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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw January Jones serve punch in Mad Men.
  2. Late to the party, but my book finally arrived. First impressions amongst the staff at work was hilarity. The foreword reads like a descriptor of the very opposite we run our cocktail program (small menu, pre batch the hell out of everything) Oh and that first photograph with the lime wedge is awful. I can't believe they chose to lead with that. Otherwise the photography is pretty good, if very soft because of the constant low depth of field shots. I'm about half way through and just starting recipes (I skimmed a lot of the how to make and shake cocktails section)
  3. Okay, so I'll stop dicking about. The abubadh is incredible. It goes without saying. When you cut it a bit and nose it, there is no doubt you are smelling a sherry monster. However, a lot of this comes down to the fact it is overproof. There is simply fifty percent more in the bottle (a bargain, no doubt) The Yama is everything you've just had, but more. It sounds cliche, but we have raisins, plums, prunes, Christmas cake. It's just bonkers. It's almost much more integrated because of the extra age in the cask. It's what Macallan 18 should be like if they weren't trying to be the Cloudy Bay of Speyside. It's worth noting that despite the proof difference, the Yama is almost opaque in the bottle. We have a lot of wood influence here.
  4. We have a guest like pictured here. Always in with a different Tinder Date. This is so on point.
  5. I've known bars to have a minimum spend per head. Also bars that ask for their tables back a certain amount of time after the last drink is consumed. As long as this is detailed to you in advance, they are only following their protocol, which is mostly the choice of the management or owner. I hate to play Devil's advocate, but if they tell you this in advance and you don't like it, put up or go somewhere else.
  6. We got it on for £10 an ounce. It feels good to be getting it into people's hands, you know? If we tried for the same margins as our other spirits based on even what we bought it in at, let alone current street price, it would be astronmical.
  7. I will say I'm not certain it's three to four times (now more) better than the Distillers Reserve. I certainly wouldn't buy it for myself.
  8. Liking sherry is a big one for this, unsurprisingly. It's pretty incredible.
  9. The drink I had at ECC Chinatown was similar to the above.
  10. Gallianno Ristretto is a very different creature to Kahlua et al.
  11. Oh brilliant. The price has just dropped to £15.64 on amazon, down from twenty something. Glad I didn't pull the trigger so early.
  12. I look at the alcoholic content of the drink and try and work out how it is going to evolve as it dilutes/warms. Can't give you a hard and fast though. At my bar we also decide and sometimes balance drinks according to how many drinks we have going out in that particular glass. We have offer guests a cross section of drinks, because when you're dealing with civilians you can't always rely on them to ask for modifications - their trust is in you, and also because we only have so many glasses of any one kind. It's hard to keep a freezer stocked if you have everything going out in one glass.
  13. If you're not replying to this thread drinking a glass of froygy 18, you need to get back on that.
  14. We want Venue Two to be food led. We love food, but are not experts in the professional side of it. Drinks will be much more simple at Venue Two and hopefully we can find a nice [gastro] pub to take over, they will be tavern drinks like toddies and flips and Collinses. We will do away with our whimsical bullshit there. Regarding Boston's (I'm sorry, I don't know your name) post; we worked out very quickly that since we are not in a cocktail city anymore, we can no longer make drinks for ourselves. Some of our drinks are purposely balanced toward the sweeter side (I'm talking boozy, old fashioned style drinks, here) and you know, it makes the medicine go down. We can't have a menu of super serious cynar led brown drinks and make money (interesting note, we have just put a tequila, Beetroot, cynar, chocolate, and port drink on and it's banging) but we can make those drinks for our Bartending friends who want something different.
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