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  1. Paul Prudhomme in my opinion makes the best tasso out there. You can probably figure out how to order it through the web...
  2. Well I think you're kind of missing my point. I'm not saying chefs are bringing forth this great untapped interest in food to light at all. My point, as convoluted as it reads in my posts, quite simply is that, prove me wrong, food is a lot more POP CULTURE today than it was in say 1975--when all fish was cooked on pie plates with clarified butter and served with lemon wedges and oh, the ever so useless purple kale and paprika dust. The advent of the food network, the rise and popularity of the chef as a pop culture icon, and technology and its various forms are the reasons. And I for one d
  3. Well unfortunately, like music, culinary trends progress. But, unlike some of my contemporaries, and running contrary to my own posts, I think the mass marketing of "Food" is beneficial to the soul of the industry. Yeah, I hate Wolfgang Puck, his cookware, his library of books, his stilted gesturing on the show and all of that phony stuff but he's causing folks that might not want to make a demi-glace for fear of getting in over their heads stand up and take notice. The mass marketing of food, did it not, bring us to the forum we're using right this moment--eGullet.com. It's a .com enterpr
  4. I think it's time to let this thread die. What do you say compadres.....
  5. Thanks Bri. I wanted to give Portale a shot. I don't mind the erector set thing if there's some flavor there. It's a shame that some chefs hold garnishing in higher regard than creating a well-conceived melding of flavor and hommage. There's a special place for chefs who use lettuce and wonton papers to finish plates--it's called the early nineties. I'm gonna give it shot Bri. Thanks....
  6. Thanks ML, I don't know what I was thinkin'.
  7. I'm about to embark on a culinary pilgrimmage to NYC. I've got my iterary pretty much set in stone but I''m still wondering whether it's worth it or not to hit Gotham. Can some one fill me in. I need to know whether or not his food has substance or is it just architecture. Gracias....
  8. Man, this guy's smart as shit. Wish us chefs were. .....
  9. Did she ever get "rodgered" in the E-type? Good question....I'd say by the stick up Blackstoke's you know what that he was deficient in the "Rodgering" area. She was probably plucking the butchy Sous Chef if you ask me. I think she levitated precariously close to bisexuality. Something aint right there....But that aside, I say we petition to get that show back on air..., replacing 30 Minute Meals or at least one of Emeril's. I'll organize the effort....
  10. Thanks for that. She was definitely a little on the selfish side but being the wife of a chef is a marathon of missed dinner dates, forgotten anniversaries and bad blood...Well, not always but being the significant other to a chef is tough. I actually felt for his wife, snooty little vixen.....Appreciate it....
  11. Does anyone know if I can get the show CHEF! on videotape. That show was the inspiration behind many a prolonged rant--at the unfortunate expense of my commis and waitstaff. I think in reality I took it a little too far but damn, that was a good show. I'd love to get the whole collection on tape and relieve it all. "....Serious profession...."
  12. I've found even working with highly respected chefs that I get jaded to their cuisine after a while. It's a natural thing I think for creative suboordinates to go through. I'm just having a hard time imagining feeling the same way at TFL. I think I'd probably feel like the luckiest guy around everyday, even if I was laboriously chinoising stocks 24-7. I was in that kitchen this past Dec, posing with Thomas and my girlfriend and there was an electricity in the air that was palpably exciting. The next day we looked into the kitchen through the fence outside and dreamt of being commis. Than
  13. Let's bribe Boudain into spearheading a show called "Real Kitchens, Real Lives." I think the thing would reach No. in a matter of weeks. I mean do people really believe that Tyler Florence ain't gunning for the cute housewives he teaches. We need a revolution. Uh, sorry again. I'm frothing at the mouth...Peace.
