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  1. Thanks very much for that link and ratio, I will be using that when spring hits. Further more, if we are talking about fool proof ratios for newcomers, Boudreau's ratio works Also, dare I ask; dafuq is a Fuzzy Shark?
  2. *Diffords recipe. But yeah, it's a great choice. It has been my favoured ratio since I made my first Daiquiri.
  3. Of course! Sorry, I'mnot very nautical. And yes, it is a good name.
  4. Robert Hess calls a Rum Sidecar an Outrigger, on one of his videos. I can't remember his reasoning, other than "XYZ doesn't sound much like a rum cocktail"
  5. I've made the Flip and Hotel Room Temperature from that series of drinks and they are both great. I like concept drinks.
  6. !!! I can't even imagine what this tastes like. Do tell! Like slightly sweetened, natural yoghurt! I'm going to use it in Alexanders and flips a la Erik: I don't know how I feel about this yoghurt liqueur but I really enjoyed the video. Impeccable technique. That entire series of videos is brilliant. All worth a watch. They are all drinks that Lorincz entered into World Class when he won in 2010. I will make the drink up sometime and see what I reckon.
  7. !!! I can't even imagine what this tastes like. Do tell! Like slightly sweetened, natural yoghurt! I'm going to use it in Alexanders and flips a la Erik: http://youtu.be/hlJOPS8zEZE
  8. I used Morganthaler's recipe and used Spiced Myers's and Oloroso Sherry. Very popular.
  9. Nothing out of the ordinary but I visited the Bulgari Hotel London bar and cigar room and had a fair few Manhattans made with Rittenhouse BIB and Cocchi Turino (Fast overtaking Antica as my favourite sweet vermouth). My first two were with Boker's and my second two (Post cigar) were with Abbott's. Definitely the right order - Abbott's gives the drink a much more digestif quality. Great night. Service was spot on. After I specified my spirits and garnish (orange twist, please) our bartender, Yoaan, had sized me up enough to ask which bitters I preferred and then presented me with three options for glassware. Drinks are served in perfect Charles Schumann Schott Zwiesel glasses.
  10. Since Christmas I have picked up the following: Bols Genever 84 Proof Beefeater 80 Proof Bombay Sapphire 96 Proof Tanqueray No 10. 96 Proof Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur The Sapphire and Tanq' were presents and I didn't ask for the former so I think I have enough to last me forever! Next on my list is a 3 litre whiskey barrel to start my barrel-aged martini experiment.
  11. It's very obviously a giant jelly mould. Ideal for parties of 50 or more children
  12. That's a pretty bro-tastic selection of booze, right there.
  13. This one http://www.ncbe.reading.ac.uk/ncbe/protocols/inajam/pdf/jam01.pdf
  14. Peychaud's would be a better sub than absinthe or pastis in my opinion.
  15. Just made the best Daiqiri I have had in a long time. Havana 3 Lime Golden castor sugar syrup - 2:1 10:3:2 ratio
  16. I don't have a lot of experience with Averna, though will have play if my new place stocks it.
  17. Rittenhouse BIB and 15 ml each of Averna and Martini Rosso, perhaps?
  18. I didn't buy anything, but yesterday my colleagues and I went to visit Sipsmith in Hammersmith, London. They were distilling gin at the time and the room smelt amazing. We got to try all the range including the 2011 Vintage Sloe Gin and Damson Vodka that was bottled only last week. Excuse the cliche arty, but very washed-out photo, I'm still trying to work out how to best use my new camera and it was very dark inside.
  19. I made myself a quick Aviation this afternoon. It's this pink colour as I used Edgerton Pink Gin as I had a miniature from Taste of London Festival. No garnish as my lemons have all been peeled. Edgerton is far from my favourite, but you get a lot of the pomegranate or whatever they say is in it. 8:2:2:1
  20. First time, poster here - I will update my profile at some point - thanks very much for this link, it prove an interesting read.
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