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  1. Current house spec Mai Tai that is bang for the buck all round 0.75oz Appleton V/X 0.75oz Skipper Rum 0.75oz Velho Berreiro Cachaca 0.25oz Uncle Wray 0.75oz Cointreau 0.75oz Hemp Orgeat (Not all that sweet, actually. contains almond extract) 1.00oz Lime Angostura Bitters Orange Bitters Demerara syrup to taste Everything is batched, sorry, bottle rested, except the lime. We're on a rum blend hit actually. We put a Daiquri No.1 on the menu and as a result are selling half a dozen or so a night, versus none. That contains four different Latin rums and a mix of white and brown sugar. Our Zombie also has four rums.
  2. I'll be honest, my boss and I were left head scratching a bit. The premise of twelve bottle bar is great, but the choices and then reasons behind them seem really odd. Oh and the gin versus vodka argument in martinis is null, in my opinion.
  3. The idea that a self proclaimed "home mixologist" doesn't know what to do with a bottle of "creme de esoteric" or even bought it without trying it or having an understanding of its flavour profile seems contradictory to me. "Tequila is only for margaritas and palomas" is also laughable. I'd say you're not trying hard enough at the mixology if this is as far as you get. I say this after having just batched a mix of repo tequila, cider vinegar, honey, soy and celery bitters that will be thrown with yellow bell pepper juice. It's Mexican street food in a glass (the chefs at the burger joint that opened opposite us love it. Umami is on trend, you know) and yes maybe it's a bit like a margarita once all you're left with sweet and sour, but isn't everything? If my favourite spirits were gin and rye (they are) I would say I wouldn't stock genever and instead I'd have fun mixologying my own. In fact, I can't really name many decent genever drinks actually. Yeah I could consult my Jerry Thomas guide for inspiration, or I could put some drinks on my menu with a spirit people recognise and enjoy, like tequila. Lastly, if I give you a bottle of vodka and some time, you can make me liqueurs? Okay, make me a bottle of Chartreuse please: I have a regular who has drunk three bottles neat since we met him in June. And facetiousness aside, why not make infusions with a good light rum? We have two vodka cocktails on our bar and they are both infused, however it's more for the sake of the guests who don't drink anything other than vodka, not us. If I were a "home mixologist" I'd make myself a superlative version with a nice white rum. Tl;dr The article and the ideas within seem somewhat contradictory to me, even given the home bar principle.
  4. I'll echo the other two. Aviation gin was nice, but I don't think it's an essential stock. I certainly won't be stocking it. Massive improvement in the bottle design, too.
  5. Steve Schneider is pretty cool, though.
  6. 'salright. The bottle is cool, too.
  7. We debated that, for longer than we should. Then Andrew remembered he lives a long way away and was walking home and I remembered I have fantastic hair.
  8. FACEBOOK50 Valid until 5th September. Very tempting.... And I have two V2 on the way.
  9. Doing our bit for a worthy cause. Andrew and I made a monstrous drink for our Ice Bucket Challenge.
  10. I've been had by my supplier. Oh well, the spice is clearly youth, and mixed I don't mind this.
  11. Cynar That Time We Last Drank Manhattans? 2.0oz Cynar 1.5oz Punt e Mes 1.0oz High Rye Bourbon, I used Benchmark by Buffalo Trace 0.5oz Maraschino Luxardo 3 hearty dashes of Bitter Truth chocolate (very full bottle) Stirred and served on rock. Actually, I'm not sure if this is even an original recipe and don't really care. Either way, it's a punchy drink that isn't as boozy as you'd think by drinking it.
  12. Laphroaig and Soda. Tall thin glass and loads of ice.
  13. That would have been pink grapefruit, and I tend to use a little extra anyway. I don't like it getting lost.
  14. Massively overlooked. Specialist chef suppliers have loads of interesting and useful things that I reckon will be utilised more widely in the coming years.
  15. ...I've had a day off after my 80 hour week... Maybe, if I can muster the energy to talk shop when I'm out of work.
  16. I have a serious rebuttal in mind for the Washington Post article about 12 Bottle Bar....
  17. Funnily, we pre dilute and chill batches of cocktail in our bar. Old fashioned served in 20 seconds? Yes please.
  18. I heat plates up in mine. Otherwise I don't use it.
  19. MGP Rye plus Punt definitely equals metallic notes.
  20. As far as I know, Zacapa has always been Solera aged, therefore not a 23 year old rum. Doesn't men the proportions have not changed since Diageo bought it, though.
  21. Scallops always make it look like you're a much better cook than you are: British King Scallops, Lentils and Quinoa, Radish, Pomegranate
  22. It's worth whatever someone pays for it.
  23. And do you know what he drinks already?
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