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  1. Well I guess you may be on to something then. But I tell you what if Thomas Keller associates himself with Las VEgas I'm quitting the biz and taking up cotton farming. He doesn't strike me (from meeting him) to be a dog and pony show kind of chef. That title is reserved for guys like Todd English and Sirio Maccioni. Keller has been taunting the New York chefs for three years about opening the New York spot but it's not happening at least until 2004--that's on good word from FL staff. With his legs giving out and proported interest in bowing out of the day to day activities of running a kitchen I can't see him selling his ass like that. It'll be a sad day for me. Let's hope if it's true that he reconsiders. He needs to let his brother flounder around and find himself not pull him out of bad situation af ter bad situation.
  2. I was just out at The French Laundry Dec. 3rd and talked to his waiters about the New York outlet....They laughed about it, he doesn't even have the keys to the place yet. His brother already has a restaurant in LV. Joseph Keller is the chef of Josef's Steakhouse. Keller's NOT going to LV in this lifetime.
  3. The thought of Tony Bourdain at El Bulli is like Jim Morrison wandering loaded through Beethoven's garden. There's must see TV.
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