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  1. The app and the chill to cook functionality of that is impressive. Great idea.
  2. On a serious note, this will be Anova's big test of customer service and public relations. Half a million dollars of pre-orders in 24 hours is pretty serious stuff and people are going to be expecting pretty regular updates on the project's progress. So the boys and girls had better get their iPhones at the ready to start snapping shots of everything they can to keep their followers in the loop. What they need to remember is that Kickstarter is a community and the backers are going to want to be made to feel like part of the team. In the past, more than a few people have expressed disappointment that Anova's communication has not as been as forth coming as it might have been. I hope they haven't bitten off more than they can chew, because it's crunch time now. Me? I'm going to forget about it and be taken half by surprise when a couple of early birthday presents arrive.
  3. Can you link to this? They haven't posted a new blog in months.
  4. Gon' hazard a guess that Serious Eats Staff have more to be thanked for the success of Anova V.1 than anyone on eGullet.
  5. czech your emails: I presume this means colour and voltage and that this is an automatic response.
  6. The 220V and International shipping included sealed the deal for me.
  7. You could buy two for $115 each and get one early if all goes to plan.
  8. Yeah, it went down from 400 to go to nothing pretty quick. Still, The Dev Pack is good value. I hope they'll introduce some cool stretch goals.
  9. Over $100,000. Looks like I have two of these bad boys coming! F*ck yeah! I hope someone at Serious Eats is getting a free device; that's where I saw the news. Quite by chance, I might add. They sold out of their $99 units in the time it took for me to order two.
  10. Yeah, I have two on the way. Two units for $200? Deal.
  11. 4:1 is my jumping on point. Easy to measure too. Try discarding the lemon peel.
  12. I suspect you like Fernet and Cynar more.
  13. I tried Chase Distillery's Beer Mash New Make and thought it had real potential. I can't wait for the aged product.
  14. It is fair to say that as far as "Black Rum" goes, Myers's would be our go to over here. That's not a shame. I'm intrigued to find out what the deal with Blackstrap is, but I'm in no hurry; especially not at £40 a litre. /pragmatism.
  15. These have to be the most expensive homemade drinks I've ever seen...
  16. Misread you; sorry. I prefer Dry to Sapphire, for what it's worth, but like Sapphire just fine at the 47% you lot get it at.
  17. http://www.creamsupplies.co.uk/isi-profi-whip-plus-1l/prod_1868.html?category=485
  18. Ummm... One litre standard iSi.... Hang on.
  19. I saw it in some printed booklet. I may be mistaken, so I'll have a look at work and see if it hasn't gone missing.
  20. I have a One Litre iSi. Worth the money.
  21. Neither are anything like Malacca. Try Hayman's Old Tom
  22. Not an Islay, but Talisker and Soda [Highball] is banging. Those bubbles of smoke and pepper popping under your nose is quite something. Oh and since we're putting our cards on the table, Plantation 3Star is possibly my favourite white rum, Barbados 5 is very sippable for a decent price (And I don't find it sweet) and their Overproof is fantastic also.
  23. According to Appleton literature, White is aged and filtered.
  24. If I act all skeptical, will someone send me free rum?
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