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  1. I'm all over this like fleas on a stray dog. http://www.diffordsguide.com/beer-wine-spirits/spirits/gin-and-juniper-spirits/BWS004619/tanqueray-old-tom-gin
  2. I cancelled my Amazon order and ordered it via them from an indie retailer. It meant that for only £4 I got Drunken Botanist too.
  3. This is promising for the future of economical chamber vacs.
  4. I've got one on the way too. I'll order Death & Co at some point in the future too.
  5. I open wax seals with my teeth. I learnt it during my pirating days.
  6. Pah! Being vegetarian is so mainstream these days.
  7. We'll certainly see a price hike over here. it's already gone up 20% on trade and as noted above, much more off trade in the last year.
  8. Any chance you could post the walnut orgeat recipe? I need to make some orgeat.
  9. Plantation 3 is fantastic. I really liked Diplomatico too, but not for the cash. El Dorado is very full bodied and buttery daiquiri. Unique. Plantation is closest to HC.
  10. Sounds great. Quite accessible, but refreshing at the same time. Worship Street drinks only have molecular techniques employed in their prep. There's no foams or spherification or other such bullshit.
  11. I'd suggest the Worship Street Whistling Shop. Everything is classic inspired, but they do some pretty interesting things behind closed doors. The drinks are no frills unlike, say, nightjar. http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29407457/Whistling%20Shop%20Spring%202012%20Menu%20Small.pdf This is actually their menu from mid to late last year. I think they're still running it, or near enough.
  12. I appreciate the shout out, but actually I'm not tending in London at the moment. I'm actually on the eve (not quite, but close) of opening a bar with a friend in my home town of Horsham. Describe Pouring ribbons to me. Do they have a style of drink they lean toward? Do you want unique drinks, or just solid classics?
  13. Is that a Hoffman without a coil? Sorry, I read it again. No it's not.
  14. The Japanese ones aren't Japanese anyway. I have a proper Japanese made jigger and it weighs about five times that of the CK stuff. That said, I have a full set of CK jiggers and I like them a lot.
  15. I use all Cocktail Kingdom gear. Julep for my mixing glass, Then I like the AG Hawthorne for a four prong design, Bonzer because it fits both ways and I like their antique style strainer too.
  16. Macallan would be the John Mayer of scotches. Good, but boring. Sean Connery would be Clynlish: Smooth with rugged edges.
  17. Use a salad spinner to shake off excess water and then shake or stir less. The unwanted dilution is going to come from surface water, not the surface area of the ice, providing you adapt you technique. You're going to far too much effort, bringing in your own ice or trying to cool down the shitty stuff. Remember, all bar ice is 0C when it's in the well; Kold Draft or not. Read Dave Arnold's article on using crushed ice for better proof of this concept. Oh and this: "I brought my own ice"
  18. Exactly. That's what I mean. You invest [pledge] an amount to support the project. As a thank you, if all goes well, you receive a reward depending on the amount pledged; the return on your investment.
  19. Tabard 1 1/2 oz. reposado tequila 1/2 oz. Amontillado sherry 1/2 oz. Drambuie Dash of orange bitters Stir, Up, Orange Twist, Fresh Thyme sprig. You could sub Benedictine.
  20. I can't relate to this thread; every cocktail I make is fantastic. Though I once put ginseng liqueur in coffee: That was awful.
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