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  1. I wish you could smell my kitchen! Truffle brioche, mmmm... I forgot to brush it with eggwash, but other than the non glossy looks, it was divine!
  2. The truffle idea is not mine but agree it is brilliant. Will try in 2 weeks and report back http://www.lamag.com/lafood/recipes/2011/10/26/truffle-brioche-with-nori-goat-butter
  3. I cannot get out of my head the idea of a totally decadent truffle brioche to pair with seared foie gras. On the freezing note, I assume the dough would freeze well but could anyone please confirm?
  4. I am in love with their mushroom stock, has umami written all over it! Also enjoyed roasted pasta and love the trick of soaking pasta to shorten the cooking time.
  5. Have a look at uship.com for the shipping rates. I have been upgrading my kitchen for years now and it can hardly be called minimalistic. I do use every bit of equipment I have so it would be very painful to downsize. My cooking also improved massively when we moved houses 4 years ago and I got a big kitchen, good and big gas stove, two good ovens and lots of counter and pantry space. I've also added sous vide circulator, siphon, stand mixer, ice cream machine and few other things to my kitchen. My food was good & tasty before, the upgrades are adding the wow factor to it. Was it necessary? Not really. Is it fun to play this way? Absolutely. Agree that you can do a lot with minimal equipment and means, 80/20 rule applies here as well.
  6. I never bothered with removing cores but that is just lazy me. Also, there is tons of other vegetables that requires less work. I use this technique for my quick & easy meals all the time. I said it somewhere before, but you can leave out all the butter and add only to your taste. The technique works even if you dissolve the baking soda in a tiny bit of water or vegetable juice.
  7. Hi Franci, I have blender on the top of my kenwood chef 010 stand mixer, don't remember the speed on that outlet but the motor is 1400W. Yes, the custard thickness was after I emulsified butter but I dropped the butter in literally few seconds after I finished pouring cream mixture. I dropped the cube and went "Ooops" I did not intend to do that but you know how sometimes your cooking hands are faster than your brain? I'll try it again coz I liked it but will make the full batch and will be patient with butter.
  8. Hahaha Joe, fantastic! How would you compare it to the regular chocolate ice cream?
  9. Hi, I was triggered by your results to try the recipe. Did hald the burnt sugar recipe, which turned out very delicious but thin. More like a thick custard. It did not taste weird so I did not bother cooking further. I have probably added my butter too early, before the liquid thickened properly. Will try again some other time, maybe with a tad more tapioca and waiting longer to add butter. Or may toss it all sous vide.
  10. Great tips, thanks. I am about to order the Kelvar gloves. How snug is the fit? I am a girl with small hands, slightly concerned that the gloves would be too big for me. I saw few other products that come in XS size but I do not know whether those offer good protection against the mandoline.
  11. I had my Benriner for a year now and I still cnanot get the hang of it. Hope to get some good advice here http://www.amazon.com/Benriner-BN1-Japanese-Mandoline-Slicer/dp/B0000VZ57C Problem one: I find the guard awkward and badly designed. The veggies slip, there is waste and I even cut myself once because of using the guard - it slip. Problem two: I find it very hard to make nice julienne on the mandoline. I was doing the medium setting with few mm lately for the green papaya salad and it was very hard, even though I was holding papaya in my hand. I had to cut only the small surface of the vertical cut, cutting the long strips of the horizontal surface was impossible. I never used the largest setting for the julienne, imagine that would be difficult too. For problem one, I was thinking of protective gloves. Any recommendations? Problem 2, I must be doing something wrong. Please help me figure it out.
  12. Folding technique plays a great role in making a good souffle. You always have a part that gives it flavour, part that gives it structure and part that gives rise. Then there is balancing of flavour release and structure. I've made recently a lovely foie gras souffle in which the original recipe did not have any starch. Sure bet it would collapse directly after being taken out of the oven. I've added a pinch of cornstarch to it and it stood beautifully, while the taste was just to my liking. With sweet ones, I usually fold some pastry cream with the flavouring (raspberry is great, also rhubarb), then fold egg whites. Coating ramekings helps, savoury with butter and parmesan, sweet ones with butter sugar. Blowtorch sounds intriguing, I will try it. How full were your ramekings? Maybe that caused the eruption? I fill them 2/3 at most. I could not find photos of my raspberry souffles, they are my best risers, here the foie gras (blended seared foie gras in the base as well as the small pieces of it and pieces of caramelised apple throughout).
