cappuccino is my favorite coffee. I prefer ginger tea if i have no option other than coffee.
  6. Milk with brown bread and some nuts and fruits. It's the best breakfast for me.
  7. I do not cook Indian food. But i taste rajmah chawal and madhra (special dish in Kangra Daam). Both are amazing and much delicious. I loved both. When I will come to India, I surely taste these two recipes.
  8. The Taste of Bread by Raymond Calvel.
  9. The flavour of watermelon radish is mild, only little spicy with almond-sweet notes.
  10. The Bread Baker's Apprentice- Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread by Peter Reinhart
  11. The Complete book of Vegetables- The Ultimate Guide to Growing, Cooking and Eating Vegetables by Matthew Biggs..
  12. Eater's Fall Cookbook - the best American cook book..
  13. 2 in a day. One with breakfast and one around 4:00 pm..
  14. The pull of that elusive reservation at the hot new restaurant and double the sweet and fatty decadence of a well-made dessert- Combine the two food emotions and you’ve got the Cronut.
  15. A great book, "Root to Stalk Cooking- The Art of Using the Whole Vegetable" by Tara Duggan
  16. The 2013 Report on Savory Cookies and Crackers: World Market Segmentation book "Flatbreads and Flavor " by Alford and Duguid.
  17. Gold Peak Iced Tea.. Try this. It contains phosphoric acid.
  18. Great coffee from the Chiapas region of Mexico..
  19. It's sarson da saag not saay. It's the most delicious and tatsy food of the North India. Specially it's the traditional dish of Punjab. It is served with butter and maize chappati (makki ki roti). It is cooked by chooping the mustard green and then boil in pressure cooker for some time and then you can use maize flour for making thick it and then after cooked by using onions that must be in large quntaity as compared to other dishes and other ingredients like jeera, daniya, chilly powder (indian names) etc. according to your taste.
  20. Never store flavored or scented teas together or near other foods, as tea readily absorbs other flavors and odors. Separate each type of tea, storing black, green, herbal, or scented teas separately, in their own air-tight containers. For the best quality and flavor, tea experts recommend that tea be used within six months to one year. Green teas, white, and yellow teas lose their freshness faster than black or oolong teas.
  21. ericparkr

    Bubble Tea

    At Bubble Tea Cafe we can “Freeze Your Bubble”, which is similar to a smoothie OR we can ”Shake Your Bubble” , served shaken over ice.
  22. ericparkr

    Salty Snacks

    Lays and noodles.....
  23. That's right. In my ice cream I always use milk, a little less than half of fat cream, sugar, glucose syrup and egg yolks, I find that it works well in the right proportions.
  24. Not all the nutrients are lost while cooking. Some essential nutrients that are required by our body are still retained in the cooked soup.
  25. This type of kids discount can never be possible in case of restaurant...
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