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  1. There are a bunch of Persian grocery stores and restaurants in the north end of Toronto, in between all the Korean restaurants. Last night I was feeling peckish so I drove to one of the 24-hour Persian grocery/convenience stores to buy some Persian cookies and sweets, when I came across all these mysterious bottles. Kew, yes please, if you get around to asking your neighbour, that would be great.
  2. I was at the Persian grocery store today, and saw these unusual ingredients sitting beside the more familiar rose water and orange blossom water: oxymol syrup musk willow water borage water wild chicory water camel's thorn water What the heck are these things, and how are they used in cooking? The guy minding the store was not a cook so he was no help. I tried looking up the ingredients in my copies of The Legendary Cuisine of Persia and New Food of Life: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking & Ceremonies, but found nothing. Google also turned up nothing. I'd really appreciate some insight from someone here. Thanks!
  3. The Stinking Bishop gets my vote. Wow, what a....powerful......smell.....
  4. I recently received a Kuhn Rikon 7-litre pressure cooker as a gift. Before that, I had spent much time debating whether to get the Kuhn Rikon or the Magefesa. The price of the Magefesa was attractive, and its top ranking in Cook's Illustrated was also alluring. However, I had several concerns: 1) The ranking was from way back in 1996; 2) I was a little weirded out by Magefesa USA's primitive website, which has never been updated in all the years I've been visiting it; 3) I was concerned about repairs and parts replacement, since Magefesa isn't widely available (epecially here in Canada); 4) Magefesa's toll-free number is no longer working (for Canada, anyway). If you check out the pressure cookers on Magefesa's main Spanish site(click on "Catálogo" on the menu across the top), you'll see a whole range of interesting-looking newer models; the Rapid II model sold in the States isn't even listed.
  5. Lemon yogurt and blueberries or Miso soup with tofu and tempura bits, and a bowl of Koshihikari rice, and some pickled vegetables. Back in my younger days, my favourite breakfast was a "hooker's breakfast" (i.e., coffee and smokes)...
  6. go away "low-carb lifestyle" bring back: the pu-pu platter veal orloff
  7. Mmmm.....mixed nuts......with a glass of Emilio Lustau East India Solera sherry...
  8. Worst gifts: Bargain-bin cookbooks - the kind with "Best-Ever" or "Complete" in the title. I've also received a diet cookbook (although I've always been thin), and even a cookbook for people with cancer (although I've never had cancer). Nasty, cheap chocolates that taste like wax. Best gifts: My Weigh 6001T digital scale Santoku knife Kuhn Rikon 7-quart pressure cooker White tea
  9. Um... Nissin's "UFO" yakisoba-in-a-bowl Kraft Dinner with a tin of cream of mushroom soup stirred in Taco Bell's nachos supreme Bologna and ketchup on white bread You do understand, I only eat the above after a tragic event, when I need to pretend I'm a kid again...
  10. My comfort foods are ramen, zaru-soba and tanuki-udon, which indicates that....I'm a Japanese chick who likes noodles.
  11. NO! But I still hold out some hope...
  12. That reminds me of a previous thread: "Ina Garten da vida, baby" thread
  13. Can you explain this one. I'd guess that it's the Moosewood influence.
  14. Pierre Trudeau Bob Marley George Sand Leonard Cohen
  15. Milk Raw onions White fish (cod, sole, etc.)
  16. I love clams in miso soup! The mix of miso-ness and brininess makes me swoon. This may be low-brow, but I also enjoy tempura bits in my miso soup...
  17. Sinclair, Coffee Crisp is my very very favourite chocolate bar (Canadian-ese for candy bar). There's even a thread dedicated to the Cult of Coffee Crisp in the Toronto forum: Coffee Crisp thread
  18. I can always use more money for cookbooks, good booze and organic produce...so I’ve quit smoking (after nearly 25 years). I will not walk past the unfamiliar-looking veggies in Chinatown. I will keep my knives razor-sharp.
  19. Lobster bisque...pastrami...chocolate babka...Junior Mints. And salty pretzels.
  20. People who complain that whatever dish they're eating doesn't taste as good as the version they make at home can be annoying: "They don't know how to make a proper omelette - look at it, it's all dry and brown - I should save my money and make it at home! Now, let me tell you how to make the best omelette in the world..."
  21. cherrypi

    Argan oil

    See this recent SF Chronicle piece: Argan oil
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