  13. The quality of fruit where I live is poor. My alternative are the Boiron fruit purees. Texture is removed, but the tastes one can achieve are pretty amazing. My favourite sorbet is raspberry with a touch of sugar and some raspberry liquor. Creamy and tart, amazing. Also love pineapple/mint sorbet. I tried Jeni's peach/beer sorbet but as expected I did not like it - I do not like beer.Has anyone tried chocolate sorbet? While the idea never appealed to me, I am getting more curious about it since I started making sorbets myself.
  14. Reading Jo's experiments promoted me to think about my own experience. I did not experience any iciness in the Jeni formula and I was using a crappy 20 EUR freeze overnight machine. What perhaps does make a difference in my case is the freezer - mine is at -30 C. What do you guys mean when you say "readily scoop-able ? What I do when we want to eat ice cream is move ice from -30 freezer to -18 freezer for about 12-24 hours, then leave it outside 5-10 mins before serving. Recently I've bought 2nd hand stella musso pro machine and then managed to break something while cleaning it. Now my father in law will repair it when he finds some time, cannot tell you how excited I am to have it and to start playing with ice cream again. This thread is really tormenting me right now.
  15. I just bought one from amazon uk for 66 usd and no shipping cost. In lime hehe. Shipping to the Netherlands killed the attractiveness of the above offer for me.
  16. Jo, Jeni's original recipe does not taste like cheesecake at all, it uses much less cream cheese than you used so that may explain the weird taste. I have made at least 10 different recipes, maybe more and all turned out great. Dark chocolate one had a deep and rich chocolate flavour without being too sweet (for my taste) and my absolute favourite was brown butter and almond brittle. Sugar plumped fruit recipes are good but can be sweet. I cannot wait my machine to be working again!
  17. I will be looking out for Square: The sweet. I love the savoury one
  18. FeChef, looks yum! I was trying to figure this one out the last few days but did not do any cooking since I had a stomach bug. I just did research on how to do it. I prefer my yolks runnier so will try lower SV temp but other than that I will follow your approach, maybe even tonight!
  19. Nickrey, how did you go with Vac Star replacement? I got mine last week and it is a different animal! I can see that it circulates the water much better than the old one. WIth old one, eggs were sitting on the bottom, the new one moves them around my box. I did not have to send the defect one for repair any more. Do you think there is way to fix it? The thermometer and the electronics work, it is probably this bent motor axis that is causing trouble...
  20. Ruben, Thanks for the explanation. My ice cream machine is broken, as soon as it is repaired i will try your method. I may put my cream in the 70C oven to let it evaporate, all that stirring just won't work for me, then i'll put the mix sous vide. Do you have an idea how much should i let the cream reduce?
  21. Why can't you first reduce the cream to the extent you want on high heat then mix with other ingredients and cook sous vide without stirring?
  22. Bojana

    Cooking for One

    I hate cooking for myself! If I did not have a family, I'd be living on sandwiches and reheated canned beans. So my advice is theoretical but one way you could approach it is to freeze components that are labour intensive and feeze well (ie stock, sauces, some baked goods). For the rest, for key ingredients you don't want to waste, make a 2-3 day plan. For example, from the same piece of meat, you can make different dishes by cutting it or slicing it differently. With veggies, you can make salad on day 1, then stir fry or cook them day 2/3. Invest in vacuum sealer, everything keeps longer and you can build on your leftovers. Stir fry form day one can be turned into a creative torilla on day 2. And so forth...
  23. Bojana


    hahaha, apparently I have read too quickly when I suggested roasting. In essence, kohlrabi reminds me a lot of the root part of the european cabbage, in smell, taste and texture (ok, maybe a bit softer). You can eat it raw, add to stews, use in stir fry but my favourite remains roasting.
  24. Nickrey, Mine was actually pretty silent, and you could not notice anything. I had two units break in the same way, one was repaired and the second one will be replaced. They told me around 1000 units were sold and they had 7 complaints so far, 9 inc mine two. And that all within one month they have been selling them.
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