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  1. How do I keep the oil from gumming up my vacuum sealer?
  2. For those that wish the original source for Okanagancook's inspiration, it's here http://emerils.com/123883/stuffed-chicken-legs-pastry-andouille-cream
  3. Rotuts, I have this frequently. Lately I've made beef brisket (53 hours @131F), beef hangar steak (didn't write down the time), slice of lamb leg (32+ hours @145F), lamb shoulder (2 days @145), pork spare ribs (11 hours @ 175F), pork leg (miscalculation so cooked for 4 days @130). For many meats I don't put anything in the bag. When the cooking is done I have lots of water left which I usually strain and use as soup stock.
  4. Sous vide meats tend to come out of the bag with a grey scum. I've tried removing it with a paper towel, but this isn't very effective. Can I wash the meat under the water faucet? What do you folks do? Thanks.
  5. Honey might work if you found some strongly flavoured stuff, I suppose. 'Course I happen to like maple
  6. Hi Jaymes, Turkey legs Paint on mustard Drizzle with maple syrup. No water. I've done this for years in the slow cooker, low heat. There's water in the turkey, after all, but not so much to dilute the sauces. After 6-8 hours, absolutely delish. Recently I did this "sous vide" for a couple of days and the mustard and maple syrup degraded, so not as good a method, methinks.
  7. Kerry, where do I find out about the freeze-drier? One of my simple go-to's is to slow cook turkey drumsticks in nothing but mustard and maple syrup, not even any water. Absolutely delish and can easily be shredded. My dad is 94 and likes his food plain, plain, plain, but I think I could feed this stuff to him, if I cut down a bit on the volume of mustard and maple syrup. CatPoet, I'm too am interested in cabbage pudding!
  8. My husband just came home with fresh fish, so I'm wondering if I can keep my sous vide bone-in lamb for 24 hours? I cooked it at 144F, but I'm thinking of lowering the temp to 130F. Or, will it all just be rubber? Thanks.
  9. Hmmm. Might that mean that a folded up paper towel would work as well? Is there any reason not to cook one's food with a paper towel in it?
  10. That link doesn't seem to work for me, Dunham. Is this what you meant? http://www.amazon.com/FoodSaver-Quart-sized-Liquid-Block-Bags/dp/B00851QSDE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406896216&sr=8-1&keywords=foodsaver+quart+sized+liquid+block+bags
  11. I learned a trick from someone on this forum. Drag the vacuum sealer to the edge of the counter then hold up the bag so it's vertical when you seal. That extra bit of drop is enough to keep many/most slightly-liquid things in the bag, rather than getting sucked into the vacuum sealer.
  12. SousVideDash had me do it for 6 hours 20 mins at 140. Delish! Pep, my friend is Swiss, so I'm always translating her recipes. I see you put garlic, rosemary and pepper directly inside the vacuum bag. Someone (maybe Douglas Baldwin) recommended not to do that, so please tell me how it came out. Thanks!
  13. I got the SousVideDash app working; it calculated 6 hours 20 minutes at 140 C. I notice it has a place for "extra time for tenderness". Anyone know where I can find out what that means? (I mean other than "add 2 days for tough cuts"?)
  14. Kenneth, I have the SousVide Dash app, but I haven't a clue how to make it work! <blush>
  15. I dug out the label from the trash: "Pork Chef's Prime Roast"
  16. I'm used to cooking pork butt sous vide, but I've just purchased a pork roast. Usually I cook at 140 F for three or four days. Should I change the time/temp for a regular pork roast?
  17. Thanks, Shalmanese. I guess I could afford to start with hotter water then? I.e. if my long cook temp is 140C, then I should be able to start with 160C water, right? Wait. I've just figured out how silly this is, my heating element won't turn on until the temp falls below 140C.
  18. I notice that D. Baldwin says that one can reheat frozen cooked sous vide meat in a one hour waterbath, so that makes me think that frozen meat unfreezes quickly. Lots of the meat which I will eventually cook sous vide is now sitting in the freezer vacuum-sealed in cook-safe bags. Can I put the frozen meat directly into a water bath and just extend the cooking time? Or is this a really dumb idea?
  19. Cooking dried beans, what is the minimum temperature they can be cooked and for how long? I realize it will vary somewhat depending upon the type and age of the bean. TIA.
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