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  1. Did somebody say... http://barfly.clubsuntory.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/MT1-780x576.jpg
  2. I prefer Cherry Marnier, to be honest.
  3. Mate! We serve cocktails in juice boxes! We are not precious at all! I hasten to add, you will get a perfect old fashioned stirred in a Yarai glass and served in a dozen glass on block ice, blah blah blah, but we simply don't have the expertise, space, time or staff to implement a food program yet. We will do it, but in order for it to pay for itself, we need to research it a lot better. I don't see us doing food this side of Christmas. We opened in late May. Add the red tape you have to pass through to get the permission to serve food and at the moment, it's not our time. This side of the pond, you'll get a good cocktail at any Jason Atherton venue, thanks to Gareth Evans as group bar Manager. His restaurants are also very accomplished.
  4. This is basically the reverse of our answer to "why don't you serve food at your bar?"; a question that we are asked regularly.
  5. It is. I'd use Armagnac, but I am out, and the Pisco is fruity enough to not warrant Calvados, or Somerset Cider brandy in our case. Trijol is quite floral.
  6. 1 oz Pisco Pozo Santo 1 oz Cutty Sark 1 oz Maxime Trijol VSOP .25oz Maraschino Luxardo 2 Dashes Bitter Truth Tonic Bitters Grapefruit zest Wow.
  7. Thanks for giving it a try.
  8. It's an old fashioned. I winged it. We had it for breakfast before we opened the doors - the manager is Scottish.
  9. And whilst you're at it, can you let me know your staffing costs and yoy turnover.
  10. Better Together Cutty sark beefeater Scotch heather honey Lavender bitters
  11. In an effort to find more ways to consume bitters, we found that Mini Milk [ice lollies] are lovely with Cynar.
  12. Very impressive, but did you know that Dead Parrot Consultancy is cheaper than you think? Make more drinks, have more time for Flappy Birds and score more telephone numbers with help from Butt-Fun Nowhere's premier wanky cocktail bar!
  13. Appleton 12, you say? [Host's note: this topic has become too large for our servers to handle efficiently. The discussion continues here.]
  14. I have visited Corner Room at least a dozen times over the last two or three years and can barely fault them. Hands down best cooking for the money I've ever had.
  15. I must have been making my martinis wrong.... Whoops.
  16. Four out of seven could accurately identify the aged sample. That's not a good result.
  17. Stream.Videos now released for free online anyway. Crap sound quality. Useless. Do. Not. Buy.
  18. Sugar does tend to make everything taste "better" It's no crime, if you enjoy it. Bianco is a much lighter and more fragrant style,typically. Sweeter, too. Very unlike Americano, though, which is more honeyed and fruity. Get a bottle. Make sure you invest I. A wine vacuum sealer, though.
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