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  1. SousVideDash had me do it for 6 hours 20 mins at 140. Delish! Pep, my friend is Swiss, so I'm always translating her recipes. I see you put garlic, rosemary and pepper directly inside the vacuum bag. Someone (maybe Douglas Baldwin) recommended not to do that, so please tell me how it came out. Thanks!
  2. I got the SousVideDash app working; it calculated 6 hours 20 minutes at 140 C. I notice it has a place for "extra time for tenderness". Anyone know where I can find out what that means? (I mean other than "add 2 days for tough cuts"?)
  3. Kenneth, I have the SousVide Dash app, but I haven't a clue how to make it work! <blush>
  4. I dug out the label from the trash: "Pork Chef's Prime Roast"
  5. I'm used to cooking pork butt sous vide, but I've just purchased a pork roast. Usually I cook at 140 F for three or four days. Should I change the time/temp for a regular pork roast?
  6. Thanks, Shalmanese. I guess I could afford to start with hotter water then? I.e. if my long cook temp is 140C, then I should be able to start with 160C water, right? Wait. I've just figured out how silly this is, my heating element won't turn on until the temp falls below 140C.
  7. I notice that D. Baldwin says that one can reheat frozen cooked sous vide meat in a one hour waterbath, so that makes me think that frozen meat unfreezes quickly. Lots of the meat which I will eventually cook sous vide is now sitting in the freezer vacuum-sealed in cook-safe bags. Can I put the frozen meat directly into a water bath and just extend the cooking time? Or is this a really dumb idea?
  8. Cooking dried beans, what is the minimum temperature they can be cooked and for how long? I realize it will vary somewhat depending upon the type and age of the bean. TIA.
  9. Flavoured water, indeed! I don't know what I was thinking. I guess what I'm really asking is what is the lowest temperature that I can make soup with beef soup bones. (Hence, sorry to be mucking up the sous vide thread )
  10. What temperature and time would you recommend for sous vide soup? I have a couple of beef joints with some meat on them (1") thick and am thinking of adding some beans, maybe some tomatoes. My experience with cooking tomatoes non-sous-vide is that the tomatoes will dissolve after about 2-3 hours. Advice please?
  11. I've got 3 lbs of Picanha beef and I'm wondering what to do with it. Wikipedia says "Picanha is a cut of beef popular in Brazil. In the U.S. it is little known, but referred to as the rump cover or rump cap. North American butchers generally divide it into other cuts like the rump, the round and the loin. However, due to different breeds produced in the U.S., in some places it is named as "top sirloin cap" ". Time? Temp?
  12. These are all great ideas. Thanks very much! Can I freeze any of it?
  13. After a party, I've got 12 oz Cambozola left over. There are only 3 in the household, so cheeze and crackers won't do. Can I freeze part of it? I could use 1/3 for a savoury bread pudding. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
  14. I use a bread machine for all my bread and pizza dough (I don’t get pleasure from kneading). I use SAF-instant dry yeast. This morning I realized that I needed bread for lunch and I was too late to start regular bread. My bread machine cookbook has a recipe, for example, that uses 5.6g Active Dry yeast OR 7.5g Rapid Dry yeast which uses the "Regular" and "Quick" cycles on the bread machine. Is there a substitution I could make using differing volumes of Instant Dry yeast which would get me the same results?
  15. TdeV

    Corned Beef, Sous Vide

    OK, I get the heat-tolerant issue. Will replace the bag. Thanks for response.
  16. Sorry if this issue has been posted before—in spite of help, I don't manage searching past posts well. I have a shrink-wrapped package of corned beef which came with spices included by the manufacturer. Would you remove this plastic and replace with new vacuum-sealed plastic (without spices) to sous vide the corned beef? Thanks in advance.
  17. TdeV

    Beef liver

    My friend, whom I was just visiting in California, will only buy calves liver. Calves liver wasn't available at the University Meat Science Market, but the beef liver looked fresh. And it was very good.
  18. TdeV

    Beef liver

    I used some of the tips from this thread. Just had some beef liver and onions and bacon. Delish!
  19. Hi rotuts, what does "supernate" mean?
  20. I didn't use parchment for mine. But, since I have you, do you do something with your clams to get rid of the grit before you cook them? If so, what?
  21. I just made fettucine with littleneck clams which was pretty tasty. I can't see where the recipes are in your posts, so I can't see how you're cooking it.
  22. I have a beef heart. What temperature and for how long should I cook it? Thanks in advance
  23. Turned out this lamb shoulder was boneless wrapped in plastic netting which I had not removed prior to vacuum-sealing the bag. I cooked it 24 hours at 160 F, then broiled it for 2-3 min per side to crisp the edges. It was tender and moist. With it I served small yukon potatoes covered with duck fat and a casserole with cauliflower broken into very small pieces, white sauce, lots of onions and two kinds of cheese: cheddar and a tiny bit of parmesan. Thanks Kerry Beal, I'll take note of your times for Bone-in. Delish!
  24. Thanks, Shalmanese. No iPhone, Nickrey, so what I need is the principles not the app.
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