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  1. Next time I go to Mickey D's I'm going to insist that the "chef" douce my fucking Big Mac with special sauce...then I'm going home to suffocate myself with it, leaving a note that reads "I did it for the confit de canard." I think calling a kitchen manager a chef is shitty...yes, I'm highly emotional, psychotically so perhaps, but this reeks of politcal correctness. Better not offend Mr. Burgerhead manager dude by calling him a kitchen manager. Perhaps I'm the Bill Mahr of the culinary world, sadly unafraid to assert stanky feet into tight asses but we need to move away from the semantic
  2. Gun in mouth...trigger in hand...go ahead, you're almost there...it'll be much better in the next life.
  3. We're all getting stuck up in the semantics swamp. I don't this is very productive. Just condition yourself to accept my posts as fact and move on. Jeeesssshh....
  4. Flat leaf...good for garnishes..window pane potatoes a la Martha Stewart, laying in between two sheets of pasta and running through the machine. We all know that curly parsley is the Shoney's garnish of choice. As far as getting the chloropyll, a la French cooking, curly works just as well, if not better than flat leaf. Chopping for a colorful finish on a plate...if you're using flat leaf I bet you and you're accountant hate each other. Flavor, NO DIFFERENCE...
  5. Oh but Bux, my joyously combative friend, that IS what he's saying. And he's defending his position like he stuck in a foxhole. What he doesn't realize is that his own gun is going to be his undoing. Let's allow him to commit verbal suicide. It's an interesting look into the mind of denial.
  6. You're welcome...but let's digress from this baiting shit... If you graduate from culinary school there's no official recognition in the industry that would automatically deem you a chef. They don't dust Andre Soltner off to award honorary chef titles to graduates. No one says, Congratulations, now you're a chef. Please prove me wrong. Following your logic--using my twisted mind to decipher--theoretically, you could graduate from culinary school and sport the title Grand Pubah of the Cayman Islands. You could call the graduates anything, but since they're in the culinary profession you th
  7. No dude, I realize where I fit into the food chain. On the list of important professions I'd say chef ranks about 10006. No, I'm not going there with you because that was an ignorant statement.
  8. Dead serious, buddy. You know it is possible to have bad chefs. I never said that going to culinary school made anyone a good chef. Bottom line is that it's a professional school just like the other ones mentioned; go to a professional school, graduate, earn the right to be known as a professional in said field of study. Doesn't necessarily mean the person is good at what he/she does, just means they have the right to be known by the title. -Eric * pogophiles point about needing to pass the bar exam to become a lawyer is a valid criticism of my argument, however there are numerous other pr
  9. Wagyu short ribs---the best ever, sear em eat em md. rare...
  10. I won't accept that. I'm right.
  11. I didn't see that Rothman post...He can't believe just cause you graduate from culinary school you're a chef. Tell me he's trying to be funny. Jesus, what a dumb statement.
  12. Master Chef????????????????? I need some advil. I told ya, adjust ritalin dosage...that ought to do the trick. Maybe you'll get creative if you approximate an OD.
  13. My Darth Vader avatar was out of focus. I chose the next best thing.
  14. Horseshit, I'm the poster boy for productive functioning abusers....
  15. God, what a collossal waste of time that would be...I know where he works....
  16. After I was the sous chef for Jose Gutierrez, French Master Chef, getting there from pissant commis status, and seeing how contempuous the chef was for culinary school externs I realized that it wasn't necessary to go to school to call yourself a chef. I'm not by any stretch downplaying culinary school--I just think some people don't need it. I've never had a formal education, neither has Thomas Keller...you don't want to say he's not a chef do you? That's blasphemous.
  17. Agree wholeheartedly...you guys/gals are just a little more sensitive.....
  18. At the risk of sounding like his bestest (sic) sycophantic fan.... I laughed my self into a six pack stomach..."Oral History of The Mellotron Years" Only a mind seriously deprived of oxygen for over thirty minutes somewhere in the adolescent years could come up with something that juicy. I say heroin was a blessing for good old Tony B.
  19. The corporation I work for makes everyone who has to visit the clinic for work related injuries take a piss test. It's a liability issue, one I can deal with, though it makes for some rather slow knife work on my part . If I ran a company I'd want to know if the poissonier seared his face because he was high on weed so I could deflect liability, that's just 1+1=2. But mandatory and random drug testing of cooks, chefs etc. is bullshit, and, as stated here many a time, not cost effective. If my sous chef comes in with dialated pupils, fucks temperatures up, let's the staff get away with cul
  20. Sounds like you're hoping the lighthouse hasn't been swept away too Kim. Is your sailor boy out at sea? Yeah, this is a biased generalization that has little basis in reality, but I can see where it comes from. My marriage broke up due to my passion for the industry, the hours, my constant work talk at home while the babies cried off in the background...The drugs had little effect. If you want Kim, go ahead and start a thread on parental absenteism due to work addiction.
  21. Spence, It's ok to disagree with bourdain. We're all human here. Well, while I do agree with Mr. Bourdain on a lot of things because he did what I'm doing I have no starstruck predisposition to be a Bourdainian sycophant. I'm sure he gets enough of that at book signings and world tours. And, if you read the rest of my post I totally discounted his pot stance due to his celebrity status. If he zings out with some bullshit you can bet I'll jump off the top rope.
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