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  1. I'd rather employ crack baby rhesus monkeys than alcoholics--not to dispute Zen master Tony. Having been close to the edge of alcoholic madness myself, and having watched my mother bleed out before my eyes from cirrohsis, and having to deal with drunk fuckers for years on end has shaded my perspective. Yeah, I still toss the occasional brewsky at my boys for job well done but under no circumstances will I allow a cook to come to work drunk or on his/her way. Totally hypocritcal, I know, since I got on a soap box about pot (grey area), but I know from first hand experience that nothing goo
  2. Apples to oranges. If the cook who's cooking my food has just puffed tuff I'm not going to feel the same way I'd feel if my surgeon did right before an op. There's a little more breathing room in the cooking profession. What I continually have problems with are the crackheads. Crack undoubtedly has no place in the kitchen. Fire, knives, rock cocaine?
  3. I'm with you Katherine...Maybe a little fresh tarragon on a special occasion but yeah, just plain butter is the way to go.
  4. Yeah, I tell you what. The idea of putting the cracklin' in with the meat was beautiful. Really made me want to come through the tv. I could just taste it. That's the one thing I think Memphis barbeque is missing---texture. Yum.
  5. You sound like the producer manager I knew who basically said he wouldn't interfere with a client if he knew that client had a drug problem because "he might screw up the chemistry" the guy had in making hit records. That "client" was in and out of rehab 3 or 4 times before he finally gave up the blow and alcohol for what looks like for good. I don't care whether someone is snorting or shooting the GNP of Peru or Mexico, as long as he or she is not fucking up, ruining product, and making me hip to it. As Malachi posted above, yes, this profession attracts a certain kind of person, and I'm one
  6. Hey Tony, the BBQ show should have been a square not a triangle. Memphis? Come on. Oh fuck, I'm actually defending this city. Maybe I do have a heart. Good show though. I've shared a pit with guys like that many a time.
  7. Blah. Too easy. I thought you were smarter than that.
  8. Invento...I like you dude. But quoting some Brillat Savarin for this modern quandry is like masturbating with a condom on to me. Bullshit's a word, not skewed logic. I find fault with the intellectualizations not the sentiment. When I smoked weed I made my best food.
  9. The naive are congregating around some intellectual stance against drugs in the kitchen, and I for one would like to slice a piece of my mind off for your utter disgust. Please fill us with your disposable wisdoms and then step back from yourself and realize that you haven't a clue what you're talking about. Like when I ramble endlessly about pine, not knowing whether it really adds to the food, you anti drug SS are potentially way off base. Yeah, if you're shooting heroin in the lockeroom before a shift I agree, it's time for rehab and a sabbatical in the professional institution of your c
  10. you know you're making headway when you get KIMWB fired up. congratulations on this great post. i hand any credibility i had over to you malachi.
  11. Next to Bourdain's publishing gem, I give this post of the year status. Awesome work.
  12. Bourdain, the king of culinary testosterone junkies.
  13. Well Bux, if this is another Spencer is bashing the French thing again I beg your pardon. I just purchased The Apprentice today and find it fascinating already. The war stories are compelling, his maman was quite the hero and of course his father... I hadn't read a lick of the book when I made the overediting comment. I was referring to the fact that a lot of French write like they talk--which in English could make for some grammatical inconsistencies. Like read the intro. to Perrier's cookbook Le Bec Fin recipes. It's written exactly like he talks--and I find that entertaining because it
  14. Oh shit Tony, another testerone jacked trench monkey seems to have found a home. I say welcome.
  15. The difference is what separates a chef from a fucking kitchen manager. I'm with you invento...
  16. i agree. on a related note, thomas keller reportedly doesn't even taste his food. that, i never quite understood. perhaps just hype? [i'm guessing there will be some mis-directed pro-keller tirade on the way which will have little to do with this comment.] pro-keller tirade.
  17. Spencer, this explains a lot about the content of your posts! Pot makes me a better writer than Proust too. My cooking doesn't suck as bad as my writing...
  18. Every thing I just said was an inflated attempt at trying to be cool.
  19. eGullet thankfully is too cosmo for Memphians...I think they've got better things to do than bust me for smoking weed...Hell, everytime you step out your door there's some crackhead gunning for your wallet with a baseball bat. The Memphis cops don't give a shit about pot, unless you're selling.
  20. Pot makes me a better cook. I'm not afraid to say it right here, in front of the culinary dea/christian cook movement that a couple tokes before a grueling service makes the service a lot more enjoyable. And, I get ALOT more ideas while puffing tuff. Disclaimer...I don't smoke at work, but on the way.
  21. Monica's quite the prolific and talented writer...but she still won't send me a promised copy of one of her books....
  22. Yeah, but don't let your brown nosing turn to meaningless drivel. Genuine enthusiasm is always preferable to a well-rehearsed spiel...sorry dad.
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