  14. I don't think most chefs hate celebrity chefs. I think we hate what they have to mutate into to become a little more "viewer friendly." I mean I bet Emeril's a fun guy to work for and all, but the pro-wrestling posturing, and "barking seal" mentality of his audience is so foreign to the life we know that our immediate response is to belittle the guy. Watch his first show, the one he did back in the late nineties. It was watchable, if not a little painful to view because he was so awkward in front of a camera. We (chefs) could at least relate, put ourselves in his shoes and appreciate that
  15. Everyone wants to ask you, I'm sure, if you have any good "war" stories about working with Thomas Keller. If there's cult figure in professional cooking out there today Thomas would have to be it. Do you have any insider trucs or funny stories to relay to us rabid chefs and cooks? Were you just totally blown away with the guys talent and abilities on a daily basis or did you become so one with his philosophies that you almost took working there for granted (not that I think that's possible). All of us imagine what it'd be like. Maybe you could shed some light? Thanks man.
  16. "Curses like a dream" what kind of analogy is that? I don't how I'd take that one. Maybe curses "well" with "aplomb", maybe curses "eloquently" or how about, "The curses roll of his tongue like the smooth purr of a 67 Mustang eight barrell." Sorry, I'm rambling again. Perhaps I should have said creatively curses? Don't they bleep that kinda stuff out anyways?
  17. "Curses like a dream" what kind of analogy is that? I don't how I'd take that one. Maybe curses "well" with "aplomb", maybe curses "eloquently" or how about, "The curses roll of his tongue like the smooth purr of a 67 Mustang eight barrell." Sorry, I'm rambling again.
  18. The show was great, it was fun watching the people 'kick' and 'punch' you because you pick on Emeril. I hope you have a ball doing these shows, you can't please all the people all the time. One request. PLEASE film an episode at El Bulli!!! El Bulli may prove to be painful for Tony to highlight given his adoration for the guy and Adria's apparent desire to create food that only dweebo lab coat, Transylvannia castle dwelling freaks could fathom. I hear Adria's going through the motions, maybe a false lead. But it'll be interesting to read Bourdain's facial intonations when he let's raw cuttl
  19. Yeah, that'd be too Bourdain. How does it feel to have your last name used as an adjective. That's got be the feeling of arrival........
  20. Well shit Tony, you win some, you lose some. The Crazy Bob "skit" was utterly enjoyable. He reminded me of a former employee, Tim, the drunken lout who liked to pour two cups of canola in a smoking skillet, drop the fish in-making sure to burn his finger tips-- and do the cool chef flip thing--pulling layers of skin off while lighting up the rest of the stove eyes like the oil rigs of Kuwait. He didn't even flinch, pickled creepo. Classic stuff man. Don't mind my cynical jabs anyways. You know I'm a jealous fuck. While you're out there touring the world gratis, meeting everybody who's
  21. I'm usually the first one to jump on the Bourdain bandwagon but the scripted stuff doesn't seem in keeping with his abhorrance of the goofy stuff on Food Network. And when he was in that police station begging for a bone with, "I'm a famous Food Network Personality, you know, No Fish On Monday..." I couldn't help but harken back to the first few chapters of KC and feel embarassed for him. But in the end I guess Tony's right, selling your ass out to the Food Network is better than knocking out Eggs Sardou at Brunch. You gotta do what gotta do. Tony, do me a favor though, when they ask you t
  22. Went to Bistro Jeanty--and it was pretty darned good--save from the monkfish in Bouillabaise broth. Apparently they don't store the fish with as great a care as Thomas Keller. It was a nice bistro type dinner though. Phillipe was on the phone outside the restaurant on a bench arguing with his significant other. Made for a colorful moment. I almost asked for his autograph but said F it. Hit French Laundry...best meal ever. It's hyped to the nines but the guy performs. He looked like death when he made it to our table at 115am. Do try and make it there but save your cash for a couple o
  23. What's wrong with Keller wanting to better the LV cuisine scene? Like he wants to do in NY? I'd admire him for trying. And that fact he helps is brother is really a family issue. Blood is blood, right? I wouldn't fault him for that either. I for one can't wait to get out to LV and partake of all the food, sites, girls, and gambling. I dont think any of these big names are really trying to better the scene. If Keller's going there I think he's seeing green. It'd be nice to think that these guys are trying to make the world a better place to eat but when it's vegas it means only one
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